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Poems On / About CHICAGO  5/24/2016 6:30:07 PM
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Rhino Snow Time - Lincoln Park Zoo

What does a rhino fam'ly do
During winter in Chicago,
Outside in the Lincoln Park Zoo?
Spend quality time in the snow.
More than a foot of snow to romp.
All together, we plow right in,
A crisp refreshing treat to chomp,
Clinging like whiskers to the chin.
Back in Africa, our kind
Don't have the opportunity
For such fam'ly affair to find.
We're lucky to be where we be.

Guess who got made becuz of us -
Frosty the Snow Rhinoceros!
Ima Ryma

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Go For A Walk

Nik Wallenda, King of the Wire,
Chose Chicago to take a walk
'Twixt and 'tween the twin corncob spire,
Marina Towers. Wind would knock
Against big shoulders daring to
Keep balance 'cross a hundred feet,
Hundreds of feet below in view
Of one misstep and death to meet.
A massive audience watched live,
The city and the world held breath.
Would or would not the will survive?
Nik once more walked away from death.

A first awesome sight to behold,
Walking the wire with a blindfold.
Ima Ryma

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Anana On Vacation

This is Anana saying 'Hi, '
To all at the Lincoln Park Zoo.
North Carolina fulfills my
Polar bear awesome that I do.
The southern hospitality
For this here 'yankee' has been great.
Lots of keeping busy there be,
Including seeking the right mate.
One thing I'd thought I'd left behind
In Chicago was playtime snow.
But old man winter was so kind,
And dumped me a bunch - doncha know!

I think I'm picking up a drawl -
Not just a 'grrr' but a 'grrr y'all.'
Ima Ryma

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Wilson And Broadway At 4 A.M.


Sunday evening. Drunk
and strolling home.

On the way an hour now,
block after block,

bar to bar.
Weekend's gone,

Monday's turning.
Along the way

his swollen fingers find
parking meter posts

are an endless xylophone.
Plunked, they play

the anthem
of a life misspent.
Donal Mahoney

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Poems On / About CHICAGO