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Poems On / About CHICAGO  10/1/2014 9:14:58 AM
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Jazz Trees

Jazz trees sway by the river
Miles sweet horn blows desire
Desire to know you
Desire to return home

I await the breeze of freedom
Barefoot on a golden beach
You are like seagulls
You make me feel every note
Red toe nail polish
Coltrane and eagles
Slow wet days
I have known you forever
We are ruled by your pheromones
Gardens of a king size bed
I get your coffee in the morning
Sketches of Rembrandt
Trains in the mountains

Leave your fears I am here
Chicago suburbs
You lay like a Queen
Art and books
Black and white photography
Garter belts soaked
Goddess with the bathroom door open
Six inch high heels
Sex so deep it hurts
Slow melted psyche

Jazz trees sway
Joseph Narusiewicz

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Rainy Day in Chicago

Rain sprinkles the ground
damping the fallen leaves.
Grey clouds fill the sky
hiding the sun.
The wind blows off the lake
shaking the trees.
I sit inside trying to fight my boredom
so I don't fall asleep.
Wow it is just another rainy day in Chicago.
Lore Me34

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In the department store

on Nicollet Mall,

a photographer

photographed me

from Chicago.

He came back before

snowy and blurry,

MN Twins were winning

The World Series.

photographs were taken

when I was young,

it was great I

had a lot of fun.

now the roll of film

almost became lost,

another photographer

found it before it was tossed.

if anything I still have

photos to show

I was young and a glow.

Written on April 5,2011 by Christina Sunrise
Christina Sunrise

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042211H only on friday

a box of fried fish, french fries
and sixteen ounces of root beer
for five bucks is wonderful price
that i will have patience to wait
this is not new york nor chicago
this is friday in southern state

they have these array of benches
facing calmn blue atlantic ocean
where waves are tampered to ripples
from newly built long water breaks
i can see sails from a distant flaunting
enough coldness for my french fries
Manonton Dalan

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Poems On / About CHICAGO