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Poems On / About CHICAGO  10/4/2015 6:43:10 PM
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Graffiti on the Detroit alley wall
Bluelight horns, late night studios
Muddy and Miles
Chicago, New York, the south
Clothes as wild as Hendrix
Harlem dollies
Twelve bar blues with a bridge
Hope and dancing
Martin Luther King Jr.
Motown shatters racism
Art knows no color
That great Funk Brothers band
So many hits
So much love
Welcome England
Welcome the world
Joseph Narusiewicz

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Snow (Less) Monkeys - Lincoln Park Zoo

We snow monkeys are watching snow
Melt away with coming of spring
To Lincoln Park Zoo, Chicago.
Daylight saving time - what's that thing!
Next door to our habitat,
Lionel train goes round and round,
And humans have to pay for that.
Where do the humans think they're bound?
The humans can watch us for free.
In April, humans will turn on
All the fancy props that there be,
Showing our phenomenon.

April opening will be cool.
So come - don't be an April fool.
Ima Ryma

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Time To Remember

One ring. Two, three. The phone rang and rang.

Donnie was indisposed.

'Just a minute' he muttered, as if the caller could hear. Hastily he drew up his pants, and belted his belt, wondering who was calling so early Sunday morning.

'Hello', he cried, reaching the phone by the sixth ring.

'Yo, bro'! Donnie!

He recognized his brother's voice on the line.

'Hi, Ronnie. It's been a while. What's up'?

A while, yes. Over six months, in which time he's become a year older. His brother was four years his junior.

'How've you been'?

'Ok. You'?

'Busy. Work's picked up. I'm always getting calls. Almost too busy, I'd say. The money's good, though. Guess the economy's on the mend.

His brother worked free-lance as an insurance claim's adjustor.

Donnie agreed it probably was, and tried to beat back the memory of their trip earlier that year- to Chicago. But the memory came on with avalanche force. On New Year's day, he recalled, Donnie took a train from Penn Station to Thirtieth Street, in Philly. With a sort of linkage of wills, they'd agreed to accompany each other to the Windy City on business. Family business. At Thirtieth Street he'd met Ronnie and together they boarded a train bound for Pittsburgh, where they had a three hour lay-over. There, they dined on Fritos and Diet-Coke. Waiting on the hard benches they.......
Morgan Michaels

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Time To Remember Iii

He had a list of architectural marvels, starting with the Sullivan buildings (and Adler, of course) that he little doubted he'd get to.

'Amazing', he thought, 'how so bright a light could wind up on skid row. That's life', he said.

Chicago was even colder than Pittsburg. Every breath shot reams of steam, into the space ahead. Somewhere, Donnie had lost a glove. He couldn't decide if he should wear the unlost one, suspecting it might make the bare hand colder. Waiting in the cab queue, the wind gnawed the gloveless hand. He thrust it into his pocket for protection. Then, their turn came. Baggage thrown into the trunk, they piled in, but kept their cloth-bound PC's in their laps. The cab doors slammed shut, one after the other.

'Best Western', directed Donnie, leaning forward then slumping tiredly against the backrest, 'Michigan Avenue'.

The grey, hung-over city was struggling awake, trying to re-interest itself in business put away before the New Year's revelry.On the whole, it was quiet.

'Where's the courthouse', Donnie asked the driver, politely, through the divider, appending 'Sir' to the question, finally. He wanted to be ready, and felt like Napoleon surveying Waterloo before the battle.

'You guys from out of town'?

'New York', replied Donnie, briskly. He expected the answer might subdue the driver's cheek and put him on guard, as it was no fool asking, clearly, no tourist. But, it did not.

'That way', replied the cabbie, nodding up a cross street, with hard-to-discern interest. But he straightaway guessed the relevance of the question. Donnie stared in the direction of the nod. Far away, through the thinly falling snow, he spotted a plaza he thought was the Municipal Center.

They sped along the Park.....
Morgan Michaels

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