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More Loveable Limericks

A boy who was waiting for Santa
was engaging in innocent banter
with his sister Louise
who was such a big tease.
All this happend in ancient Atlanta.


Five AM and the male Easter Bunny
hides the eggs though it is a bit funny.
If he drops five or six
in the blackberry sticks,
over easy they are a bit runny.


On the bridge of his boat stood the Skipper
with a stainless steel wide open zipper.
He was eyeing a wave
when an elderly slave
yelled 'I think I am seeing a ripper'.


There was an LT ten-eleven
which flew with its wing touching Heaven,
thus it didn't seem odd
when the pilot saw God
but he did keep the engines revvin'.


When I drove my Mercedes Benz
due to snow through a picket fence,
in the town of Detroit
but no airbag deployed.
I haven't seen winter snow since.


Far be it that I should now brag
or place on my body a tag.
But on closer inspection
and considered reflection....
It's a humdinger duffle bag.


In the mirror I saw myself nude,
and I do not intend to be rude.
But my wide open eyes
could not take in the size,
so I mumbled 'By God, what a dude'.


A big vessel is called a ship
designed for an oversea trip.
So, don't call it a boat
or it won't stay afloat.
Pay heed to this pertinent tip.


In the turbulent town of Chicago
lived the brother of Dr. Shivago.
He was taking a break
sailing Michigan Lake.
But he called it 'Chicago Lago'.


In the hilly town of San Franciso
many juveniles frequent the disco.
And near Alcatrez Jail
you spot many a sail.
Many householders cook with white Crisco.
Herbert Nehrlich

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Anchor to Windward

Lakeboat mariners look forward to winter lay-up all summer long. The last voyage north from the steel mills in South Chicago begins before dawn with autumn winds and a cup of hot black coffee from the galley to ward off the chill. Guys congregate on the wind-swept decks, stomping feet and talking of this and that - wives and kids and days spent lounging before the new TV and drinking Budweiser.

'See you next spring, Mick? '

'Not on the Mighty Fitz, you won't! '

His shipmates laugh. They all know Mick's final paycheck is all but spent as soon as he signs off the boat. His wife and three kids live in a four room flat in Canaryville on Chicago's south side. Mick's not ready to swallow the anchor yet. He'll be back with the rest of us eager to sail another season on the Lakes. We keep an anchor to windward.

first day of November
raw winds astern-
lake is dark and deep

life ashore-
rent due
first of the month

morning till night
chores to do-
house in disarray

bar tab
eats up the bonus-
wife in a snit

first day of April
seabag packed-
Mighty Fitz welcomes us
Michael Pruchnicki

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until it finds a tree

A bird flies round until it finds a tree;
its spirit doesn’t tell it one is better,
and even when it lands it feels it’s free
to try another, avian jet-setter.

Inspired by Ricardo Muti who told Daniel J. Wakin (“And the Brass Ring Goes to the Chicago Symphony: Riccardo Muti Says Yes, ” NYT, May 6,2008) :

Mr. Muti called the Chicago Symphony “a perfect machine, ” with the versatility to play huge works like Prokofiev’s Symphony No.3 and Scriabin’s “Poem of Ecstasy” or to display the refined delicacy needed for small-scale Schubert.He remained steadfastly unattached after resigning as music director of the Teatro Alla Scala in Milan in 2005 in an operatic kerfuffle. Orchestra musicians and other workers at the theater had turned against him in an internal political wrangle. “I thought it was time for me to be absolutely free, like the birds in the air, ” he said. “Birds go around and they enjoy their happiness, their freedom. But sometimes it can happen they find a tree, and they like to stop on a tree, and they didn’t know about the tree before. It doesn’t mean one tree is better than another tree. It just happens at the right moment in life.”

gershon hepner

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she's got that vibe

She’s got that vibe
that all our tribe
puts under raps,
and I, too, am smitten
because she’s forbidden,
like apples, perhaps,
that, shared in the garden
caused Adam to harden,
when Eve said to him, “Try it! ”
Out of bounds tasted sweeter
to Adam, whose peter
propelled him to buy it.
It seemed so dimwitted
to take what’s permitted,
he left that for fools,
which we’re not in our tribe,
when we let her prescribe
what is wrong, breaking rules.

The BBC reports today:

A Chicago jury has acquitted US singer R Kelly of all 14 charges of child pornography against him. He was found not guilty of making an explicit sex video that prosecutors had said showed him having sex with a girl as young as 13. Both Mr Kelly and the alleged victim, now 23, denied they were the people shown on the tape, which the jury saw. If found guilty, he had faced up to 15 years in prison. His hits include She's Got That Vibe and I Believe I Can Fly. The Grammy award-winning singer,41, was arrested in 2002 after the video was leaked to the Chicago Sun-Times newspaper. The tape,26-minutes long, showed a man having sex with an underage girl.

gershon hepner

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