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Poems On / About COURAGE  8/21/2014 1:17:46 AM
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'My Secret'

You've been told my secret

Not from the words of my lips
I wanted to keep it
Keep it on my finger tips

Wanting to tell you myself

Trying to find my courage
Wondering what are you thinking to yourself
Loosing all of my courage

Leading me far away from you

Slower each day
My eyes want to catch you in my view
Walking past you each day

But I don't won't to stray away

My heart is beating faster
For what I'm about to say
My lips begin to chatter

Chatter with the words in my mind

As I'm telling you my secret
From the words of my lips this time
Now you can keep it... our secret
Amy Lee

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Lack of Courage

Most days I feel
Like I am
Losing so much time
For you to change

Never knowing quite for sure
If it is me or you that must change

Always believed that by
Not moving
Making no decision
Is the same as making one

Wondering if it is due to my lack of strength
Or no courage
To take those hits
That will happen if I choose
To move

Wish I knew if this was truly my choice
Or one made only by lack of my courage
Linda Engwall

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Hit The Road

Hit the road with courage and hope
And learn more ways in life to cope

For weaks not but only brave survive
In this hard and tough days of life

For pleasure and joy, sorrow and pain
All come unexpected like the rain

And make you feel down or blue
And sometimes as bright as the rainbow hue

So pick being happy and enjoy your day
With all life's fun on all possible ways

And learn more waya with life to cope
And the road with courage and hope.
Seema Chowdhury

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Tripped and Falling

From the tremendous blow I received,

This is what I have conceived,

That no matter what obstacle stand in your way,

All it takes is for you to push it away,

Stand straight, head front and keep walking,

Eventually everyone gets what they deserve,

But am I that special to have you,

The person who has the courage to love me for who I am,

And encourage me to be my best,

Is this a test, or am I dreaming,

I pinch myself constantly,

I'm glad I finally got the courage to say yes,

Yes to my happiness...yes to our happiness,

Dreams do come true,

And God answers prayers.
Makada Joseph

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Poems On / About COURAGE