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Poems On / About CHICAGO  5/6/2016 6:13:12 AM
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In the moon Abib,
Try and meet Hanani and Mareshah;
For they will teach you the way to the truth.
Chaitanya, your love to me is like the greetings from Chicago!
And after the truimph of Barack Hessein Obama,
I still have you as my only one.

Chaitanya, arise and flee to Laban in Haran;
And your journey will be successful like,
The first offspring of every womb.
Is anything too hard for Yahweh? !
For the table and the untensils are set before you;
So be very wise to make your choice on this issue,
Like the days after a successful Election.
Edward Kofi Louis

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Anana On Vacation

This is Anana saying 'Hi, '
To all at the Lincoln Park Zoo.
North Carolina fulfills my
Polar bear awesome that I do.
The southern hospitality
For this here 'yankee' has been great.
Lots of keeping busy there be,
Including seeking the right mate.
One thing I'd thought I'd left behind
In Chicago was playtime snow.
But old man winter was so kind,
And dumped me a bunch - doncha know!

I think I'm picking up a drawl -
Not just a 'grrr' but a 'grrr y'all.'
Ima Ryma

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Wilson And Broadway At 4 A.M.


Sunday evening. Drunk
and strolling home.

On the way an hour now,
block after block,

bar to bar.
Weekend's gone,

Monday's turning.
Along the way

his swollen fingers find
parking meter posts

are an endless xylophone.
Plunked, they play

the anthem
of a life misspent.
Donal Mahoney

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Graffiti on the Detroit alley wall
Bluelight horns, late night studios
Muddy and Miles
Chicago, New York, the south
Clothes as wild as Hendrix
Harlem dollies
Twelve bar blues with a bridge
Hope and dancing
Martin Luther King Jr.
Motown shatters racism
Art knows no color
That great Funk Brothers band
So many hits
So much love
Welcome England
Welcome the world
Joseph Narusiewicz

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Poems On / About CHICAGO