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Poems On / About CHICAGO  2/8/2016 11:35:10 PM
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Bejookee - Lincoln Park Zoo

I am Bejookee, puma queen
Of the realm of Lincoln Park Zoo.
From my ledge, I take in the scene.
If you're nearby, I'm watching you.
Mountain lion or cougar or
Panther or catamount also,
Are all names the humans have for
This wild pussy cat - doncha know!
I had a cousin visit me.
Came to Chicago on the run.
Nervous humans - that's how they be.
Cuz' visit done cuz of a gun.

I'm happy here in my Zoo den.
I don't go chasing younger men.
Ima Ryma

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Vietnam War Memorial

A block of marble
and twenty six letters of the alphabet
etch so many young names
onto history

Wandering alone
amid the mass grave
an old woman has at last found
her only child
and with her eyes tightly shut
her trembling fingers now feel
for the mortal wound
on his ice-cold forehead

(1985, Chicago)
William Weiyi Marr

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War On Gang Terror

Lots of gangs call Chicago home,
Terrorizing the neighborhoods.
Gunning through all the streets they roam,
Young killer thugs up to no goods.
Most residents aid and abet,
Hoping just to be left alone.
Daily under the gang death threat
Of living in a real war zone.
The war on terror need be fought
Less in foreign lands, more right here.
How many innocents be shot
Before true defense does appear?

Whatever colors the gangs be,
Color them the true enemy.
Ima Ryma

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Cubbie Clark

First time ever, Chicago Cubs
Get a Cubs official mascot.
Hope tiz not one of hiring flubs
That's kept a World Series win - not.
A cartoonish young bear named Clark,
(One of the streets, Wrigley Field's on.)
Will this new mascot be the spark
To make the curse to lose be gone?
Jersied but pantless (not obscene) .
'Purists' prob'ly will make a flap
That the uniform does demean.
Clark is wearing a backwards cap.

A winning team? Take any chance,
Even a mascot with no pants.
Ima Ryma

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Poems On / About CHICAGO