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Poems On / About CRAZY  12/18/2014 11:19:04 AM
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Fire inside me flames now
shadows of my thoughts dance
wild and crazy, drunk
spirit plays music
of water, soil, of air and fire -
I am disappearing in abyss
challenging eternity to tear upon
my happiness, emotions
are spinning as a couple of crazy
dancing shadows of my fire.

For who I am, how will I know
where to rest my flying horses?
I belong everywhere,
pity the tiresome carrier of eyerywhereness!

my body spins around your sense
teasing my own habits for a joy of silent look,
crazy shadows will dance even harder.
Amer Jag

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the cloud that rolled in

the fog on the grey
matter, it should
maybe it's me and
i shouldn't, or don't
either way i teeter
totter, on the edge
i see the pit, the
bottom, or so i
think, maybe
somedays it gets to me
i'm crazy, maybe
i know i can't clear
my head, crazy
all the things
i've see, said
but i'm not sure
the fog, i've said
the cloud that rolled
in, on me and me
i don't, or shouldn't
i don't, i don't
know, maybe
it's me, i'm crazy
Shannon Michelle

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Sanity's all about location, location, location.

: : Not so much a poem as a realization..: :

You never know how crazy you are
Until you can step out
And see yourself in a normal light
And once you get used to it,
Go back to the life you once lived
Test how long until you snap.
When taken away from the threat to your sanity,
Your endurance grows weak.
Becoming crazy is a simpler thing,
More threatening than ever before
Your once crazy is merely a joke
Your mind's state now is a death sentence
Once you can escape to the normal nonthreatening light,
Never turn around, never go back.
something changing

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An ode for my love ii

Deeply into intoxication of you
Blinded in your feeling
Tips and tipsy
Everything swings
Except you

Every vain of mine
Carry your drop of memory
From brain to heart
Every part
Sings a song for you
Crazy crazy
I am crazy
Going for you...

Its a love
Intoxication of your love
O my love
I am in love with you
can feel the melody of your heart
All the time
O my love
binod bastola

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Poems On / About CRAZY