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Poems On / About CHICAGO  5/30/2016 5:38:21 AM
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Looking For A Girl Across The United States

Atlanta dating
Brooklyn dating
Chicago dating
Las Vegas dating
Los Angeles dating
Manhattan dating
Miami dating
New York dating
Philadelphia dating
Portland dating
San Diego dating
San Francisco dating
Seattle dating

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Cubbie Clark

First time ever, Chicago Cubs
Get a Cubs official mascot.
Hope tiz not one of hiring flubs
That's kept a World Series win - not.
A cartoonish young bear named Clark,
(One of the streets, Wrigley Field's on.)
Will this new mascot be the spark
To make the curse to lose be gone?
Jersied but pantless (not obscene) .
'Purists' prob'ly will make a flap
That the uniform does demean.
Clark is wearing a backwards cap.

A winning team? Take any chance,
Even a mascot with no pants.
Ima Ryma

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Crowned Lemurs Like Lincoln Park Zoo

A crowned lemur - that's what I am,
An orangish fur crown on my head.
For visitors, I love to ham
At the Lincoln Park Zoo homestead.
Madagascar Island is where
We primates did evolve unique.
But when human kin showed up there,
They've been a real pain - so to speak.
But at the Zoo, humans are great
To me and to my family.
All lemurs should have such a fate,
To know how good humans can be.

So this crowned lemur tips his crown
To humans in Chicago town.
Ima Ryma

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Bushman - Lincoln Park Zoo

He came to the Lincoln Park Zoo
38 pounds and two years old,
A gorilla destined to do
A starring role, by grabbing hold
Of hearts of humans all worldwide.
Got bigger size and fame than folk.
1951, Bushman died.
His heart stopped and human hearts broke.
22 years was not enough.
Bushman, Chicago would not yield.
Skilled taxidermists did their stuff.
Bushman still resides at the Field.

Bushman's glory will ever last.
He's a Zooper blast from the past.
Ima Ryma

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Poems On / About CHICAGO