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Poems On / About COURAGE  7/14/2014 5:57:27 AM
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When one is not willing
to face the present hurting.?
Realize the risk one is taking
avoids lifetime of pain, regretting

The courage we really need
to find is buried deep
The courage self be kind
And strength we finally draw
repaints a different law.
Philo Yan

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They hate yourself
And they want you to die

You're writing poetry
But they don't understand

They're asking
What is this?
What does that mean?
What's the matter, man?

Well this is Poetry
And it means what you want

Did you know that everyone can write Poetry?
If you really want it you can become a Poet
But it takes courage

The courage not to hate
Konstantin Plevnes

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The Real Answer

The answer lies deeper
Than the cut of the blade
Your answer is found
in the heart of the brave
That courage is found
In the will to forgive
Courage is found
In the art of your gift
search deep enough
And you will find
Something not worthy
Of leaving behind
Because you, my friend
Should not be afraid
Because you, my friend
are one of the brave

Your life may be surrounded
By purple skies
But you can find the will
To not run and hide
This life you have
must be embraced
Do not run
Stand off face to face

Again and again
Just continue to try
And i promise one day
You'll get your chance to fly
Tamara Puyear

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My Rose

This rose represents you
Represents your beauty
Represents your elegance
And represents your freedom

You are such a rose
Your scent becomes seductive
Your skin becomes silk
And your eyes becomes enchanting

You are such a rose
Your presence inspires greatness
Your presence creates gentlemen out of men
And your presence gives me the courage

The courage to give you this
because you are my rose
Ahmed Elbadri

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Poems On / About COURAGE