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Best Poems About / On CHICAGO
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most of my friends who went to Chicago
on care giving jobs
finally left for good the marriage
they had in the Philippines,
just this morning i had a chat with a
close friend whose husband had her
declared presumptively dead in court
so he can marry another,
she says it's a trend
marriages are bound to be broken
vows have no meaning
she did not mind at all if she is
'dead' to him and to the law,
she too has a man of her own now
a work to attend to,
another summer vacation in California
and in Paris sometime
this April,
and then she enumerates other names
who marriages are
it is not that time is cruel, it is just that
with money now,
they are free to find love
(and lust) .
so long, i may meet other names.

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Welcome To The Chicago Commercial Club

January 14, 1880

CHICAGO sounds rough to the maker of verse;
One comfort we have--Cincinnati sounds worse;
If we only were licensed to say Chicago!
But Worcester and Webster won't let us, you know.

No matter, we songsters must sing as we can;
We can make some nice couplets with Lake Michigan,
And what more resembles a nightingale's voice,
Than the oily trisyllable, sweet Illinois?

Your waters are fresh, while our harbor is salt,
But we know you can't help it--it is n't your fault;
Our city is old and your city is new,
But the railroad men tell us we're greener than you.

You have seen our gilt dome, and no doubt you've been told
That the orbs of the universe round it are rolled;
But I'll own it to you, and I ought to know best,
That this is n't quite true of all stars of the West.

You'll go to Mount Auburn,--we'll show you the track,--
And can stay there,--unless you prefer to come back;
And Bunker's tall shaft you can climb if you will,
But you'll puff like a paragraph praising a pill.

You must see--but you have seen--our old Faneuil Hall,
Our churches, our school-rooms, our sample-rooms, all;
And, perhaps, though the idiots must have their jokes,
You have found our good people much like other folks.

There are cities by rivers, by lakes, and by seas,
Each as full of itself as a cheese-mite of cheese;
And a city will brag as a game-cock will crow
Don't your cockerels at home--just a little, you know?

But we'll crow for you now--here's a health to the boys,
Men, maidens, and matrons of fair Illinois,
And the rainbow of friendship that arches its span
From the green of the sea to the blue Michigan!
Oliver Wendell Holmes

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Vivekananda And His Voice To The Mankind,

The Parliament of Religions,
Chicago, -1893, world’s representations,
From inherited wells,
Ready to ring own bells.

‘Sisters and brothers’
From vast Unconscious,
A voice vibrant flashes.

‘You are all assured immortals,
Radiant souls in body’s walls.
Rise and wake from slumber,
Add fire to emit your amber’

Silence, turns to pin-dropp or more,
The hearts started opening new door.
Stillness’ tranquility, to quantum-nucleus,
Liquid –luminous, beacon-focus.

You are born lion and lioness,
Lend your ear, lend me please.

Once in a lambs’ herd a lion had its truck,
A lion there in, was running to save attack.
Its mother died during giving birth,
The lambs fostered it since it came on earth.

It grew up on lamb’s habits,
It forgot its glory, and turned a rabbit.
Ray Subrata Ray

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Chicago, Milwaukee
Door County, Ra seen..
Get the great cities
Along the blanks of Michigan.
Museum..Sky scrappers..
These lights glow
Till oil is over.
In the Dael Illinois
Smell the evergreen
Underworld merchants
In India, Mumbai is the bird.
In America, it is another
Which is the image?
Which is the mirror image? ?
Snow-flux will drab
As the snow-fall begins
Come to Door County
To experience astonishing fall season.
Stand on the blanks of
Freaking Michigan
Knowledge mountain peaks are visible.
Connive.. With bards like skyscrapers.

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