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Best Poems About / On CHICAGO
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As the young man walks threw his streets dispersion
His brain rattled like it was urgent
All he head was
“Run to the train station,
Delete this cities population.”
So with little hesitation
The density shrank in the cities of the nation
Growth rate shrinking by many at a time
City by city this boy went
In Chicago the exponential growth he put a dent
Men women children and babies
No one was safe from this boy, he was mental
People were scared to practice there reproductive potential
So as space in there carrying capacity grew in size
The population grew in sighs
Little did he know there was competition on the west
His name was unknown, its was only for his best
Because, ledged has it, he was the best
They both shared a common niche
Predation was his affliction
But competition arose confliction
They became a virus on the country
Parasite if you will
Parasitism was the game they played
They aimed to kill
As the two conversed on facebook
Discussing strategies
Turning there long day fallacies
Into realities
One stayed on the east
The other on the west
An alliance grew between them
It was for there best interest
Then they moved to Kansas
And there symbiosis grew strong
But a sniper fount there whereabouts
And now there gone
Donte Trezevant

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Poems Done On A Late Night Car


I am The Great White Way of the city:
When you ask what is my desire, I answer:
"Girls fresh as country wild flowers,
With young faces tired of the cows and barns,
Eager in their eyes as the dawn to find my mysteries,
Slender supple girls with shapely legs,
Lure in the arch of their little shoulders
And wisdom from the prairies to cry only softly at
the ashes of my mysteries."


Lines based on certain regrets that come with rumination
upon the painted faces of women on
North Clark Street, Chicago

Red roses,
In the rain and wind
Like mouths of women
Beaten by the fists of
Men using them.
O little roses
And broken leaves
And petal wisps:
You that so flung your crimson
To the sun
Only yesterday.


Here is a thing my heart wishes the world had more of:
I heard it in the air of one night when I listened
To a mother singing softly to a child restless and angry
in the darkness.
Carl Sandburg

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Picnic Boat

Sunday night and the park policemen tell each other it
is dark as a stack of black cats on Lake Michigan.
A big picnic boat comes home to Chicago from the peach
farms of Saugatuck.
Hundreds of electric bulbs break the night's darkness, a
flock of red and yellow birds with wings at a standstill.
Running along the deck railings are festoons and leaping
in curves are loops of light from prow and stern
to the tall smokestacks.
Over the hoarse crunch of waves at my pier comes a
hoarse answer in the rhythmic oompa of the brasses
playing a Polish folk-song for the home-comers.
Carl Sandburg

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Can you smell the fresh cut grass and feel the energy of the crowd
The roaring sound of thousands as they cheer what makes them proud
The sound of a wooden bat making contact with a fastball
The joy of millions at home watching their team give it their all
In many circumstances the only thing in common of a father and son
Is the love to watch their team drive in the winning run
It will make grown men cry tears of joy and tears of pain
Hardened up drunken tough guys and do good sensitive men its all the same
It can lift the spirits of an entire city as they prepare that parade
A world series victory how it can just feel so heaven made
Think of what Jackie done to elevate his entire race
Or what the Yankees did in 77 the pain of a city it did erase
In 2004 the mighty sox let many finally rest in peace
An end to Bostons suffering 86 years of defeats
And just a year later the Black Sox finally cleaned themselves white
Chicago finally got to celebrate making Shoeless Joe in the right
We waved goodbye to curses miracles we all had seen
As baseball did what it always has filling every Americans dream

Sam Edison

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