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Poems On / About CITY  5/30/2016 5:43:13 AM
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City An Illusion

City, an illusion! City is an illusion, City is just a city...The city, whereyou, me and we liveis same.and that is whyvillages are dear to me.Beautiful, big buildingscivilised English linesprevails thereshining carsmoving to unknown destiny...Big hotelswhere accountablesecret films are played.Busy, too busy citysparks with lightof just single momentsIn blink of entertainments..Yes, its trueCities are beautiful...there is everything...yes, happiness is therebut cities are always sad..City never smiled, City neither rejoiced..WHY? City is an Illusion, Its just a beautiful cagecreated by humanslike us only...
ismael subba

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Tale Of Three Cities

New York blasted London blasted
Singapore -
Ripped off each other's metaphoric balls,
Crumbling walls.

Priapic city monoliths -
Blue-sky scraping bastards -
Shout about their height (but really length) .

V8 arseholes didn't care -
Pumping shit into the air,
So long as they were always there to
Fart aloud a smoggy cloud,
Laughing at the weak asthmatic,
Humoured that it seems traumatic.

Watch the greedy cities oozing
Chair-bound fat committees, though they
Look a bunch of titties as they
Waffle on about the pound.

Ever thought to look around and see
That they were dead?

Copyright Mark R Slaughter 2010

city city city city city city
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Mark R Slaughter

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Citezen Rights Revisited.Docx

Citezen Rights Revisited
You have the right to bend over you must do anything they tell you now you must not fight or cuss or get angry at the perverts or the queers or queens in charge of the citezen rights. The gangs steal things. The cops tell people to leave. The city is dirty a dirty city of love. Corporate city is ant see not see communistic in its view of worms inside the people lives as nothing to the function of the building more important then the people using functions within the soulless city proper is the administration hiding in the 666 in functions and in offices still hidden from the public eye feel like a Protestant hiding in a catholic cemetery in plain cite of the city guards. Eye candle my wick no one shall force me to be criminal eye keep my own council a corporate city makes up its own rules the people the poor the poor people are fools jesting and prancing but no sitting no standing allowed in corporate amerika no homeless allowed to eat inside the money is not green they must not be saved in a plain brown wrapper is the food gone eye will eat the scrounge and found eye am so fond dew will come the snakes will leave my San Antonio for winter comes. Eye will remain a buffoon perhaps iff my toe gets better where eye can walk more miles eye will try to find a dry space on the freeway loop the 410 freeway loops around this city it is perhaps only 5 miles from me every day much too far to walk in my condition is uncertain but eye pray to Saint Jude the Saint of all depression. And looking for the quarter under my willow from the tooth fairy. Texas is short for Hard as.
Charles Hice

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Its Pretty Streets And Roads

All streets and roads remind me Of a pretty love to that old city That gave the whole world the first Alphabets long time ago when the other Parts of the world were unable to write, Its pretty streets extend from the Pretty sea into the pretty mountains That hug and embrace everyone and everything, The American street is in the heart of the Pretty street, The Martyrs' street, Omar Ibn Al-Khattab Street, The Antakya Street, etc. And all the pretty roads that extend from here To there to meet together with all love and beauty, People come and go everyday and the pretty Sun rises from behind the Qala'a Hill and Sets behind the pretty sea continuously, Yaser N.Sari writes about the pretty city and Mary Rashou's novels depicts the great life of The pretty city anytime and anywhere, I used to walk in all its pretty streets and Roads during summertime, wintertime, springtime, and Autumn time near its pretty southern and western Korniches, The sea is the most beautiful thing when I look at its Roaring waves from near Al-Asafiri Restaurant, The city is pretty and all its pretty streets and roads That take me in a short trip when I am tired, The city's people are wonderful and lovely over there All the time with normal life walking near the narrow streets, I remember my friends Ahmad Rami, Mohammad Yousef, George M., And a lot of friends over there, I do remember Al-Batrani Park, and all old mosques and Its pretty churches with people coming and going over there, I do remember Fares swimming club, Rashou Restaurant, My pretty childhood with the pretty city and all my Pretty friends and all my pretty schools here and there, I do remember the goodness and the simplicity of all People over there anytime, anywhere, and everywhere, I am always far from my pretty city, but its pretty love Is engraved in my heart and in my mind for ever.

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