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Poems On / About CRAZY  9/20/2014 8:59:58 AM
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if You Think I'm Crazy

If you think i'm crazy
You should meet my friend
When my madness it is over
She continues to the end
I stand there open speechless
And wondering at times
Whether it is me or she or it
Who have lost their minds
If you think i'm crazy
Then i'd ask you for a while
To put false dreams behind you
And take the time to smile
For if you think i'm crazy
Then there's only one thing left
To reassure your sanity
And always always let
The providence of madness
Strike deep inside your core
For in a mad mad mad mad world
Who could want for more?
David Keig

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Do You Think I'm Crazy Doc???

Do you think I'm crazy doc?
cause the disparity with what I learned
versus what I know...oft times causes me
great internal conflict and strife?
Do you think I'm crazy doc?
cause I just don't get what it is to be quote-
unquote "normal" in America today?
Do you think I was sent to the Planet Earth
as a severe form of punishment this lifetime???
or...Do you think I'm crazy...doc???
Micheline Birger

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crazy crush! !

Wht a crazy crush
I know u can't b mine
Nor I can b urs
We never mingled the love
But my heart misses a thing

Turning my happiness to mourning
U r on my mind
Drilling my heart away
Wht a crazy crush

U were nevr my ideal
Nor my love
Messd up with u wrongly
Datsy I know the bitter fact
We r not made for each other

But my heart misses a thing
thats a thought of u
Reminding the deep touch to my soul
Messd up wrongly ofcourse
Wht a crazy crush
Somia Race

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My Crazy Life

I live my crazy life
and kill my ex with a knife
I am a prisoner in my own flat
and want to forget
all these stupid lies
in my crazy life.

I live again in my crazy life
now there's a surprise
there's another you and me
I can be free
I take a breath
and calm myself
I don't want to cry
I just take your hand and fly
into the sky.
Kathrin Peters

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