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Poems On / About CHICAGO  10/4/2015 8:24:01 PM
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Drone Zone

Unc Sam uses armed drones to kill
So called enemies of the State.
Guilty or not - due process nil.
Call it one zap fits all fate.
Being an Unc Sam citizen
Don't get a body pass - tiz true.
If Unc Sam says so bad I been,
Then I am in for deep drone do.
And being here in Chicago,
The bulls eye still can be on me,
A domestic drone - doncha know!
My neighbors too in danger be.

Unc Sam finds me, I'm likely dead.
I hear a buzzing overhea
Ima Ryma

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Keo - Lincoln Park Zoo

Keo, the chimpanzee, came to
Chicago back in '59.
A babe in the Lincoln Park Zoo,
Where humans came, line after line.
For the next 55 plus years,
A house guest of the humankind.
He watched with eyes, listened with ears.
But who knew what he thought with mind.
Humans hoped Keo thought it good,
He lived his long life in a way
That when humans tried, humans could
Be more than just things on display.

The time came for Keo to die,
To take his thoughts and bid good bye.
Ima Ryma

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'Girls' Pad

The T.V. houses that we see,
The outsides never seem to match
The insides - a perplexity.
Ah, plots that Hollywood does hatch.
The 'Golden Girls' Miami house,
The 'lanai' was a 'don't fit' place.
To the garage, the Girls would roam
In the wrong directional space.
The kitchen - a hand me down set,
Looking at Chicago's skyline.
Vast living room, wicker beset,
Facing the viewer by design.

The outs and ins of T.V. land.
Jut watch - no need to understand.
Ima Ryma

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Rock N Roll

Crazy infidel
A mad obscene man
Beat echo
Never again
Please never again
Lips like honey suckle
Safety no more
Electronic madness
Bushy long hair
Walking in Chicago
A mad headache
Out of your brain
Bang Bang Bang
Never more
Moses Samandar

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Poems On / About CHICAGO