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Poems On / About CRAZY  2/10/2016 2:41:18 AM
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A Beautiful Dream

It's hard to believe that everything was just a beautiful dream;
That everything would be done just like that, thinking we were too crazy with each other.
But here we are wide awake now we see what is real and not.
All I see that is real is that I love you and I don't know how to live my life in this crazy world without you, not real? Don't wanna say it.
Now asking you; did you ever loved me? Can you live in this crazy world without me?
Now in this point all I want is to be with you every hour, every minute and every second of the day. I just don't wanna wake up in this beautiful dream.
I wish all this is true even if it hurt me. I'll just close my eyes, forget all and continue this beautiful dream.
Aira Lopez

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Crazy For You

I would paint your face on my t-shirt
Every night and day, I will wear it
I would make a crazy poem to blow your mind
Write you a love song with diff'rent things combined
I'm crazy for you
And I don't care
I'm crazy and you
And you...you don't care
Jr. Cuyam

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In a whirlwind of numbness,
there is nothing but madness

this pen is my release,
the ink it is my blood
everything I see and everything I do
haunts my life, my everyday
it tells me I am crazy

Crazy am I,
a young girl who acts on impulse,
who listens to her feelings as thought they are a parent,
or rather a best friend

Crazy am I,
an old woman, who spent her life alone
searching for 'the one'
but finding no one

Crazy am I,
a young boy, who fights for justice
there are no greater oxymorons,
but he does what he is told

Crazy am I,
the Lesbian, confused as what to feel
scared of the reaction of her loved ones,
she hides in shame

Crazy am I,
the killer, who's so fed up with life,
he wishes to take another,
perhaps his beloved wife?

Crazy am I,
the teacher, who devotes his life
to a robot of audiences,
faith is in his nature

Crazy am I,
the poet, who writes these very words
she spends her days deep in thought,
but seems to have no cares

Crazy are we,
these people, who have felt all too much
all here for different reasons, none matter.
the fact remains that we are,
all indeed
rachel kathleen moses

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Ninth Floor Crazy

There is crazy in these walls
The ghosts of crazy past
Will dance tonight on the ninth floor
It sounds absurd
But this was an institution for
The mentally deficient
There’s crazy in these walls
It’s said that their elevator doesn’t go all the way to the top
But it does get stuck on the ninth floor
Can you hear it?
The “ha ha ha “ of insanity
There’s crazy in the walls
Careful it’s catching
It hovers in the air waiting to alight
If you’re susceptible, it could inhabit you
Do you feel overcome?
Have you entered a state of hysteria?
(Are the voices beaconing?)
It could happen to anyone at anytime
On the ninth floor, psychosis reigns freely
Is your brain doing somersaults?
Careful you could find you’ve lost your mind
That’s a crazy of a different kind
Don’t let those voices run wild
There’s crazy in these walls
Stay off the ninth floor
Where the loony ghosts dance gleefully with abandon
“Wack-a-doo to you”, they’ll greet.
“Join the party. Grab a lampshade. You know what to do.”
Now do the opposite: inside out
There are no rules
Just let your mind go
(There it is in the corner.)
To be a member, just check your mind at the door
There’s crazy in the walls
Don your dunce caps and swing from the rafters.
Here on the ninth floor anything goes
Crazy is as crazy does
Let the ghosts overtake you
There’s crazy in these walls
Just listen for the call (of crazy)
The voices know the way to go
Drop your drawers and open all doors
Let the loony free
Stick out your tongue (Nyah, Nyah, Nyah)
Turn a cartwheel and run with scissors (they’re the party favor)
Pull lent from the air and dance the crazy dance
There’s crazy in the walls
We’re violently happy on the ninth floor
At our soiree, there’s no stopping
We party from second to second all day long
Sometimes we stare endlessly into space
It’s just the same for us
The elevator changes directions
Running sideways to the ninth floor
There’s crazy in these walls
Do you hear that?
I do. It’s calling.
Follow the bunny. He’s the DJ.
See the pink elephant on the dance floor
Asking the DJ to play some more
They know the score and just don’t care any more
Wear your aluminum hats
So “they” don’t get in
“Cuckoo to you too. That’s where it flew.
There’s crazy in these walls
Welcome to the ninth floor
How do you plea?
Crazy so let me be.
For I dance the role dementedly
Let me prance in circles
Back and forwards endlessly
Round and round
I don’t mind the deficiency
It’ frees the mind for other pursuits
Insanity is the aim
Thanks just the same
There’s crazy in my walls
Welcome to the ninth floor
There’s a party for the insane
The ghosts tango a tangled web of tunie loons
That reigns supreme
That’s where our elevator goes
If you find your way here,
Leave your mind at the door
At our party, we expect nothing more
Because there’s crazy in our walls
derrick foster

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