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Poems On / About CRAZY  8/21/2014 8:56:12 PM
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I Dreamed A Crazy Wonderful Dream

Dreaming of you last night
You were there in my sight
It was a dream but nerveless
In all of the crazy and insanity
That the dream of a crazy me has
It was amazing I did not want to leave
You were there and there
Was no questioning reality
No madder what was in it
No madder how obscure
All that mattered to me
Is that you were here
And you were right there
Going nowhere
You and me and the crazy things
Of my dreams
A un-reality
I Am Here

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Two worlds

Two worlds

Lucky is crazy
Crazy is lucky
I am sure that.

Are all bull

They are distanced from love
That's my drink, jazz or rock

Let me be crazy
Let's get lost
With Daisy and Nancy
With Khayyam
Jars of wine
Then Bible and Torah
Avesta and Koran

Let's forget world, science
Whatever talks commerce

Let me have sheepskin
One as seat, one cover

Let me be a dervish
A Sufi; or Buddhist

Cold winter, hot summer
I'm happy with one bean

At the end when I die
Throw me anywhere
Into the sea or desert
Nassy Fesharaki

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Yes, they are honourables
Yet they are crazy
Crazy for violence
Using the hallow chambers as rings
Exchanging in fistcuffs
Like Hogan Bassey and Dick Tiger
They are skilful in the 'Rambo art'
Than the real hero actor

Yes, they are distinguish legislators
Yet methink they are insane
They are as brutal as demon
Brutal against each other
Brutal against the citizens
They have no mercy for peace
With their retinues of thugs
They kill, maim and destroy
Yet they claim to be democrats
Where are the true democrats
These ones are demon-crazy
Babatunde Aremu

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Fire inside me flames now
shadows of my thoughts dance
wild and crazy, drunk
spirit plays music
of water, soil, of air and fire -
I am disappearing in abyss
challenging eternity to tear upon
my happiness, emotions
are spinning as a couple of crazy
dancing shadows of my fire.

For who I am, how will I know
where to rest my flying horses?
I belong everywhere,
pity the tiresome carrier of eyerywhereness!

my body spins around your sense
teasing my own habits for a joy of silent look,
crazy shadows will dance even harder.
Amer Jag

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