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Poems On / About CRAZY  9/22/2014 1:12:33 AM
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Sweet Hatred

To love this lady
you must be very crazy
dreams can die
hearts can fly
everything can go awry
but hey gotta try
To love this lady
you must be very crazy
roses become daises
love fades or linger
sing a sweet song to her
defazed or deferred
You must be crazy
to love this lady
and fool her wounded heart
Cynthia Sok

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Sanity's all about location, location, location.

: : Not so much a poem as a realization..: :

You never know how crazy you are
Until you can step out
And see yourself in a normal light
And once you get used to it,
Go back to the life you once lived
Test how long until you snap.
When taken away from the threat to your sanity,
Your endurance grows weak.
Becoming crazy is a simpler thing,
More threatening than ever before
Your once crazy is merely a joke
Your mind's state now is a death sentence
Once you can escape to the normal nonthreatening light,
Never turn around, never go back.
something changing

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Innocent People

Innocent people
were slained
by someone who
was crazy and who
was also to blame and
his parents must
be ashamed
he was a loner
that's what they
say nobody
talked to him
that's why he went
crazy 32 lives were
taken including his
own amongst them 3
great teachers It's
crazy today that
we have to resort to so much
violence one day
we will meet these people again but
until then Virginia Tech has angels
watching over them.
Perry Williams

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Walls Come Tumbling Down

I've driven around your block so many times
chasing myself in circles
lost, screaming, raving, raging like a crazy person
honking, endangering myself and others
did you hear me?
i cussed at an old lady
i refused to ask for directions
i flipped of a jerk with his
stereotypical loud stereo
he wanted attention,
so i gave it to him

it took me forever to find your house
it took me a while to remember
because i guess i'm just stupid

if you want me to drive around for
7 days and then honk my horn
i'd do it
i'd listen to you
you make me crazy
you make me so crazy
Justin Tang

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Poems On / About CRAZY