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Poems On / About CRAZY  10/31/2014 4:04:26 AM
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I Must be Crazy..Am I?

I Must be Crazy..Am I?

I was looking for my eyeglasses
Thought i have to go upside down
And not to pick it up
In a normal way
but my knees just wobble
I dont wanna dilly dabble
Think i must be crazy..am i?

My neighbors just laugh at me, he he he
Seeing me in this position
Nahh, dont mind really
I am comfortable here swinging down
They think i must be crazy
and so am i. LOL.
Meggie Gultiano

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How Do I Say

How do I say my emotions 2 u
How do I say that I want 2 b there
n help u wit wat ever ur goin' through
How do I say that I want 2 b real
How do I say that I'm crazy 4 u
Crazy was, crazy still
Until the end of time
I won't know how 2 say this
so I'll ay it like this
I love u wit all my heart
n I want u 2 b mine
Apollo Chandler

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Walls Come Tumbling Down

I've driven around your block so many times
chasing myself in circles
lost, screaming, raving, raging like a crazy person
honking, endangering myself and others
did you hear me?
i cussed at an old lady
i refused to ask for directions
i flipped of a jerk with his
stereotypical loud stereo
he wanted attention,
so i gave it to him

it took me forever to find your house
it took me a while to remember
because i guess i'm just stupid

if you want me to drive around for
7 days and then honk my horn
i'd do it
i'd listen to you
you make me crazy
you make me so crazy
Justin Tang

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Crazy Man! !

I see a crazy man by the door,
He is old and worn.
He wears a blanket over his head,
Likes to be unknown.
He looks up and above,
Glancing far and wide,
He is the man everyone frights.
I see a crazy man by the door,
And out of sight.
He yells and screams till dawn,
And retreats once we are gone.
For he is the crazy man I see by the door every night.
medvilv v...

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Poems On / About CRAZY