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Best Poems About / On CHICAGO

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Going Down

Last night Chicago had a snostorm and all the flights were cancel
But this morning in Chicago the snowstorm ended and by noon
All the flights were back to normal
And now one airplane is coming down and is going to land in the Chicago Airport and all the tourists will have their vacations in Chicago The windy City
Aldo Kraas

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Chicago why do you have to change?
chicago acting so plan
chicago your better than what the people
say your the first thing that comes to mind
chicago is a place being with all kinds
of faces learning about new cases to in
brace the mistakes that people make like acting
fake why chicago?
everette johnson

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Flight 1122

by Curtis Johnson

Departing Sacramento, Ca. just past 7: 00 AMPT on a nice Saturday morning, we headed for Chicago.
All is going well as we take off, as the pilot soon announces that we will ascend up to 39,000 feet.

I am now watching the clouds roll back as they seem to hover and move slowly across the hills, valleys, mountains, lakes, and prairies. We continue to climb so very high above the clouds, and above us is only sky.

A bit later now, I am beginning to see mountain tops capped with snow in early July, and I also see patches of green for just a little while. I feel just a slight bit of turbulence, and again I see nothing more purer white or nothing more prettier blue.

It has just now occurred to me that when I touch ground, I shall be more mindful of the clouds and sky of white and blue. I shall remember that we are but tiny creatures carrying on our earthly lives that are sometimes filled with colors of many sorts. The colors of our lives like storms often turn gray, dim, and dark. Furthermore, I am reminded to let peace fill my heart, and speak to me in colors of blue and white, whenever I am troubled and tossed by some earthly concern.

As flight 1122 starts to make its approach towards Chicago, I am seeing white clouds as if they have been purposely distributed in a line of patterned patches. They seem to be just hovering there and waiting for further orders from their maker. A few minutes later now, and I see man made patterns on the grounds below.

As we move closer to Chicago, the pilot is announcing his further descent to 22000 feet and continues to descend. As seat belts are now being buckled, I see landscaped patterns of farm crops appearing as we descend and move closer to the city of Chicago.

Now, just 90 miles from Chicago at 12: 36 PMCT, I see the beauty below displaying life’s pictures of greenery, highways, roadways, and waterways. I also see large patches of clouds floating swiftly, and in just a few minutes we will be touching down.

As we get closer to Chicago in our final approach, I notice that the beautiful white clouds are giving way to the toasty haze through which I can dimly see the Chicago skyline. Just moments ago, I took one last look at the Sears Towers as we slowly descended and touched down at 12: 55 PMCT.

Let it be known, and let it be written, that on July 5,2008, on Southwestern Flight 1122, I saw peaceful clouds of white held sweetly in the clear skies of blue.
Curtisj Johnson

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Chicago Samba

I live in chicago
A very windy city
But tonight I will dance the Chicago samba
Once again
But when I dance the chicago blues
I sweat like crazy
And I feel like a kid again
But when I hear the chicago samba being played by the local musiciams
In the streets of chicago I get very excited
Because I know that their music cam be heard also from faraway
And bring me back memories of home
Aldo Kraas

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