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Poems On / About CHILDHOOD  7/31/2015 4:22:55 AM
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On Child Labour

Childhood years are something we treasure,
But there are those who have not achieved this pleasure.

A childhood they could not savour,
As they had to do rigorous child labour.

Can there be a gamble of greater sorrow?
Than giving up your childhood,
For some food for tomorrow....
Sameer Daniel Gardner

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My childhood was spent in a distant, golden age
My birth launched the baby boom, when childhood became all the rage
I was one of nature's children, a terror to behold
But I became one of nature's gentlemen, if I may be so bold
Childhood is a wondrous thing, it goes but all too fast
But I got a second chance, and this time I'll make it last

(Prudhoe, Northumberland,2011)
Ron Burn

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Childhood is the stage of Paradise
It is the best and most beautiful life
The innocence of the childhood
Makes all of us to have feelings and pity towards them
Childhood is the most creative stage
Their dreams are notable
The splashes of their golden dreams appear to us
As if they have something precious within them
Z.I. Mahmud

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Hindi Poem by Gulzar
Translated by C.P. Ravikumar

There was this thing,
Tiny and little
We called it childhood.
And in this childhood there was Father,
Truthful and good.
How lovely that binding stood!

There was this thing called childhood.

When flowers beckoned from atop a branch
Too tall for little hands to reach
The miracle of childhood
Provided two hands
To lift and enable the wondrous touch

There was this thing called childhood.

When walking along like this
Taking little steps
He disappeared somewhere along the way.
What remained in the closed tiny fist
Were the petals, now dry
But fragrant still
With the desire to live on.

There was this thing called childhood.

His voice is still on my lips.
And in my breath -
The self-confidence he passed on.
I might meet him some day
On some distant crossroad along my way.
He might ask me if I recollect
The memories of childhood,
Filled with dismay.
Ravikumar C.P.

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Poems On / About CHILDHOOD