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Poems On / About CRAZY  11/28/2015 2:08:50 PM
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Lost It

You had it one minute but lost in the next?
Crazy huh? Yeah I guess so.
It's crazy how far a drive can take you like your reaching for a goal, you turn into this hound smelling for anything. It is a need, a want to have and keep everything you do have. So you have'nt found it yet but always keep searching until you get it right or filled your need. Then when you find it, give it to me!
Sara Lane

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Somebody Tell Me Why

Why is it that people never value what they have when they have it? but rather kill themselves over when they dont have it? Have you ever wonder how someone can tell you they love you but hurt you everyday, and the simple things you ask them to do they cant seem to accomplish those things....its funny because people say love will make you do the craziest things....Well i must be crazy because i keep asking a person for something i cant seem to get-and thats to love me the way i love them.....Remember the saying when you let something go and it comes back then it was meant to be...my question is what if its you that comes back? ...what does that mean....sometimes pride can be set aside for something you believe in...and sometimes mistakes can been forgiven if its truly a mistake....but if it keeps happening does it then still counts as a mistake...how can you believe a person when they say that they love you when they cant even tell you why...do you believe a person that says they want to spend their life with you when they are afraid of opening up to you....how long should you give a person a chance to redeem themselves with you when the same reason you two are not together replays itself day after day...even worse than before...tell me what do you do when you have to tell a person the things they are not doing...hell tell me this people does a person really love you when they dont even do the smallest things as to asking you how was your day, or how was your sleep last night, or saying i miss you, even gets to the point where you have to tell them how to say emotions to you; moreover tell them when to say i love you...or is it just me for being crazy telling a person when to tell me they love me somebody tell me why this story is about someone and me...now you tell me if me & this person is meant to be or if they really love me as they think?
Queen Taz

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The Things I Love

there are things in this crazy world
things that i love
there are many things in this crazy world
like a beautiful blue dove.
JMoney Baldwin

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Gang Life

gang life is crazy! getting shot at and losing your family. red, blue, and all those colors are what people stay true to. red is the color of our blood, when it comes out but some people say we should put this red to bed. blue is what some stay true to. we try to put this crazy life to an end and stop the violence, but so many are getting sucked in! we join for protection, so we don't get hurt. it's like our 2nd family so no one gets hurt.
-baby cc
carmen cook

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