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Poems On / About CHICAGO  7/11/2014 6:43:56 AM
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My First Pretzels

My first pretzels
on an air vessel
My mind I shuffle
but it's as a dumble-
Will I stumble
Will my world crumble?
Will I stay humble
As my experience double?
Will it be a dazzle
Or just a hassle?

Narita-Japan to Chicago-US
September 1,2005
Ave Lilik

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Your Fine Charms

Maple Marble your fine overtones,
like Marshall Fields in Chicago
where you wrote an essay of political analogy,
and became The Pro,
while befriending portraits;
coming into your charms.
Simply Charming
like Bloomingdale's in New York
where you took your children,
and were a child,
with a gentle family;
shaping your becoming.
Whitney Jones Olson

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Did you?

Did you see the thoughts of my heart,
When tired, exausted, nearly frustrated,
Yet strong, with the head towards the stars,
I was working for your low rating?
Did you hear the whisper of your soul,
Ashamed, weak from lies and the fraud?
They both had thought you
were bolder,
They both were sure you were better brought,
But they were mistaken and upset:
Your better ego seems to be now dead.
Ivan Petryshyn Chicago Poetry SPJ
Ivan Petryshyn

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Not Turning Back

The velvet sky of dusk
borken hearts made of rust
shattered trust,
lies, lurking in the shadows

Roaming the lonley streets of chicago
full of sorrow
head held high with the lie
of being strong

But i'll see it be done,
i had won,
and i'll look through
the black and blue on my arm
because i know i wasnt wrong

I'll work through the darkest night
with my pride, and want to cry
I'll look at the past and still feel the
pain. but, i wont turn around or walk back
but trust me, i'm not the same
Becuase i know
I wasnt wrong
Bekki Butler

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Poems On / About CHICAGO