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Poems On / About CRAZY  10/25/2014 1:18:34 AM
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if You Think I'm Crazy

If you think i'm crazy
You should meet my friend
When my madness it is over
She continues to the end
I stand there open speechless
And wondering at times
Whether it is me or she or it
Who have lost their minds
If you think i'm crazy
Then i'd ask you for a while
To put false dreams behind you
And take the time to smile
For if you think i'm crazy
Then there's only one thing left
To reassure your sanity
And always always let
The providence of madness
Strike deep inside your core
For in a mad mad mad mad world
Who could want for more?
David Keig

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Sweet Hatred

To love this lady
you must be very crazy
dreams can die
hearts can fly
everything can go awry
but hey gotta try
To love this lady
you must be very crazy
roses become daises
love fades or linger
sing a sweet song to her
defazed or deferred
You must be crazy
to love this lady
and fool her wounded heart
Cynthia Sok

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Once Again

Oh regression and obsession
Such depression. Weren't you guessing?

That I'd fall back
Into this track

And become crazy once again

All the pain caused by my huge flaws
Its hard to pause when sadness sinks its claws

Into my mind
And I always find

That I am crazy once again

This downward spiral's almost viral
Near suicidal and it's vital

Someone sees me
Someone saves me

From going crazy once again.
Sally Knox

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Am Going Crazy (And Every One Knows)

Am going crazy
And I know that
Trying to act normal
While every one knows there is some thing wrong
I can hear them whispering
Saying that girl is crazy
So by acting normal I was just fooling my self
I never knew what normal is
And I believe no one in this world dose
So we all are crazy some how
aliyah aliyah

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Poems On / About CRAZY