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A Crazy Dream

Is it crazy
as a fantasy
To have you leave your job
and family
and leave it all behind
and run to me

Is it crazy
to suddenly dream
without a thought as to why
to imagine happiness
holding hands with you
as we look upon the sky

Is it crazy
to imagine buying an old inn
no matter what shape its in
Somewhere in the mountains of New England
To fix it up as neat as a pin
As a bed and breakfast and let boaders in

Is it crazy
to imagine sitting with you
to lovingly care as I brush your soft hair
To feel blessed that we are together there
in an pastoral life, without worry or care
Just to love you and have you there so we could share

It may be crazy
I don't know why I had this little crazy dream
I never had before, though unusual it may seem
maybe I can wish it on tonights moonbeams
When I dare to think upon it, it somehow gistens and gleams
Such crazy wonderful things are sometimes dreams

Maybe when you look up at the sky tonight
if you feel lonely and feel some emptiness or fright
If you wonder if you have a place you might belong
I may be thinking of you, not aware of right or wrong
From far away, sometimes your gentle care is still felt strong
Imagine being the very words to a lonely heart's love song

I guess I'm been searching in my head
Thinking of all the love poems I've written or read
And along came this crazy dream
Everything was plush and green
and you were my affectionate and loving Queen
And like the stories I read....I carried you to bed

Sometimes its crazy what we dream and think
Even moreso when we put it to ink
I hope you think it not to crazy
and greet it with a knowing wink
Because many a good thing in life that's ever come, it seems
Started first somewhere in gentle dreams

I just can't say who I'm thinking of
I'm not given to forcefulness or push and shove
It's just this; you seem somehow to fit like a calfskin glove
and it seems what we have found could grow into love
If so, we'll know greater joy and grace by God above
Perhaps one day we'll awaken to sparkling dawn by morning dove
wrapped up in the lasting beauty of true love

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Crazzy me?

Am i crazy? .... i wonder,
wearing socks over shoes in thunder..!

Am i crazy? ....i notice,
xeroxing blank sheets in me office..!

Am i crazy? ....i find,
selling mirrors in the town full of blind..!

Am i crazy? ....i feel,
giving love n taking back pain in free..!

Am i crazy? ....i write,
pen without ink..m scribblin jus right..!

Am i crazy? ....ma mom tells,
worst is studyn 11th hour as she yells..!

Am i crazy? ....i eat,
eating water n drinking food to keep maself neat..!

Am i crazy? ...i know,
screaming quietly n talking loudly as ya snore..!

Am i crazy...? ma frnds say..
i jus sing dreams all night even in day..!

so i jus wanna kinda say one thing
u r noh woh m made for if you think

i m me n gonna be one forever..
gonna crazze wiv music luv n life fo sure..

Am i crazy? ? ? m not! ! !

this is just wot a tru freak does....
sejzinn Joshi

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Am I Crazy?

This is a poem that for me elaborates a little about the thought-provoking word ‘crazy’.

Blah, Blah, Blah, the Blah!
Blah, Blah, Blah, the Blah!

They all look at me
With words spelling ‘Crazy’
Stop! Stop! Stop! Am I crazy?

I forever rant my thoughts to my daisy,
She stands in a vase all day playing lazy
Stop! Does this make me crazy?

Blah, Blah, Blah, the Blah!
Blah, Blah, Blah, the Blah!

An adult who still sleeps fondly with a doll
Is usually described ‘a screwball’
Stop! So am I crazy?
So what is crazy?
Talking to yourself alone on the day bus
Walking the street naked without a just cause
Sleeping under your bed daily without giving a toss
Speaking to the mirror, stating you are the boss
shitting in public, wondering why they are making such a fuss
Walking and talking like a man, instead of a lady

This poem is crazy
Stop! So am I crazy?

Blah, Blah, Blah, the Blah!
Blah, Blah, Blah, the Blah!

Ranting away in my new mental home
Doctors have labeled me half-baked
Simply because of a normal mistake
I stopped acting normal
First lost all my pals, labeling me ‘Animal’
When I’m only a meat and fish cannibal
I'm accused of being mentally deranged
Because I shouted in the supermarket
as I was dollar short-changed

They say I’m mentally unstable
Pump me up daily with drugs
While tied to the bed with crazy cables
Now who is the vicious thug?
But my thoughts are still perfectly capable
Of comprehending the new meaning of crazy

What is normal?
What is crazy?
How are we so damn sure, normal is not crazy?

Blah, Blah, Blah, the Blah!
Blah, Blah, Blah, the Blah!
Stop! Stop! Stop! Am I crazy?
Sylvia Chidi

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Crazy Love

Crazy is relative to the beholder—what you find Crazy I find—normal
Am I crazy for loving you the way I do—If so then put me in an institution—
Cause I would rather be crazy in love—than sane and not.
Baby—It takes millions of people to make this world—but only you to make—Mine—This heart of mine has grown so fond of you—am I Crazy in love? If so then lock me up—take my shoe laces—and prescribe me a lifetime of meds—
Cause all the Medicine I need is your touch—your voice—your love!
You are my normal—and I am your crazy—or maybe we are both a little off—
Who cares! If I had to spend one day Sane and not be with you—then baby—
Give me all of your crazy—pour it all over me—I can take it in small doses—
Or all at once—I am not scared! Scars heal and pain stops but living life without
You—being you—the good and the bad—that is the crazy part—I would never
Expect you to be something you are not—so give me your crazy—give me your
Sane—and give me everything in between—cause baby—When the real you
Shines through—that's the part I love the most about you!
Dougie Fresh

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