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Roses are black, violets are too, what did I say? What did I do? To lose you the way I did, God forbid. Why did I lose you like that? Was it my looks? My personality? You said to look at reality, we come from different worlds you and I, please don't cry! It just has to be, we couldn't work you and me. I still think it was my looks, that I wasn't your true beauty, that you thought of me as ugly, cruel, and maimed. You thought of me as psychotic isn't that the truth? Man I'm crazy, but I'm crazy in love for you. Don't you see? There's a bridge crossing from your world to you, to my world, to me. We could have worked out if you let it, but I think you feared how deeply we connected. Now when you see me, I look unrested, see? I've been crying for you- you broke my heart and you tore us apart. And now, every time I look at you I want to tell you that I still care, I still care about you....
Sarah Jane Massie

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To Them I'M Crazy

I’m a crazy woman. To them I’m crazy. Obsessed with my anger. They think it chokes me in my sleep, it oozes as I walk, leaving a trail of disgust in my path. But this anger is who I am. What I must be. It cannot be left in a corner, forgotten, like letters of the past covered in dust. This is my story and I will not forget. The hurt and the pain. The struggle and shame. Because if I forget no one will remember. No one will know or be there to tell this story. Anger. It isn’t a story of anger. But it’s a story of transformation. Of holding my anger, like a cherished organ, understanding that without this anger, I would not be this soon-to-no-longer-be lost girl. With anger oozing in her path. With change in her horizon. I would be the masses that for too long have been too helpless to leave. They lost they’re anger. Lowered their heads when they were told they shouldn’t want more. They should be happy with what they have. But I will not forget. I will always know. And that is what drives me.
Lupita Hernan

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Gang Life

gang life is crazy! getting shot at and losing your family. red, blue, and all those colors are what people stay true to. red is the color of our blood, when it comes out but some people say we should put this red to bed. blue is what some stay true to. we try to put this crazy life to an end and stop the violence, but so many are getting sucked in! we join for protection, so we don't get hurt. it's like our 2nd family so no one gets hurt.
-baby cc
carmen cook

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Kerouac Says Call Me

jfk and martin luther and martin luther king, they all had something in common you see, they all had themselves a queen. but if its not of hearts than you wont win, cause diamonds are forever but i wont see yours again. and tom jones never wrote me back or gave me the shillings he owed. so ill ask henry feilding to die again so i can finally shut my door. no ones been drinkin, and the milky ways been spilled, so ill order another coffee and pray that this one kills. so call me crazy, or call me sad just call me tonight. remind me of what we had. tell me your not lyin, with that hooptie you call a cad, alike the saints who march in sin tell me you love me again and again. tell me you love me again and again. 
jfk and martin luther and martin luther king, all died last night in my wonderful dream and theyd be rollin over if they knew that the world hadnt even started sleepin to start fufillin thier dreams. and no ones been drinkin, the milky way spilled, i order another coffee and pray that it kills, you can call me crazy, or you can call me mad, just call me tonight im hangin like a chad, and tell me you hate me, just one last time. 
Daniel Cook

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