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Poems On / About CRAZY  7/22/2014 6:54:10 PM
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Yes, they are honourables
Yet they are crazy
Crazy for violence
Using the hallow chambers as rings
Exchanging in fistcuffs
Like Hogan Bassey and Dick Tiger
They are skilful in the 'Rambo art'
Than the real hero actor

Yes, they are distinguish legislators
Yet methink they are insane
They are as brutal as demon
Brutal against each other
Brutal against the citizens
They have no mercy for peace
With their retinues of thugs
They kill, maim and destroy
Yet they claim to be democrats
Where are the true democrats
These ones are demon-crazy
Babatunde Aremu

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spurred by longing
pushed by delusions
head is in a spin-
not crazy

outside calm
yet somehow
hyperventilating on the inside
i'm not crazy

block you out in my head
pretend you don't exist
don't you wish?
i swear.
i'm not crazy

January 20,2009
Vi Lanflagle

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you got me outta of my litlle mind
you also got me going crazy
got my head spinning around
got me going crazy

got me acting a fool
my movment goes away
wanna know why
got me going crazy
mariah mcpherson

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Am I Crazy

Am i crazy or is this love,
or maybe i am dreaming,
of something that is not there,
when you take my hand,
i wonder if it is love or lust,
when you look in my eyes,
is it genuine?
at times i dream at night,
of you telling me you love me,
but maybe i am crazy,
and if at all i am,
i am crazy in love with you.
ruguruw nerima

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Poems On / About CRAZY