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The Great Chicago Fire

The great Chicago Fire, friends,
Will never be forgot;
In the history of Chicago
It will remain a darken spot.
It was a dreadful horrid sight
To see that City in flames;
But no human aid could save it,
For all skill was tried in vain.

In the year of 1871,
In October on the 8th,
The people in that City, then
Was full of life, and great.
Less than four days it lay in ruins,
That garden City, so great
Lay smouldering in ashes,
In a sad and pitiful state.

It was a sad, sad scene indeed,
To see the fire arise,
And hear the crackling of the flames
As it almost reached the skies,
And sadder still, to hear the moans,
Of people in the flames
Cry for help, and none could get,
Ah, die where they remained.

To see the people run for life;
Up and down the blazing streets,
To find then, their escape cut off
By the fiery flaming sheets,
And others hunting for some friend
That perhaps they never found,
Such weeping, wailing, never was known,
For a thousands miles around.

Some people were very wealthy
On the morning of the 10th.
But at the close of the evening,
Was poor, but felt content,
Glad to escape from harm with life
With friends they loved so well,
Some will try to gain more wisdom,
By the sad sight they beheld.

Five thousand people were homeless,
Sad wanderers in the streets,
With no shelter to cover them,
And no food had they to eat.
They wandered down by the lake side,
Lay down on the cold damp ground,
So tired and weary and homeless,
So the rich, the poor, was found.

Mothers with dear little infants,
Some clinging to the breast.
People of every description
All laid down there to rest,
With the sky as their covering,
Ah, pillows they had none.
Sad, oh sad, it must have been,
For those poor homeless ones.

Neighboring Cities sent comfort,
To the poor lone helpless ones,
And God will not forget them
In all the years to come.
Now the City of Chicago
Is built up anew once more,
And may it never be visited
With such a great fire no more.
Julia Ann Moore

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A Writing About Obama- Sixth Day Installment

I am in the middle of this book about President Obama.
I am from Chicago, He is from Chicago.
He did his community work in the neighborhood where I grew up.
He was a senator from my old neighborhood of Hyde Park.
He currently lives in Hyde Park.
I went to school at Hyde Park High
My dad still likes in Barack' s old senate district 13th.
Barack's family is mixed. My family is mixed
His great grand mother on his mother's side was part Cherokee
My great grand mother on my mother's side was part Cherokee.
Barack Obama stole my job and is currently impersonating me.. (smile)
The book is about half way done and describes the Chicago
Obama moved to, the Chicago he learned his politics from, the Chicago
of my child hood.
I concentrate on the values, the Chicago values he learned there and the mid-west values of Kansas which his mother taught him.
He organized his campaign based on those values and won, I think the presidency because of those values.
I spell them out.
Every person from the mid-west knows what they are:
They are not like NY, or California, or the South, they are mid-west.
Let's have a look at Chicago and Barack Obama and those mid-west values I make such a big deal over.
This is about the heart-aches of trying to write a book.

Well what do you say about Obama?
He is the conjuring image, the prototype, the summation of all of the American dilemmas.
Is he Black, is he white, why is race so important in America?
Where are your racial papers? Obama has none.
Is he for equality or is he the one saying you can make it in America if you work hard. Don't you or do you need affirmative action?
Why bother with civil rights marches when you can be President and
write the civil rights laws?
He is the new generation that says the old hatreds are over.
We don't know and don't care about who is already dead and buried
in the cemetery.
He says he is against corruption and the corrupt politics in Washington, but he did come from Chicago. Did any of that rub off on him?
He is for peace and getting rid of Cowboy violence.
He embraces his former enemies and gives them jobs.
He reads to the children at night.
He writes home every night via the internet to millions of people who supported him.
He is the father for all the single women who now have a new man in the house that they can tell their children to look up to.
He is quiet, no drama Obama.
How do you write about a person that looks like that?
We Americans don't care.
Obama greatest strength it seems is that if we are going to have have
to stare at someone on TV for 4 or 8 years we chose him for all the reasons above.
He is slowly moving from the rank of politician to family member-guess whose photo is in the homes of millions of Americans, hanging up beside the photos of family members-Barack Obama.
Obama get internalized, becomes family, The young boy who made his grandma proud.
How do you write about that?

Day Three:
The magnitude of the issues facing the new President are so large. The solutions now being discussed are not going to make a dent. The new President has to tell the American people what is not going to be good news.
The summary of which is a follows:
1-The American life style will have to be downsized. The consumption society is no longer sustainable. This means small houses, group living, exburgs, technological enclaves. green zones, young people pressed into national service, fewer college bound folks, young people leaving the country to take jobs in other countries-where the jobs will be; changing demographics-Americans are not replicating themselves- too few babies and that means other groups will gradually become the new Americans, ditto in all of Europe and Russia. They too are having declining populations and will see demographic changes in 50 years.
Technological village life is coming, (no commutes needed here, less energy needed and cheaper, with college kids and young people providing much of the labor to a greying America whose age and life expectancies continue to increase-taxing the health care system for the next 30 years.
More tomorrow.
Fourth Installment:
Well what are to be the solutions?
Financial system- Devolve to local and regional banking structures. They still exist and pre-date the concentration of the last 30 years.
Political System: Devolve to more local control with technological innovations with labor being a combination of national service- youth and immigrants. Everyone wins.
Energy System: No real good solutions. So many polluting sources. Best bet is to get rid of the cars, downscale dirty industries, reduce population-reduce the polluting population segments: drivers. Replace with green drivers.
Political System:
More of less constant mobilization around the projects above-via the internet
Group housing for middle class kids. Poor families already do it.

Fifth day Installment:
Obama in St. Louis-recounting the first 100 days. Well what has happened is that people are content with the fact that he seems to be trying. His approval ratings up to 63%; first time more people saying the country on the right track and the economy is tanking slower than expected.
Well, good, but not good enough.
But the point is that Obama gets credit for trying. The man works hard. On TV tonite undoubtedly to remind people what he has gotten done. A billizard of trillion dollar bills is coming as far a the eye can see.
Well that might help but that is not his message overall. He knows none of this will work without the mobilization of the American people, especially the young and the college-educated.
They are the key to America's future.
What has to be done-and he won't say it but you heard it here first:
1- The fifty percent of college graduates who can't get a job and have returned home to live in the basement have to be mobilized. They have to be given training, money to go to the small towns of America and help in the greening and revitalization of those small towns. That is the key to America's future.
Why? Young people have or can get the technological skills to help those towns.
They have the time if we pay them to do it.
They can create the green jobs we need to revitalize small towns and then they will live there. Impossible? No. The fact is that this model already exists all over the world.
Most of the worlds innovation is done in enclaves (Silicon Valley, Hong Kong, Singapore, France.) The 'innovation centers' attract the bright and the entrepreneurial and in fact drive the worlds economies, . These folks like to be close to one another. Make the small towns attractive-example the NC Charlotte-Greensboro area, the San Francisco area- all attract these individuals and their counterparts drive the world economy.
What is the ultimate driver in all this in also in places like China- is cheap educated labor- ditto India.
So what are the pillars of both prosperity and economic recovery world-wide?

What they have always been; cheap labor, cheap energy, cheap food.
That was the United States 40 years ago. Not now. No cheap energy, no cheap labor, and rising costs for food diverted to ethanol use to save Iowa farms.
But who has cheap food (self-sustaining small farms)
China does, India does.
Who has cheap energy? China does, India does partially because they use old technology and cheap labor. So here they come. Western societies are expensive, don't produce anything any more and are graying.
Devolution to simpler technologies are inevitable because our windmills and water power and computer power will be cheaper every 18 months.
And finally we will have to lose our dependency on currency:
More likely have to depend upon neighbor barter systems to some extent.
You help me harvest my crop and I will help you. Or we loan the harvester out as the community harvester.
Far-Fetched? Just you wait and see. People do this in small towns already and with young people back in the small towns to help many small towns could be placed back on an economically sound footing.
If we do not, then things can get rough.
In the United States there is only five days worth of food on the shelves. If that supply is disrupted people will spontaneously leave the cities and head for rural areas anyway. That is devolution of the disorderly type, and we don't want that.
Tomorrow: We need some more detail and what is to be done with those greedy wall street moguls?
Obama and the Media: His Future May Depend Upon the Media-True or False?

Selling the idea of Hope, and even Democracy, propounded by a black politician from corrupt Chicago was more than much of the media could stomach.

Media Storms and False Bluster:

For young people who paid attention to the press and media coverage of the election, the contentiousness, seemed at times overwhelming. The adult world appeared scary to some of them who were unsteadied by the vitriol which came pouring into living rooms across the nation. They watched the Daily Show where the political news came with a bit of humor instead.

But make no mistake this election was a media event-a media bonanza.
“The right could raise hundreds millions pitching “Obama is coming with his terrorists friends and he is not one of us pitch; ” the left had “lets take the country back and elect a black man—wouldn’t that be special? ” message.
Commentators and pundits whip-lashed listeners and watchers with daily atrocity stories to pump up ratings and to get candidate A to spend money in the media to counter the overnight claims of candidate B.

Conservative media operations condemned Obama while making millions off politicians-democrats and republicans-who bought air time, off drug and conservative groups who bought politicians to defend the status quote. The politicians had it easy: whip up the constituency and tell them to donate to your campaign, whip up the right or the left special interests and tell them to donate to your campaign, go on TV and help with their ratings—so they make more money, some of which you expect to get back in donations.
It’s all about money.. for everyone involved. There are no virgins here. Obama raised more money but who got that money—the same conservative special interest media conglomerates he condemned. He tried to raise money from small donations but it was not enough. Everyone got money from wall street and what a coincidence Wall Street got billions in bail out money.
Its all about money. Is that too cynical?

The tabloidization of media in the United States is rampant driven in part by shrinking revenues in print media especially newspapers, TV, Radio, even the internet are all in cut back mode. A presidential election can represent 25% of the entire revenue for the year for some media outlets. Presidential campaigns are crucial to the bottom line.
There is, however, less news, rather we get phony atrocity scare stories and gossip; we get reporters interviewing reporters both getting pay checks from the same boss conglomerate; we get distractions, reality shows, Jerry Springer-like amusements, so we don’t interfere with the folks really running the important things which effect our lives.

Think: where were the media in examining the Iraq war, in examing the Bush torture sessions, civil liberties erosions, the environment?
They were all feeding from the Washington money trough while the middle class in the United States was being sold out, jobs sent overseas, while whole industries were being abandoned and being told all of this was good for America.
But it wasn’t. Wall street collapses, life savings disappear and
the plan is keep it going after modest reforms.
The old Whoopi Goldberg quote is a good one—paraphrasing.

“You don’t mind getting mugged in a bad neighborhood, all they get in your wallet; but don’t go anywhere near Wall Street—they rob you of your life-savings and your future”
All of this is ongoing in the context of increasing tabloidization of media and segmentation into markets, conservative radio stations, liberal radio stations, print media, broadcast media all fragmented and segmented’ all commanding audiences which never have to hear a dissenting view-audiences which can be prompted to send money and support to
candidates after their segment has been hyped by the fragmented media.

Cross over media-that is media which talks to a wide audience-is becoming more and more rare. More and more Americans are listening to fewer and fewer media and only to those individuals and media that agree with their political and social points of view. This is not compatible with Democracy which assumes a free press, that free speech results is exposure to a wide variety of points of view—an informed public.
Lonnie Hicks

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Caasder Fronds

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Rural Princess

Gloria Gompers' first husband died from a stroke on the third day of their honeymoon. It was a terrible inconvenience for Gloria, having to bring his body back from Hawaii to New York so her husband's parents could hold a funeral. Had it been up to Gloria, cremation in Honolulu would have sufficed.

'I would have brought the ashes back in a nice urn, ' Gloria told her mother. 'But his parents wouldn't stand for it.'

She said that Max's parents, Hyman and Maxine Stein, had a big living room with mahogany woodwork and that she had found a lovely urn the exact same color. It would have looked nice, she thought, in the middle of the long mantel. She described the urn to the Steins by phone the day Max died. But they didn't care if it was a good fit.

'It would mean Max would be with you forever, ' Gloria told Mrs. Stein, who was crying and not impressed.

Gloria understood Mrs. Stein had had to have time to mourn but decisions had to be made. Max was dead and getting colder by the minute.

Eventually, Mr. Stein got on the phone.

'Be nice now, Gloria, ' Hyman said, ' and bring Max back to New York. We'll take care of everything.'

There were Jewish burial rites that had to be observed, Mr. Stein explained. Gloria didn't know what to say. She knew a little about kosher food but nothing about Jewish traditions. She had been trying to learn how to say Rosh Hashanah. And her in-laws were dismayed when she asked at dinner one evening if Yom Kippur was a fish. Max had worn his 'beany, ' as Gloria called it, only once- at their marriage ceremony under a tent in the Steins' big back yard.

'It was more like a park than a yard, ' Gloria recalled.

And stepping on that glass after the ceremony really befuddled her.

'It was a very nice glass, ' she told her mother later. 'Why break it? '

On the night of their engagement, Max had told Gloria she was a 'rural princess' and not to worry about what his parents said. They had never met anyone like Gloria and she was as mysterious to them as they were to her.

'Give 'em a little time, ' Max said, 'and they might come around.'

Mr. and Mrs. Gompers hadn't attended their daughter's wedding. They decided to remain at the family home in Sleeper, Missouri, rather than take the Greyhound bus to New York. They told Gloria they couldn't find anyone to milk the cows. And three old hens were still laying eggs.

It was just as well, Gloria thought. Her parents and the Steins probably wouldn't have had much to talk about. Her parents liked beer in the afternoon and sometimes into the evening. The Steins were fond of different colors of wine at dinner but didn't drink at other times. Gloria had never seen white wine before and she hadn't eaten much fish except for the sandwich they sell at McDonald's. She liked to order that once in awhile back home.

Gloria finally gave up on the urn. She was able to get the funeral home in Honolulu to ship Max to the Steins' mortuary in New York. The Steins paid for everything. Gloria had to admit the funeral was impressive. She had never seen anything like that in Sleeper.

Back home, the pastor and family members would gather at the gravesite, say a few nice things about the deceased, and then the casket would be lowered slowly into the ground. One time, however, the straps broke and the casket dropped in a hurry. Everybody jumped and groaned, Gloria recalled, but the lady was dead anyway.

Butch Clinton, a high school classmate of Gloria's, worked at the cemetery. His job was to open the grave, stand in the background during the ceremony, and cover the casket after the mourners were gone. Apparently Butch was pretty good at his job because he had been doing it since graduation.

Actually, Butch was more than Gloria's classmate in high school. She and Butch used to date, if you could call going on hayrides and to the movies dates. Some girls would like that kind of thing but not Gloria. She had been on enough hayrides with Butch to know he wasn't going to take her anywhere in life. She had a far better future in mind for herself.

After Max had been dead two years, Gloria decided to leave New York and go to Chicago. She had heard nice things about Chicago and she thought she would like it there. This time she traveled by train, not by Greyhound. Once she arrived, it took her a little time to settle in. She found a good bank to manage the proceeds from Max's estate. And then she found a pleasant job selling perfume in a nice store on Michigan Avenue, even though she didn't really need to work. Max had provided for her very well in his Will. She never knew he had so much money. She knew his parents lived high off the hog, so to speak, but she didn't know Max had been that rich. It was a pleasant surprise.

A few months later, after work, she was walking down Michigan Avenue and met Kevin O'Brien, a very nice man with bright red hair. It stood straight up like a tall crew-cut, as they called that style back home. His sister, a co-worker, introduced them.

After a short courtship, Gloria married for a second time. As it turned out, however, her luck hadn't changed. Kevin died from a heart attack one month shy of their first anniversary. It was a complete surprise. Kevin had been a track star in college and still jogged two miles a day. She told her mother how Kevin had died and Mrs. Gompers wanted to know why Kevin bothered to run when he didn't have to.

'It wasn't like someone was chasing him, ' she said.

This time Gloria didn't have to make any immediate decisions about the remains. Kevin had died at his desk in the office. The body was taken directly to a funeral home at the behest of his company. She had to drive to the mortuary, of course, and make an official identification of the body.

'He looked the same, ' Gloria told her mother. 'Like he was sleeping, except he wasn't snoring.'

This time Gloria had to attend a funeral of a different sort but it was no less lavish than the one held for Max. It was a big Catholic funeral in a posh suburb of Chicago. Kevin's family chose to have a traditional Requiem Mass. It was said in Latin, a language Gloria knew nothing about.

Back in Missouri, the only church in town was the First Baptist. Anyone in Sleeper who went to church went to First Baptist. Everyone else was figured to be a drunk or an atheist or simply not quite right. She had tried to explain to Max and Kevin the difference between 'not right' and 'not quite right' but neither one seemed to catch on.

'Mishugina is mishugina, ' Max had said, trying out his limited Yiddish. Kevin just nodded and said, 'You mean 'nuts' and 'half nuts.' I get it.'

It was raining the day of Kevin's funeral and Gloria had to borrow an umbrella at the cemetery. What's more, she thought she looked a little out of place in her yellow dress and sun hat with the feather sticking up in back. She couldn't understand a word of the priest's prayers prior to the lowering of the casket.

The brunch afterward, however, more than made up for the bad weather. Kevin's family had money, maybe more money than Max's family, and the O'Briens pulled out all the stops at a very nice hotel. It was buffet style and Gloria had never seen so much wonderful food. Everything from Eggs Benedict, whatever they were, to Prime Rib, a fancy name for what folks back home in Sleeper called roast beef.

Gloria, however, was most impressed by the hash browns. She told her mother they 'were better than Digby's, ' which was the diner in Sleeper. Digby's was open for breakfast, lunch and dinner and sometimes as late as midnight if Mr. Digby had been drinking. Everyone in Sleeper liked the food at Digby's. Some people just stopped in for an afternoon snack. His pickled pigs' feet were known for miles around. A couple of gelatinous feet and a cold beer and you weren't hungry till supper.

After Kevin's funeral, Gloria didn't know what she should do next. She was only four years out of high school and twice a widow. She'd have to sell the nice house that Kevin had bought her if she wanted to leave Chicago. Sitting on the patio and staring at the stars with a glass of iced tea wasn't her idea of excitement but it beat hayrides in Sleeper. So when the phone rang in the middle of the night and her mother said her father had passed away, Gloria told her she'd come right home and help with the funeral. After two dead husbands in less than three years, Gloria had learned quite a bit about funerals.

When she got back home, the first thing she noticed was that the town hadn't changed since her last visit. She had made it a practice to visit Sleeper prior to each of her marriages. The visits gave her a chance to show her parents and a few friends photos of her future husbands.

On this visit, however, her friends were baffled. They just couldn't understand how one woman could have been widowed twice in such a short period of time. And now Gloria was back again, but this time with no new husband in mind and no photos. Would she leave again or settle down, they wondered. It was even money as to what she would do.

Butch Clinton, though, was downright pleased to hear the news. He had never married and he figured maybe it was time to get to know good ol' Gloria again. He had quit his job at the cemetery after his parents were killed in a highway accident. He inherited the family pig farm and it was a thriving business. Butch understood pigs, having grown up on that farm, and he had the moxie to run the place right.

'Pigs may stink, ' Butch told Gloria's mother, 'but there's a lot of money in them. All you have to do is fatten 'em up and take 'em to market.'

Butch had stayed in touch with Mrs. Gompers ever since Gloria had caught the Greyhound and left town. And it didn't take him long to run into Gloria, since her mother had told him where he'd be able to find her. He strolled into Digby's Diner after church one Sunday and walked right over to the table where Gloria and her mother were finishing off eggs, bacon and hash browns with side orders of biscuits and sausage gravy.

'Neither of my husbands ever had biscuits and gravy, ' Gloria was telling her mother when Butch walked up. He was all gussied up in a new red plaid shirt and neatly pressed bib overalls. He even wore a new John Deere cap, and it looked mighty nice on him, Mrs. Gompers said right away.

Gloria didn't know what to say to Butch but her mother kept complimenting him. Finally Mrs. Gompers asked him to sit down and have some breakfast.

Since Butch was single, just like Gloria, Mrs. Gompers had a right to hope for the best. If Gloria would marry Butch, she'd probably stay in Sleeper. And Butch wouldn't be dying any time soon. He was one strong fellow. Taking care of pigs seven days a week is no job for a weak man, especially when sows had piglets. Butch needed a wife, Mrs. Gompers thought, but she didn't know how Gloria would fit in with the pigs even if she caught a hankering for Butch.

The breakfast reunion went well, Butch thought, so he was happy to hear that Gloria planned to stay in town for a while to help her mother adjust to widowhood. Butch had made it a practice during Gloria's absence to take Mrs. Gompers to dinner once a week and now Gloria could come along, too.

Mrs. Gompers did most of the talking whenever they went to Digby's. Gloria didn't have to say much. In fact one night, after Butch had taken them home, Gloria told her mother that it was too bad Butch was so young.

'The two of you seem to get along real good, ' Gloria told her, underscoring the obvious.

It was then that Mrs. Gompers suggested that Butch would make a fine husband. Gloria was dumbfounded and told her that there was more to life than pigs and Butch. But as time went on, and the dinners continued, Gloria began to see a side of Butch that she had never seen before. He was nice to her mother and nice to her. And he wasn't any fancy pants like Max and Kevin. He ate biscuits and gravy just like she and her mother did.

It took a full year before Gloria would let Butch take her to the movie in town. They went out for a drink afterward. He ordered beer for both of them. Gloria had never really taken to wine with Max, and Kevin's whisky just about knocked her over. But she could handle beer real well. One night Butch, after three beers and a couple of hard-boiled eggs, came right out with it.

'What say you and me get married, Gloria? I make a good living. I got hired help. You won't have to mess with no pigs, and we can even get some lady to handle the laundry. My overalls stink somethin' terrible. Your mother can live on the second floor so she won't be lonely. I'll take real good care of both of you.'

Gloria didn't say no and she didn't say yes. She told Butch she'd think if over. She really didn't need him to take care of her with all the money she had inherited from her two husbands' estates. She had never told Butch about that money. Her mother knew she had a few bucks but had no idea of the actual amount Gloria had in the bank. She just knew it was a big bank in a pretty big city and that Gloria did all of her business by phone, usually when Mrs. Gompers was taking her afternoon nap. The bank sent Gloria statements and a banker would call to get her okay on any new investments.

“He likes to move money around, ' Gloria told her mother, “to keep up with market.” Mrs. Gompers didn’t know what she meant but agreed that made a lot of sense.

Three months later, urged on by her mother, Gloria surrendered. She told Butch she would marry him. He bought her a nice ring, half the size of her other wedding rings but bigger than any ring she had seen on any other woman in Sleeper.

A month later, they had a beautiful wedding at the First Baptist Church. Pastor Jones had baptized the two of them in eighth grade and now he was marrying them. Gloria's mother sat proudly in the front row and bawled all over her double corsage. Mrs. Gompers was happy she had helped to arrange the marriage. Now maybe Gloria would stay in Sleeper. You can live better with your own kind, Mrs. Gompers had told her a number of times.

Mrs. Gompers turned out to be right. Butch lived for another 30 years and Gloria gave him six children, three boys and three girls, all with the right number of fingers and toes, although two were cross-eyed. She had never been happier. But she still kept her 'Max and Kevin money, ' as she called it, in that bank in the city. She never did tell Butch or her mother about it. She figured if Butch ever took to drinking too much or cheated on her, she'd leave him and hop the Greyhound to Atlanta.

A magazine Butch had bought for her said that Atlanta was a very nice city. After looking at the magazine, Mrs. Gompers had agreed that Atlanta looked like a nice place but so was Sleeper. A couple of months later, she died of a brain aneurysm. Gloria took care of the funeral since she had experience in that area.

Now it was just Gloria and Butch at the home place, as Butch called it. All the kids had grown up and moved off to big cities of their own selection. Four of them had married and had children and the other two were still prospecting. So Gloria decided to sit tight and keep an eye on Butch to see what would happen. Since she had that money in the bank, she could stay in Sleeper or live anywhere she liked.

If Butch died first, she would move to Atlanta. She didn't care how old she was. She was very healthy and planned to keep it that way. She had quit eating fatback years ago although Butch still wolfed it down with pinto beans and cornbread. But she had to admit Butch and his pigs had provided a nice living for her and the children. She never had to touch her savings.

Gloria certainly would miss Butch if he died, but if he did, she wouldn't be surprised. His father had died young. His arteries were all clogged up, according to the medical reports. He liked his fatback even thicker than Butch. And he wouldn't say no to a nice hog jowl now and then.

Every Sunday at church, Gloria would thank God for Butch and his pigs. She'd get him all cleaned up on Saturday night so they could sit in the front row, which was informally reserved for folks who tithed. After services, it was off to a nice table in the back of Digby's.

Even though Mr. Digby had died, his children were running the diner and the biscuits and gravy were as good as ever. You wouldn't find anything that good in New York or Chicago. But with Atlanta being in the Deep South, there had to be pretty good biscuits and gravy down there. She figured if the biscuits were fluffy, and if they put enough sausage in the gravy, it might not be such a bad place to live. She'd keep that in mind just in case the fatback caught up with Butch.
Donal Mahoney

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