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Gang Life

gang life is crazy! getting shot at and losing your family. red, blue, and all those colors are what people stay true to. red is the color of our blood, when it comes out but some people say we should put this red to bed. blue is what some stay true to. we try to put this crazy life to an end and stop the violence, but so many are getting sucked in! we join for protection, so we don't get hurt. it's like our 2nd family so no one gets hurt.
-baby cc
carmen cook

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Kerouac Says Call Me

jfk and martin luther and martin luther king, they all had something in common you see, they all had themselves a queen. but if its not of hearts than you wont win, cause diamonds are forever but i wont see yours again. and tom jones never wrote me back or gave me the shillings he owed. so ill ask henry feilding to die again so i can finally shut my door. no ones been drinkin, and the milky ways been spilled, so ill order another coffee and pray that this one kills. so call me crazy, or call me sad just call me tonight. remind me of what we had. tell me your not lyin, with that hooptie you call a cad, alike the saints who march in sin tell me you love me again and again. tell me you love me again and again. 
jfk and martin luther and martin luther king, all died last night in my wonderful dream and theyd be rollin over if they knew that the world hadnt even started sleepin to start fufillin thier dreams. and no ones been drinkin, the milky way spilled, i order another coffee and pray that it kills, you can call me crazy, or you can call me mad, just call me tonight im hangin like a chad, and tell me you hate me, just one last time. 
Daniel Cook

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Misty eyes and laughs with sobs-it is never easy. The last day together, last time for laughter in person. It makes my heart break. You were always there for me, you listened and helped whenever you could. Every time I cried, you helped me to smile again. Thank you so much. You opened my eyes when I saw grey; you added the color to my world. You walked in when the rest walked out. You were the sunshine to my summer. I’m always going to miss you, and I know that I will never forget you. You’re too amazing and crazy. Maybe that’s what brought us together? I’ll never forget that first day of 6th grade, all those crazy memories that we look back on. No body else understands me the way you did. You knew all about me and I knew all about you. You could never tear a friendship like that apart. I love you and will miss you always.
TayTay Leota

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Missing Part

Missing part missing my heart missing my soul miss u like crazy I was afraid u would hurt me like I have got hurt in the past so I ran I ran cause I was afraid. Afraid to love u so strongly thinking I would run u away from like I have don't people in the past. I been told I'm to much I care to much I love tσ much it like people are afraid for someone to show them real love there so use to someone hurting them they can't see when there is someone really there trying to care for them and its hurtful that I can't never find a person that can love me the same. Scared to commit to one person scared that the person won't be able to do what two can scared that they will get tired of just one it crazy that people sEe things that way and it hurtful that us good woman has to go things like this. Hurt by the ones we love the most scared to love another cause we are afraid that we will get hurt again, but what we need to do as woman is forgive the ones that hurt us and move on let it all go. Go out and have fun and left god bring that missing part of your life back send u a good man or a woman back to your life and don't hurt this person over the things that has hurt u in love this person an treat this one like u won't to be treated.
taquita emery

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