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Poems On / About COURAGE  8/29/2015 1:05:46 AM
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Face The Time With Ciourage

Face the time with courage, my dear,
Only time is trying to cheat you, here.

Master the secrets of life with curiosity
With confidence and in constancy.

You can climb to any heights, my dear,
And you can make your dream comes true.

Face the time with courage, my dear,
And live life like lion at this time.
gajanan mishra

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What You Do Is One Hundred Percent Wrong

The word ' what ' means to ask a big question, The word ' you ' means I talk to someone, The words 'one hundred percent ' means the whole, and
The word 'wrong' means there is something wrong, Yes and a billion of yeses there is a wrong thing, There is an ugly wrong doer who can not stop his atrocities, Before I forget there is the main verb ' do ' which Enables someone to do what he likes anytime and every time. The 'WHAT YOU DO IS ONE HUNDRED PERCENT WRONG.' is my Headline about what someone is doing wrong to others in a wrong way. I swear God that the whole world is watching what you do, But regretfully they keep silent and not caring about the The ugly image of a surrealistic painting on the wall of the Whole humanity and on the silent wall of that silent history. We all cry everyday, every time, anywhere and everywhere For those who suffer, die, complain, and cry for help. What is this world around us? What's wrong with everyone and Everything around us anytime, anywhere, and everywhere? ! It's a shame and a billion of shames on those eyes that can see And can not do anything to save women, kids, men, and a lot! It's wrong to be watching a wrong thing on the wall of history And on the wall of humanity and you can not even utter a word! Hundreds of thousands of women, kids, men, and even animals Died in vain without having anyone cared about their death! Love, beauty, honesty, faith, good, goodness, courage, Manhood, brotherhood, neighborhood, and any word are just Words you find them in your dictionary or in the world's dictionary! Love is merely like a passing cloud in a clear and pretty day, Beauty is just a pretty shape in a nice magazine in a shop, Honesty is just like any word I see people like to mention it, Faith is to have a good intention to do good and to do well, Good and goodness are merely nice words like any other words, Courage is a brilliant word being used in the knights' age, Manhood, brotherhood, and neighborhood are good words to use, and Any other words should be kept in one's pretty and nice book. O my God! O my God! God help us! God help us! God help us! Where are we? Where are we? Where are we? Where are we? We die, we suffer, we complain, we wait, and we perish! It's a clear death and clear genocide in the modern age! SOS! SOS! SOS! SOS! SOS! SOS! SOS! SOS! SOS! SOS! SOS! We have no other choice or other choices, but to die and to go For ever and ever without any chance to go back to life again! Bye, O pretty world! Bye, O pretty world! Bye, O pretty world! Do not forget to write our numbers and our pretty souls on the Ice cubes and keep them as a reminder for the coming generations To know all about what happened to us in a bad time and in a bad Place on the hands of merciless and inhuman people and figures!

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Consumed by never being young again,
Maintaining hope, watching over my men,
With courage, fortitude, I set the trend,
Who knows when my courage will end.

Learning quick to master fear,
No where safe, self-affirmation clear,
Upon this soil, we have fought to save,
Paid with the life-blood of our young and brave.
Philip Lore

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The Battles you face in life are no match for the salvation christ gives us and the courage to face them
Fallen Cowboy

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Poems On / About COURAGE