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In The Car Lot

Taken from the Lyrics of 'In The Ghetto' by Elvis Presley
and rewritten to reflect the current state of GM and it's Dealerships.

In The Car Lot by Matt Matherne

As the snow flies,
On a cold and grey Chicago mornin'
Another new batch of cars arrives at the car lot
And he cries
'Cause if there's one thing that he don't need
It's another bunch of GM cars to sell on his car lot

People, don't you understand
The dealer needs a helping hand
Or he'll grow to be an angry old man some day
Take a look at your new car,
Are we too blind to see,
Or do you simply turn your head and look the other way?

Well the world turns
And this hungry dealer with the runny nose
Stays at his desk as the cold wind blows at the car lot
And his hunger burns
So he starts to roam the car lot at night
And he learns how to cheat
And he learns how to steal in the car lot

Then one night in desperation
The old man breaks away
He buys a gun, steals a Toyota, tries to run,
But he don't get far
And his salesmen cries

As a crowd gathers round an angry old man
Face down on the cement with a gun in his hand in the car lot
And as this once young man dies,
On a cold and grey Chicago mornin'
Another load of GM cars at the car lot
And his salesmen cries
In the car lot
In the car lot
Matt Matherne

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sany okk

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Crocodile / Krokodil / Heroin

At first glance, this name conjures up images of the river Nile,

That most ferocious stealth fighter the one and only Crocodile,

Surely as that present day prehistoric monster signifies death,

A modern day version sold on the streets stymies your breath.

Unlike Alligators, Crocodiles have narrower and longer heads,

Another difference is teeth in the lower jaw fall along the edge,

And even though they appear to be similar to the untrained eye,

Bottom line is, a head on collision with either you will surely die.

Crocodile written about today is being sold on American streets,

It’s out of the river on dry land where the beast cannot compete,

The Neitzel family, sisters Amber 26, Angie 29 and mom Kim 48,

Treated for symptoms associated with Crocodile but is it too late?

Now most of Amber’s, “rose tattoo” on her calf has rotted her skin,

However, as with any addiction how, where and why did it begin?

Knowing destructive consequences before indulging in the 1st hit,

And also aware once you begin it is damn near impossible to quit.

All 3 are heroin addicts apparently that high was not high enough,

And if that doesn’t destroy your life they sought out stronger stuff,

Yet Amber claims she’ had been doing Crocodile 18 months unaware,

When they began this heroin substitute causing a flesh-eating scare.

By combining codeine tablets, paint thinner, lighter fluid, gasoline,

Along with other harmful substances this is a drug addicts dream,

It can make you howl like a lone wolf, even convulse in ecstasy,

You’ll rob, steal, sell your body because no high will ever be free.

Destroy your insides with the devastation of Cirrhosis of the liver,

Cold Turkey, you’ll sweat, scream, shake, pray for death and shiver,

Gangrene with large abscesses all over the user's body after a while,

Neitzel’s are going public alerting others of the danger of Crocodile.

The drug, also spelled Krokodil originally appeared in Russia in 2003,

How it made it to the purchase place, Chicago, is it really a mystery?

Kim being struck by Crocodile without knowing it underwent surgery,

As the destructive rapture of her skin, one look is by no means pretty.

Neitzels never suspected they were shooting a Russian knock-off drug,

So therefore, neither were they aware of the grave they had almost dug,

Months after surgery she remains disfigured, aware is Chicago’s DEA,

Agent Jack Riley, task force is canvassing… to find & put dealers away.

$25.00 for heroin will get 3 pops of Croc at 8 bucks apiece saving a dollar,

3 for the price of 1 with a George Washington left over for 2 Lucy’s, Holler,

With all the information insuring ultimate destruction lines are out the door,

Hopeless addicts seeking the ultimate high ignore warnings by seeking more.
Luke Easter

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A Body Found Dead Under A Lincoln Park Bench.

A body found under a deserted Lincoln Park bench...
Leaves ruffled into a nice neat pile.

Cacooned looking becomes this scene...
No denial.

Cold and wintery gust's...
Blows about all Chicago's powdery dust.

No kid's kites fullfills the Chicago park's skies...
No new death's or even many lies.

Tap, tap, tap as is heard the hammering pounding noise...
No sight of a girl or even any boys.

The wintery day is only accompanied by roofers working hard and into the early dissolved dawn...
A doe is spotted among the park's clumps of trees but without 'nary a rare seen fawn.

How long has the maggots and bugs been feeding on the rotting stiffened carcus? ...
Only time and a lone hoot owl in tree above knows how long or what because.

An obituary in next tuesday's newspaper will have to be witten by a heart broken mother at the sudden
loss of a recent missing daughter...
I hope the slimmier critter that killt that girl runs outta time.

Is the killer a man or a woman? ...
I don't know if the police have yet as caught 'er.

Or him maybe even maybe...
I just hope he does not run off and join the Navy.

A shed out tear...
Dripped freshly by guilt fed fear.

No word of love left the lips of that suddened saddened mother...
Only sadly forlorn fed anger did she impart to her daughter, while divorced from a long absent unhusbandly father.

Now this mother's days will be long and clouded with only room for doom and gloom...
Her days(of this new now lonely mother) will want and have to be swept clean with a blackened saddest broom.

Lonely futured sad days spent travelling to a lone lost grave...
A mother grieving as a saddened and guilt fed knave.

To move on in life, she'll have to buck up and become real brave...
For, until she admits to guilt, she'll be forever enshrouded under an umbrella of guilty shame as it's helpless slave.

There is no happy ending here...
Only sadness is heard by deaf ears in griefly guilt-you hear.
Michael Gale

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