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Halfway Between Crazy

The beauty of time echoing my rhymes the poet with the philosophical crazy mind rewinding the second hand of passionate time's indicative throughout the history of time's. My word's hold dimensions of futures time with a poetic chime. The essence of intellectual beauty the resilience of a crazy mind. Spiritual licks playing tricks with the word's that I rhyme all in the physics of a new time. Wicked Romancer the prancing Prince of wickedness most conspicuous with the wicked genetics of three in wickertree. Baffling the beauties in my bungalow with the beauty of my poetic chines dancing to poetry's new Rhymes in rhythm of setting a new pace in wicked line's.

Fruitful wisdoms walking through life's angelic orchards of wizardry like phrases catching life's philosophical catch phrases. Humbling harmony tip toeing the crooked line with a wavering wager of a peaceful drunken stagger a personality what swagger like Marvelous Marvin Hagler that's my swagger in line's. Settling compromises of sentiments in orchestrated symphonies of life's musical harmonies. My destiny is anything but ordinary extraordinary scripts changing the world one word at a time. Writing about life's fascinating crazy mind, splitting youth's fountain into half way house's with spiritual wit's playing with tasty bits of formal dines taste the wine of a staggering line. A Mythic of monumental proportions of bravery, seductive productive of computational procedures in lines scripts of fascinating Rhymes. The only vehicle of world's transformation is the crazed thinking of prolific mind's hovering pandering the crazy mind's to the philosophy of a philosophical personal fee.

Underneath the nights bright lights a star's swagger the essence of beauty a cherished personality.
Prolific mind hovering around pandering wasting no time catching the essence of intellectual beauty.

Hall marking the distinguishing essence of intellectual resilience becoming the hallmark of brilliance lighting the beauty of a personality with swagger.
Cherishing life's intellectual logos marking earth's seasonal premier.

Philosophical philosophy of a crazy mind pandering the crazed thinking of capital in prophets of a profitable time. To life's astrology of star's aligning in futures designs to dimensions of an era of passionate passions in life's limited time. Igniting the flames desire of futures fortunes burning the pasts misfortunes of the mislead.

Fame hovering around the star's fortunes interpretations of times to hold & unfold. Lyrically bold leaving the past in the cold as histories passions of the old.

?U N I V € R S € ?
INT€R »°O ? N S £ € F°« CONN€T€D
Pen's broadcasting name
#intellectual #property #rights #reserved
? #poet #poetry #Wicked #Romancer??
Terrance Upham

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Maybe Were Crazy

I am invisible,
Yet, you can see me,
But I am transparent,
Or maybe not,
Maybe I'm crazy,

Maybe its the ignorants that let you see through me,
Maybe you can't and I'm imagining that,
Or maybe I'm just crazy,

But that's only one possibility,
Maybe you seeing me is only in my mind,
Or maybe I just think I'm Invisible,
Maybe I'm just crazy and transparent in my mind,

If it was easy to understand the question,
Maybe I could answer but if I may ask,
Are you crazy,
Em I here at all,
Or are you just crazy hoping that I'm here,

Just maybe,
Just maybe
Shadrach Knight

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Crazy....! ! !

Im writing this poem
becoz im going crazy
thinking about him
n when i dont see him
i go crazy
when hes around
i go crazy again
but its a nice kind of craziness
i dont ever want to get out of
i wonder if he comes to know..
will he care back..
will he share my craziness
and be mine?
this ill never know bcoz
im scared, i dont know of what
im going crazy wishin he'd know
im goin crazy wishin he wouldnt
if only he could hear my heart
im his to keep...4ever.
Dallie jfd

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As crazy as life is
and lifes pretty crazy
sunshine shining
I feel crazy lately
who nails and who sits
upon that cross
Who cheers three cheers
for loved ones we'ved lost
who stares at thier soul
whos soul stares back
who holds their emotions
when they dont know no facts
whos crazy like me
whos crazly craddleing crazyness lately
who is but who we are true, true and true
I doubt im as crazy not crazier than you.

Tyler Stafford

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