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Poems On / About CRAZY  7/25/2014 1:21:18 PM
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I get so crazy sometimes,

I feel again I know,
I lost all sense of myself,
I had so many big Ideas
but I always sit on the couch,
In just think and think about things,
that make me crazy

Pacing in circles like something caged
but I am free I just dont know where to go,
Im lost Im lost,

so somebody find me something
somwhere worth doing,
I am here crazy and alone,
I miss the girl I used to be,
but shes to far gone,

that me is out of reach
in this me
gets so crazy sometimes,
i sit here on the couch n think
I think how things used to be,
N I try not to drink.
BladesongRaven Gehrig

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Crazy Things Are Happening

Weird And Crazy,
Thats What's Happening,
All Around Us,

Every time I turn,
On my tv,
On The News,
Just like I said,
Weird and crazy,
I just can't stand it.

Theres crimes,
And rapes
Crazy right,
Just as I said.

How could they do such things.
Arthur Torres

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Sanity's all about location, location, location.

: : Not so much a poem as a realization..: :

You never know how crazy you are
Until you can step out
And see yourself in a normal light
And once you get used to it,
Go back to the life you once lived
Test how long until you snap.
When taken away from the threat to your sanity,
Your endurance grows weak.
Becoming crazy is a simpler thing,
More threatening than ever before
Your once crazy is merely a joke
Your mind's state now is a death sentence
Once you can escape to the normal nonthreatening light,
Never turn around, never go back.
something changing

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Love Is Crazy

I never thought that love was going to come me
This girl comes up to me and tells me love is nothing
With out somebody
She kiss me I thought she was crazy I said she crazy
She crazy she kiss me
love was coming to me
by: luis chavez
Javier Chavez

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Poems On / About CRAZY