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Poems On / About CULTURE  9/16/2014 10:29:34 PM
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Were we all to stand naked
We would see arms, legs, eyes, lips
Some in different shapes, sizes
Some in different colours
But still, still we would see the same
A naked human being, living
Breathing in the same way
We all drink and eat to live
We all need to sleep
Have toilet habits
We are all born of this earth
Animals of culture
Culture now that's a laugh
We fight and kill for nothing
Petty differences, opinions
Hate is an unnecessary emotion
However some try to explain it
Through lies and wasted breath
It is not worth listening to
Strip bare the pretence
In truth, there is no difference
We are all naked, living breathing
Animals of a human culture
Matthew Holloway

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tribes matter more than research,
jobs dished on ethnic network,
as academics are left to die
at the thrones of sadism
and selfish megalomania,
proffessors more illiterate
as reading culture succumbed to death,
to pave way for money culture,
harvested from parallel programmes,
that takes the beautiful and the academically incompetent,
to the university and mercy of their wallets,
where the proffessors renew their sinews,
on the french chicken by parralleley style
on the tops of the female parallel students,
as they inspire them with new culture,
of laziness, twiterature and cyborature,
face-booking for unique sex partners,
as books are left to be dust ridden
on the miserable shelves of ramshackle libraries.
alexander opicho

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Coloured Eggs

Coloued eggs for a culture,
And of he story of a rabbit that laid them!
Oh, this culture is yet to know the truth;
For rabbits do not lay eggs!

Why should they teach the children this way?
And of coloured eggs lay by rabbits;
But this culture cannot change,
For history had made them so.
Edward Kofi Louis

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Culture Shock Thru Auto-Flash Toilet

culture shock
basically not from
shocking culture

for there is no
culture which is
literally shocking

it is just peculiar
unfit to ones
foreign test

this ''shocking'' thoughts
has popped up
before leaving
the censored auto-flash toilet

that's really shocking
leaving the waste unnoticed
Rommel Mark Dominguez Marchan

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