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Poems On / About CHICAGO  4/20/2015 11:59:12 PM
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Sunrise In Chicago River West

Showering down an arc of meteors as it clacks across an off-kilter joint,
The 'L' grumbles above Lake Street,
Smearing early morning as the Kosher butchers trundle their loads up ramps into the hungering maw of road behemoths snoring in anticipation.

The sky moves from bruised to blue.
There's chocolate in the air at the corner of Halsted
Inviting me to cross the backward flow of home's river rushing toward the glacial scar the city embraces.

The spider web of streets converge at Grand Avenue
As diesel-spewing buses, empty for a few more hours, huff
And a bowler-hatted Buddha smiles and invites all comers in for patchouli and jasmine tea at a bistro down the block.

Taxis chuff quietly in queues as do their Babel of drivers at Finkel's Deli at North Branch.
No fares to collect until the third edition wheels out of the Tribune's presses just up the road
Even though the bulldog is already scattered and tattered in the parking lot.

Teeter tottering above the canal as a mast makes its way past at road level,
An exclamation point slowly passing while the bridge stands at attention,
The roadway rumbles as the steel slowly lowers to kiss the further shore.

Such is the greeting Sol gets each Chicago morning as I saunter through the core
And it climbs from floor to floor up the gaudy Hancock with its pronged crown.
Sinatra said its all razzmatazz, but I know it really rumbles at dawn.
Robert J Meyer

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Why Do I Write Such Silly Stuff?

the wind blows my window
i'ts near time to go

across the cold alley way
the dried leaves blow

outside every one's looking at me
but, their eyes look down; afraid to talk

is it them or me, my sanity or vanity
that makes them balk!

it's a San Francisco wind
blowing in

blowing the leaves around
i wanted to travel

but i'm locked in Chicago
with the Alburquerque blues

with all i have to lose
with the whole world from to choose

i'm back in my room, alone
with the any where i'm at, i'm still the same blues!
francis e.rudy

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Going Home On The Train

The way home for me was eastbound
on the Northern Pacific from California
riding coach (pillow furnished for a fee)
and reading paperback books -

everything from Robinson Jeffers-
'...stones have stood for a thousand years,
and pained thoughts found the honey
of peace in old poems.'

'...poems direct as what the birds said,
hard as a floor, sound as a bench,
mysterious as the silence when the tailor
would pause with the needle in the air.'

including the obscure Ray Durem -
'...I cannot find those mild and gracious words
to clothe the carnage.'

I got off when the train reached Chicago-
an obscure soldier home from war.
Michael Pruchnicki

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Honey, Why Did You Force Me To Let You Go?

My honey, baby, darling dear,
You claimed to love me
But how is it
That you cheated on me

With a woman old enough
To be your mother?
You were my man
I had to choose another.

You thought it was okay
Because I was not there
To sleep with this older woman
For you believed I didn't care.

Instead, I met another man
Who wanted me as bad as you
And took certain measures
To keep me too.

I called you up to let you know
That I would not return
To Chicago, our fair city
It's a lesson you had to learn.
Fatenia Oliver

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