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Poems On / About CINDERELLA  7/27/2016 12:11:59 PM
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Illusions Of A Fantasy

Standing in front of the mirror, Cinderella can you see all the things the same way the rest of the world sees? Or is the view so much different from your balcony, or has the lies in your eyes taken your love from thee…Cinderella… Cinderella

A knock on the castle door, a shadow in the night has caused you to question the metal of your knight. So you send him on a quest you both know he can't win, but to prove his love he'll give his life to protect your immortality...Cinderella… Cinderella.

His opponent's spitting fire, but honor is all he sees. When the last blows are delivered he's down on both knees. While miles away your standing, in your balcony. A cry pierces the night that makes it plain to see. As a chill rushes through your body and drives you to your knees; you realize the shadow is a reflection of your own mortality…Cinderella… Cinderella.

Look into your crystal ball and see out through his eyes, the blood stained hands before you clasping the crimson knife. The slain dragon at his feet has taken his only life. This debt he gladly pays to keep you safe tonight. As the blood rushes from his body he longs to hold you tight. As the tears swell in his eyes, his cry pierces the night.
Cinderella… can you hear me Cinderella can you see, the pledge I made thee has brought me to my knees.

Cinderella… can you hear me Cinderella can you see, my heart I gave to keep you warm, my soul to keep you free. Cinderella can you hear me. Cinderella can you see, with my dieing breath I pledge eternally… Cinderella from heaven on high, I'll keep safe and warm tonight.

Cinderella… there's only one true love in every life. The proof you sought has set it free, now all you'll have is memories tonight. Cinderella… Cinderella… once again in the wind, from heaven on high, I'll keep you safe and warm tonight. Cinderella… Cinderella

August 1995
Sir FreeBird Edwards

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I used to think that beauty is for the roses
I used to think that elegance is for the gazelle
Now I discovered that Cinderella is beauty
Now I discovered that Cinderella is elegance

I have seen humility with great height
I have met respect with enormous length
But take it from me; Cinderella is the peak of humility
Yes! Believe me, Cinderella is the end of respect.

I am surely not sinking behind
Neither am I standing by myself
This is not a daydreaming
Certainly, it is not fantasizing

Cinderella, how graceful with your pose
Cinderella, how beautiful with your beauty
Cinderella, how elegant with your steps
Cinderella, how queenly with your look

Cinderella, though black and shining
Is the light in the darkness?
Cinderella, though living and bubbling
Is the dream of any man?

You are the world's greatest, Cinderella
You are like living in the fairly tales
Someone very rare to come by
Only just with a stroke of luck

You beat my imaginations, Cinderella
You confound my expectations, Cinderella
You are a dream come true, Cinderella
Your foot fits the lost shoe, Cinderella
G. Akanji Olaniyi

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If my name was Cinderella
You could be the prince
I could wear my sparkling prom dress
We could fall in love the moment our eyes meet
If my name was Cinderella

If my name was Cinderella
We could have a song
And dance in the silver moonlight
You could hold me tight and spin me in the air
If my name was Cinderella

If my name was Cinderella
You could pick me up
In your gold and diamond carriage
You could be the hero of this fairytale
And I could be the one
If my name was Cinderella

But I can’t breathe, whenever you’re with me.

Can you feel my heartbeat in my chest
It’s getting faster every second
Time slows down, you are better than the best
But would you feel the same
If my name was Cinderella

I can’t breathe
‘Cause I’m not Cinderella
Until you’re here with me
I’m not Cinderella
You touch my lips
I’m not Cinderella
Then you show me with a kiss
That I’m your Cinderella
Loraine Lotter

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Cinderella The Cute Girl.

Cinderella the cute girl
Cinderella the poor girl
The kind full heart there have
The noble thoughts always
Still there were enemies
The poor Cinderella wandered
Chased by the devils
Grace of god protected
Demons made there traps
God saved from dangers
Poor Cinderella have no death
Wandering for well being
Of the living Cinderellas
In countries beyond her reach
Warning to safety ways she cares
Cinderella a symbol of love
Cinderella a sign of hardship
Cinderella a victim always
Still triumphed on her love
Faced the life challenges
And got married to the prince.
Gangadharan nair Pulingat..

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Poems On / About CINDERELLA