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Poems On / About CHICAGO  8/22/2014 2:38:46 PM
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Why Do I Write Such Silly Stuff?

the wind blows my window
i'ts near time to go

across the cold alley way
the dried leaves blow

outside every one's looking at me
but, their eyes look down; afraid to talk

is it them or me, my sanity or vanity
that makes them balk!

it's a San Francisco wind
blowing in

blowing the leaves around
i wanted to travel

but i'm locked in Chicago
with the Alburquerque blues

with all i have to lose
with the whole world from to choose

i'm back in my room, alone
with the any where i'm at, i'm still the same blues!
francis e.rudy

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Colors Of Peace

a skunk dies by violence
a bad smell infects the land.
When a cow dies by violence
her unheard cries pollute the land.

When a pig lives out his life
in safety,
good fortune accrues.

Annie Besant in the years when Chicago
was the physical slaughterhouse capital
of America saw its aura of red anger
an hour away.
Nonviolence can change any aura
to deep violet.
O Anna Niemus

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Hillary Clinton Ambition

Hillary what great ambition
She wanted to be POTUS of the nation
She dreamed to be president
She ran grueling campaign
She knocked opponents in succession
She met finally with one remaining hurdle
A tough guy from her city of Chicago
His name Barack Obama
They ran neck to neck for a while
His slogan was 'Yes We Can'
He mesmerized the crowds
As the race progressed
He streaked ahead
He won the race
He won the prize
Hillary Clinton had her place
In history books
Her name will be engraved
As the first lady
Who almost reached the top
sherif monem

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Marina Gipps

Born into an odd name I never wanted
for it would not cheerlead me
into stardom according to numerologists
and Chicago Bears fans
who tortured me throughout my youth.

So I won't have a tombstone
to float over in the afterlife
attempting to erase the evidence.
I will only have this poem
which is a testimony of my disgrace.

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Poems On / About CHICAGO