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Poems On / About CRAZY  3/5/2015 8:33:19 AM
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Religion Fanatical

Crazy Muslims
would cut off everyone's heads.
Crazy Christians
would lock half of America up
thinking something weird
about what Jesus wouldn't do.
Crazy Jews
spend all their money
on terrorism
then drive the Palestinians
to commit stupid acts of
then tear their houses down,
running advertisements in America
about how for twenty five dollars
you can feed a starving Jew.
Is It Poetry

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I Dreamed A Crazy Wonderful Dream

Dreaming of you last night
You were there in my sight
It was a dream but nerveless
In all of the crazy and insanity
That the dream of a crazy me has
It was amazing I did not want to leave
You were there and there
Was no questioning reality
No madder what was in it
No madder how obscure
All that mattered to me
Is that you were here
And you were right there
Going nowhere
You and me and the crazy things
Of my dreams
A un-reality
I Am Here

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Too me

Too young to be old
too old to be young
in the middle of time
like a rose unsprung

Too serious to be fun
too crazy to be sane
too sane to be put
in the crazy lane

Too me to be weird
too weird to be normal
too childish to be classy
in clothes so formal

Too lazy to be sporty
too mother to be lazy
but I am me, both
sane and a heck of crazy
Iselin Steinsto

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Love Is Crazy

I never thought that love was going to come me
This girl comes up to me and tells me love is nothing
With out somebody
She kiss me I thought she was crazy I said she crazy
She crazy she kiss me
love was coming to me
by: luis chavez
Javier Chavez

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Poems On / About CRAZY