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Tiffany Howard

Tiffany, Great friend, Fighter, and a little crazy. She will stay by you through anything, and teach you through personal experiences, that has helped her. She may have her faults and her imperfections, but that's what makes her Tiffany. Yes, she is crazy, she will turn your head around with her ways, but its all for the better. Tiffany, my shoulder to cry on, who will tell me they aren't the one and to move on. We help each other through thick and thin, by using what we personally went through. She is one of my best friends and one who knows whats going on. I love my Tiffany, and wouldn't trade her for the world.

(Date: 11-4-08)
(Time: Panther Period)
Charlie Helms

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The Devil Came To Earth When Adolf Hitler Took Power

It was 1933 when (Adolf Hitler) took power ''no'' one was safe from his mighty distruction, with a crazy doctor named (Dr. Josef Mengele) he made his deduction of people on earth. The (Swastika) was his sign and symbel, his flag that stood for the Nazi party, but nothing honerable in the eye's of God! . ''Using'' crazy experiments on innocent souls and children of all age's i hear, being ripped from their families them pushed aside, to live in poverty at a death camp and then die the angels in heaven surely did cry! . Treated worse then a animal and made to suffer terrible thing's like the worst of nightmares in a terrible dream. Fathers, Mothers, Wife's, Daughters, Brothers, Sisters, like no other human's were slottered! . ''These'' people died when the devil touched down and stole the joy everyone once found in Germany, the angels weeped and cried! . ''Trying'' to make the perfect germanic race (Hitler) took out almost a whole race! . ''He'' loaded the Jewish people on stock car's made for horses and cattle and shipped those people off all round the world, to (Aushawitz) and also to (Terblinka) . ''What'' was he thinking, who could be so cruel, to any human being out in what we call the world! . ''Blue'' eye's and blond hair was what (Hitler) called the perfect ''race'', but how could he do the thing's he did, and look into a mirror and not see the devils face, and him standing ''there'', ''stairring'' right back at him! . ''for'' when (Hitler) took power the whole world ''cried'', ''people'' died in vain, and ''hell'' found earth, and earth distruction, and that is when (Adolf Hitler) made his finel deduction! .
Nicole Magincalda

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All Because...

Wind explodes the sun-down energetic life in the dark sad cemetery/ the sky melts hugging words/ disappears/ mad dark suffering in the shallow mind/ sky full with your desire/ grab time/ inside the fourth image of slow summer, the end comes with falling leaves/ in tastes touch bedroom /wind in garden when meltdowns are enthusiastic/ you’re sitting gracefully, warmly/ meltdown hypnotic- and crazy gorgeous sad feeling/ honestly, Dark waves and rainstorm wash away the bright sky/ skin ends/ mind, all bright with precious love/ the summer shaking dreamy thoughts in which color is walking over reality, over sad silent ground, hoping/ remember the cries/ sad streets/ your existence kissing light/ gorgeous reality sugar/ bedroom disappears/ happy wild motion whisper, her lazy desire/ bedroom love while she touches and you explode/ kissing- Taste- holding life/ The happy beyond/ you’re here on the water while trees sit smiling/ she glows and the sugars sad sweet kissing- Taste- heat imagine Dark cemetery/ you’re in there enthusiastically/ sparkling me/ motion whisper, beyond your love against silver: float to before/ beautiful, this heaven outcome, warm life ends, fades to silver/ crazy gentle twilight, sun-down silently your dimension in wind, joyously kissing beauty/ amazing In floating peace, identifying motion whisper, float alive/ Dark hand- flashing brain/ talking bright tastes, in illusions/ the heat hand- flashing from you silently in wild dreams of Love/ existence color of summer (me overjoyed, smiling) And imagine sleep/ All zooming away/ lazy winds explosions of brain/ dreamy life/ lazy happy/ the outcome is me/ existence ends in the ground, the mind/ All because something floating Star-bright in precious color/
J Knight

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Porque Vocκ Me Amou

Porque vocκ me amou
Once that I was crazy about you
And I felt that that you were crazy about me
But that was just for a while
Aldo Kraas

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