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Poems On / About CHICAGO  9/23/2014 11:23:03 AM
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Are not to be captured
In a net or in a poem.
Hovering in the air
Or in the paths of memory,
They dream
To be watched
To be loved
Only from afar.

(To: Corina Genunea Iordache, Romania)

(Chicago, USA,18 March 1994)
Muhammad Hesham

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Home is nowhere near.
Off of Michigan Ave. we'll
Have a place to rest.

(in Chicago)
Amanda May Moore

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Dublin & Chicago

a pseudonym is necessary
to establish an identity
based on origins

personality is irrelevant
in the scheme of things
that intrigue poets

perhaps a dramatic dialogue
is in order to elucidate
how things are

like browning and his duchess
call it plagiarism if you like
but that's how it is

in dublin and in chicago, too
wallace stevens and his poem
the emperor of ice cream

are sources for the resourceful
writer who credits his sources
for the inspiration they inspire
Michael Pruchnicki

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Not Turning Back

The velvet sky of dusk
borken hearts made of rust
shattered trust,
lies, lurking in the shadows

Roaming the lonley streets of chicago
full of sorrow
head held high with the lie
of being strong

But i'll see it be done,
i had won,
and i'll look through
the black and blue on my arm
because i know i wasnt wrong

I'll work through the darkest night
with my pride, and want to cry
I'll look at the past and still feel the
pain. but, i wont turn around or walk back
but trust me, i'm not the same
Becuase i know
I wasnt wrong
Bekki Butler

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Poems On / About CHICAGO