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Poems On / About CHICAGO  7/30/2015 10:02:57 PM
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Resurrection Mary

Driving on Archer Avenue,
Heading to downtown Chicago,
A hitchhiking girl - what to do.
I stopped for her. She got in, so
She wore white dress and dancing shoes,
Pretty, with blond hair and blue eyes,
But a sadness from her did ooze.
Asked me to stop, to my surprise,
Where only a dark stretch appeared,
And no houses or buildings be.
I stopped and turned, she'd disappeared -
Resurrection Cemetery.

I learned that Mary oft does roam,
Asking drivers for a ride home.
Ima Ryma

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Taza - Lincoln Park Zoo

I'm Taza, snow leopard, I be
Just moved to the Lincoln Park Zoo.
So you should come and visit me.
This welcome cat is here for you.
The Himalayas, we call home.
Endangered, we are hard to find.
I'm just glad that I get to roam
As ambassador for my kind.
I can leap up to fifty feet,
And land on feet snow friendly such
I'm a motion marvel complete,
With long warm tale a useful touch.

Yes, my kind of town, Chicago,
My home - let it snow, let it snow!
Ima Ryma

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Orpheus Hops A Freight

Ninety miles- it takes from dawn to dusk,
but I am in no hurry. Dangling my feet
over the boxcar's edge, sprawled in grit
and grime, my father, that great solar disk,
hitches behind, coupled to the final car,
rolling along the sedge of Lake Michigan shore.
Like him I have all day, and several more.
Those poets I stood among yesterday are

all dead- Ginsberg, Rexroth, Duncan, and Oppen.
I shout their songs over the roar of this rolling line
and shred them- to cars at flashing gates, to children,
chasing death along the tracks and trestles.
Hear these words, I say, but prepare for mine!
braking toward the night in which Chicago nestles.
Leonard Kress

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On The Flamingo - Lincoln Park Zoo

We are flamingos to be seen
Outside at the Lincoln Park Zoo.
Due to the fact we are Chilean,
Chicago weather we can do.
Humans do something to the wings
So that we do not need to fly,
One of those need in the wild things,
But Zoo happy beneath the sky.
There do be times we are inside,
Cuz wings can spread in blowing wind,
And up and away we would glide,
By a known means to unknown end.

The Windy City, doncha know,
Stiff winds come and flamingo go.
Ima Ryma

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