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(To: Yelena Anatolyevna Shakhovtseva, Russia)

Was it paradise or hell,
A curse or a blessing
This passing day
That the passers-by,
Fervently and tirelessly,
Weed out of their Eyes
Though they know
That, in the aftermath,
What they can only do
Is to wait helplessly
The loss of their sight.

(Chicago, USA,18 March 1994)
Muhammad Hesham

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Anne Frank Where! -Anne Cycle Part 1

Anne Frank where are you
Where you are trees grown
Wrens sing larks chant
Wrens chirp, corws crow
Ashes somewhere- spread,
Mixed with soil
Wind blows- you find them in
Amsterdam, Chicago, Jakarta
I feel am lazy. So I make a bowl full
Muesli - pour refreshing, fridged
Milk onto choccie sickled half hollow shells
And crusty com hued flakes-thinking of you
Ye know, I'd chat you up, if you'd have grown to be older
And I travelled in time- I know l'll chat your sis up!
Michael Witkowski

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Teamster On The Run

Think of a burly guy in leather jacket
baseball cap bill shadowing broken nose
hamhock mitts dangling at his side

Stereotype, you protest! Show me
a mug like this who frequents
the coffee shops in Hyde Park

near the University of Chicago campus
sitting at a table poring over Sartre
or whoever the latest avant garde

may happen to be whom professors favor!
If you do spot such a creature on campus,
he's either unloading a truck out back
or he's visiting his granddaughter!
Michael Pruchnicki

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Colors Of Peace

a skunk dies by violence
a bad smell infects the land.
When a cow dies by violence
her unheard cries pollute the land.

When a pig lives out his life
in safety,
good fortune accrues.

Annie Besant in the years when Chicago
was the physical slaughterhouse capital
of America saw its aura of red anger
an hour away.
Nonviolence can change any aura
to deep violet.
O Anna Niemus

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Poems On / About CHICAGO