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Poems On / About CHICAGO  11/28/2015 7:33:52 PM
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Making Rhythmic Memories

Rhythms roaming across the United States, touching
down in New York, Chicago, Texas, Arizona and
landing eventually in California's bright and sunny
shores at the Atlantic Ocean.
Finding rhythms at the beach, zoo, Disneyland, etc.
Wherever people gather to have fun and reminisce.
Making photographic memories to keep with them
Looking at them in later life when unable to create
any new memories because they're too frail to travel
RoseAnn V. Shawiak

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Winter On Astor Street

The Gold Coast, Chicago

Beneath the canopy,
a doorman holds
a cast-iron door that lets

an ancient duchess issue.
Swathed in a silver gown
she tugs her sable cape

tight around a tumor
that nice young doctor
will announce tomorrow.
Donal Mahoney

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Rainy Day In Chicago

Rain sprinkles the ground
damping the fallen leaves.
Grey clouds fill the sky
hiding the sun.
The wind blows off the lake
shaking the trees.
I sit inside trying to fight my boredom
so I don't fall asleep.
Wow it is just another rainy day in Chicago.
Lore Me34

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Ode To America

D.C., Chicago, Cheyenne, and Boston-Philly, Seattle, Miami, Austin!
Raleigh and Richmond, Ogden and Rome, just several cities you can call home!

This is the U.S., the place I can't deny, more cities to note are Pittsburgh and Rye! Indianapolis and Baltimore, too, have you taken a trip to Kalamazoo?

Hartford and Juneau, Vancouver and Boulder, and lovely New York can't get the cold shoulder! Des Moines and Memphis, Phoenix and Walla Walla-Fort Worth, Albuquerque, Eugene and Ocala!

Portland, New Orleans, Mahwah, and Fort Wayne, have you been yet to Lewiston, Maine? Birmingham, Oakland, Atlanta, Savannah-Tulsa, Honolulu, and Santa Ana!

The City of Angels, which you may know as L.A., have you ever been to the San Francisco Bay? San Diego, Sacramento, and San Marino-Visalia, Coronado, Fresno, and Encino!

Detroit and Madison, Lincoln and Derry-Yonkers and New Haven and Harpers Ferry! Concord, Massapequa, Montgomery, St. Paul-Sarasota and Denver...and that's STILL not all!

This is the U.S., the land of grace, there's not one thing I DON'T love about this place! Step outside each day and take a look around, you'll see all kinds of sights that are sure to astound!
Mindy DeNigro

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