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Nude Girls And Their Photogrphs, Is This Modern Culture?

Is it modern culture to
Unclothe and denude?
Where are we going to
With our nude photographs?
Have we gone blue
With the blue films?
Do we want to import
The bar culture?
Bijay Kant Dubey

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The Choice

PLAGUE take the dull and dusty town,
Its paved and sordid mazes,
Now Spring has trimmed her pretty gown
With buttercups and daisies!

With half my heart I long to lie
Among the flowered grasses,
And hear the loving leaves that sigh
As their sweet Mistress passes.

Through picture-shows I make my way
While flower-crowned maids go maying,
And all the cultured things I say
That cultured folk are saying.

For I renounce Spring's darling face,
With may-bloom fresh upon it:
My Mistress lives in Grosvenor-place
And wears a Bond-street bonnet!
Edith Nesbit

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C’est quoi un mélange,
L’eau et l’huile ne se mélange t elles pas?
Faisons un tour chez la maîtresse de sauce,
Une sauce, un mélange d’eau et d’huile,
Tout se mélange,
Mais tout paraît bien différent,
Parlons de la culture,
L’homme africain, avec sa culture,
L’homme blanc avec la sienne,
Ce deux modes de vies,
On en fait qu’une même histoire,
L’homme blanc et l’homme noir,
Que faut il réellement mélanger,
L’homme mélange tout en fait,
L’eau et l’huile,
Le chaud et le froid,
La vie n’est faite que de mélange,
kafun lady

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Love unites cultures, families and friends,
Love unites traditions from generations past,
Our connection provides union and respect that is timeless,
Love unites cultures, families and friends :)

Love unites special childhood friends,
Love unites nurturing relationships that have helped us grow.
Our hearts embrace the beautiful memories that have empowered us,
Love unites special childhood friends :)

Love unites passionate people who help,
Love unites our compassion and sympathy for others,
Our caring actions and encouraging words spark inspiration,
Love unites passionate people who help :)

Love unites everyone and everything always,
Love unites all life effortlessly,
Our awareness expands as we embrace our intimacy everywhere,
Love unites everyone and everything always :)
Paul Jensen Jr

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