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Best Poems About / On CULTURE
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Culture and nature
Are poles apart
The war torn sky
Unhinges the individual
To look up and look down
Always on the way
Happy or dismayed
Flattering himself
Or the other
Cry for indulgence
To his mother.

(karnailsingh Heranwale)
Karnail Singh Heirwale

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Latest Drugs On The Street

sacred drugs of society
changing with cultures
throughout cultures
throughout history

cave men were stoners
rocking in religious trances
sound light colour visions
check blown pigment hands

magic mushrooms
sacred in ancient Egypt
belladonna mandrake
hashish mescaline

opium cannibus
marijuana cocaine

alkaloids in ergot
ergotamine ergonovin
lysergic acid used
in the synthesis

of hallucinogen LSD

names of lost legendary
cults soul search dedicated
to religious trance producing
hallucinogenic vision effects

drugs are release endemic
to the human condition
a truly global phenomena
I take mine as coffee not tea

drugs keep the world going
Starbucks supply a selected fix
Elizabethan coffee house fad
reborn in new world origin
enables the world to steam on

medicated generics
allow less stable
less healthy minds bodies
to stay job course

until roll out
retirement time
or redundancy
nips worker in bud

morphine physician prescribed
self medicated pain killing
good spirits joy drug to die on

to embalm our newly deceased
a mixture of formaldehyde
methanol and ethanol
are solvents of proven choice

one thing is certain drugs
have accompanied humanity
through life through death
throughout all ages of man

now at this point I must confess
Christ is my drug of choice
freely chosen for eternal rest

Copyright © Terence George Craddock
http: //www.poemhunter.com/terence-george-craddock/
Terence George Craddock (Spectral Images and Images Of Light)

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Song: Popular Culture

Oh I'm sick to death of spin,
And this banal, self-serving sin,
That justifies usurpation like a king.
When shove will come to push,
Weilding power without blush,
This vigilante State is so right-wing!

Pop, pop, popular history,
Grows a crop of myth and mystery,
Where legends reap the cynical flattery,
That maintains the lie:
Of who we are,
What we've become,
In whose name,
Was violence done;
Of why we're here,
And how we came.
Who's excused,
And who's to blame.
Of where we're going,
And where we're from;
And what we're doing,
To right the wrongs...

Pop, pop, popular culture.
Does it diminish or exalt ya?
Pop, pop, popular culture.
Is it Art or just sheer torture?

Pop, pop, popular culture;
Soporific by it's nature,
From mediocre to bad.
Pop, pop, popular culture,
Confers on all a bland inertia,
Embracing every fad:
Of how we look,
The way we feel;
What is image,
And what is real.
Of what to eat,
And what to wear;
How best to cheat,
Or how to care.
The puzzle of love,
The seizures of hate;
How best to survive,
The quirks of cruel fate.
The rule of the stars,
Or the lives of the great;
Hints from the famous,
To grow and create...

Pop, pop, popular culture.
What you love, and what insults ya.
Pop, pop, popular culture.
What you hate, and what co-opts ya.

Oh I'm bored to bits by cant.
And all that ritualised behaviour,
The patriotic fervour,
That is the flavour of the year.
To my cups I'll so decant,
For from high the view is clear:
The world below is idiot,
The age of farce is here!

Pop, pop, popular culture.
Selling slops of dizzy rapture.
Pop, pop, popular culture.
Nurtures minds to easy capture:
What could be wrong,
What could be right,
When a little change,
Inspires a fight,
For what we think,
Or how we live,
Should we repent,
More than we give?
Can our actions
Be so believed,
When some are censured,
And some reprieved..?

Pop, pop, popular history,
Scuttles verity in a lonely estuary,
And sinks the well of common fallacy:
That heroes never die!
Pop, pop, popular history,
Expels reality to forbidden territory,
And absurdly plays tragedy,
As a slick slapstick comedy,
To entertain the lie:
Of who we are,
What we've become,
In whose name,
Was violence done;
Of why we're here,
And how we came.
Who's excused,
And who's to blame.
Of where we're going,
And where we're from;
And what we're doing,
To right the wrongs...

Pop, pop, popular culture,
Pulls out all stops to pimp and pander.
Pop, pop, popular culture,
Dead of meaning, truth or candour.
Pop, pop, popular culture,
Where vultures feed on lies and slander.
Pop, pop, popular culture,
The carrion flesh that's propaganda!
Dave SmithWhite

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A Best Way for One World Life

Present World Status:

World goes on economic growth at the cost of social progress;
Urbanized world goes on at the cost of villages and rainforests;
Air, water pollutions change climate creating floods and droughts;
Nuclear bombs and atomic power stations cause security problem!

Clash between civilization and religious terrorism threatens peace
After clash between capitalism and communism came to an end!
Nuclear weapons in the hands of Islamic, communist nations
And dirty bombs with terrorists threaten world’s very existence!

It’s felt something is wrong somewhere in the society we live in;
Is it due to education or civilization or economy or politics…..?
Money rules man’s mind due to globalization of economy now;
Ambition to become rich has made man into machine-beast-man!

Civilization of modern world and terrorism of religious fanatics
Due to their adverse natures kindle all thoughts towards culture
For its all subject embracing nature helping best life to be feasible
And turn the divided world look towards the creation of one world!

What can be done?

World religion is all about faith, education and culture;
Good life depends on knowledge, friends and culture;
Civilization is the index or mirror of human culture, for,
It is a way of life with best thoughts, words and deeds!

There’s only one God who is all pervading Universal Spirit;
This Universal God world religions call by various names!
Faith shouldn’t be based on superstitious belief but on truth!
All religions preach about peace, truth, love and brotherhood!

World Culture by International Friendship:

It’s wise to follow culture as to how best one can live life till the end;
Based on knowledge and experience the system we follow to live
With good manners and morality can be called culture that includes
Love of Nature, music and books of best thoughts, words and deeds!

Modern civilization sans culture has made man miserable and savage!
Religion may make a cultured person into a divine being by perfection;
But culture turns a brute into a human being by humanism which is what
Most needed in the present day world for creating one world order soon!

Culture is knowing best things in arts, science, literature, music, religion;
Expressing such knowledge to all and doing best things further on them!
It is knowing things as they really are and making truth prevail over all…;
It brings peace of mind and helps mankind achieve spiritual perfection!

Human culture is love for and study of and pursuit of human perfection;
It is thinking about or knowing, speaking or expressing about and doing
Best things in all fields of human endeavour of past, present and future
Enjoying those unique and precious things and passing on to posterity!

Culture is spread to people by classics, arts, painting, music and dance;
Various national cultures put together into a whole form one world culture;
Universal brotherhood or international friendship among world people truly
Blossoms into best world culture transcending colour, class, creed & race!

Best kind of Education:

Education is the basis for all advancements and achievements forever;
But present day education does not develop full personality of a person!
Specialization makes one useless unless placed in suitable profession;
Dual study of Science and humanities only can provide full education!

Education should develop friendship and team work among students;
Build up character, develop intellectual power and spirit by meditation;
Train in agriculture, industries, fishing, army, arts, science and literature;
Only by intellect true knowledge of Self, world, Nature or Spirit is gained!

Musing on Nature in quest of truth beautifully useful things are created;
They only can get vision of knowledge to express talent creatively in life;
Fine learning makes all love to do job, helps intellectual thinking to power;
Truly educated does civil and war jobs effectively, efficiently, excellently!

Culture increases human value by developing body, mind and spirit!
Independent thinking develops knowledge to express talent in life;
Independent new thinkers creatively work better than all to society;
Culture offers chance to develop on past achievements to perfection!

Best Way of Life:

Human culture is the best way of life in the world for knowing
All best things in Arts, Science, Literature, Politics and so on,
Spreading such things by love modifying as to changes of time
And doing best things by finding solutions for all life problems.

For all ages culture truly leaves a legacy for coming generations
Effecting harmonious human perfection to achieve joy and peace
And above all, spiritual satisfaction in the world life to the last…….
With a sense of goodness, beauty and truth forever and ever…..!

Some say life is a journey; it’s a struggle and also say it’s a battle!
For all, literature is the dictionary and encyclopaedia of human life!
Indian creed says life is existence, knowledge, bliss and absolute!
So, a good life is one inspired by love and guided by knowledge!

Individual’s life duty is to get knowledge, earn wealth righteously,
Enjoy all pleasures and relinquish all to others in pursuit of moksha!
Individual’s social duty is to select a field of work as to one’s nature,
Cooperatively serve society ignoring class, colour and race differences!

Literature reveals power of love and knowledge that makes one perfect
To be free, confident and courageous to go on a life journey brief or long
To attain a sense of liberty, love, happiness, peace and satisfaction sure
As that is the purpose of life we are all trying and exploring to know ever!

Mystical life is musical dance inspired by song of Universal God in Nature!
Vision of life canvas is one swimming from dark sea to shore by a beacon
To climb a hill to mingle one with mist to go up stairway to reach heaven!
This is the whole picture of life one has to travel from birth to death sure..!


Good education, interesting job, friends, congenial community and...
Favourable government are essential to lead a good life in the world!
Food, clothing, shelter, education and employment are very vital for
Solving the problems of hunger, poverty, ignorance and disease….!

International friendship among nations and people is world culture now;
Exchange of cultural programmes brings closer world nations and people
Making it convenient and feasible to promote world peace and unity
Paving the way for developments in various fields by means of friendship!

By means of world friendship UNO surely has the capacity to involve
All nations in creative activities with the view of solving all problems…..!
By educational programmes UNO can train people in farms and industries,
Promote people’s talents in arts and science to utilize in creative works!

If UNO does duties of friendship, world will become culturally civilized!
The more UNO improves world culture, the more peace and prosperity
Can be achieved by world friendship to change the world for the better
And that is the way to achieve social justice and flourish one world life!
Ramesh T A

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