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Poems On / About CHICAGO  7/25/2016 9:31:14 PM
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On The Flamingo - Lincoln Park Zoo

We are flamingos to be seen
Outside at the Lincoln Park Zoo.
Due to the fact we are Chilean,
Chicago weather we can do.
Humans do something to the wings
So that we do not need to fly,
One of those need in the wild things,
But Zoo happy beneath the sky.
There do be times we are inside,
Cuz wings can spread in blowing wind,
And up and away we would glide,
By a known means to unknown end.

The Windy City, doncha know,
Stiff winds come and flamingo go.
Ima Ryma

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'Brisk Wind In Chicago' 12/8/08

Just for a moment, I visited you in my imagination.
Words of edification swayed my soul, and drew me into your destine place.
I took in the brisk, soft, smooth wind on my face.
I enjoyed imagining being at your lake.
Snow wraps around you, and the air sings to you.
The trees are bare, however my southern soul longs to be there.
A visit is fine with me.
I heard a lot about you, can I get to know you?
Power is your song for people to be reborn.
Thanks for letting me get to know you a little bit,
I'll check with the airlines, and make sure my mind stays sharp, smart, and fit.
OH! My heart you have lit,
Brisk wind in Chicago...

Sallie Marie Tompkins Copyright 2008
Chosen Poetess...
Sallie Marie Tompkins

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To Mawe In Chicago This Winter

hello mawe, if you are stil there
alive and listening
if you still have the shadow of
autumn and spring
if you still stand there beside the glass
walls of malls
staring at the thick snow beyond you

mawe, my friend, please tell me

'what does the snow of chicago tell you? '

please tell me what is it
that still bothers
the calm waters of your heart?

merry christmas.
happy new year.

why are you more silent than the snow?

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Black N White (Cloak N Dagger Poem)

I've always been a man who treasures black and white.
One either is still breating or one must be dead,
all cats are gray due to the colour of the darkest night
so black and white is king and that is what I said.

Be flexible said he whose bow was made of pine,
there came a point when nothing could extend it more,
the splinter took his eye, he fell into the vat of wine
his ship was lost at sea and never did return to shore.

A friend named Malcolm Williams, Nigger though to me
was quite ashamed of being black, me being white,
went through Chicago after curfew, it was hard to see
I figured it could be an asset to be dark without the light.
Herbert Nehrlich

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