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Poems On / About DANCE  7/30/2015 7:09:08 AM
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On The Dance Floor

I stand posted on the wall watching you watch me.
A crowd of people move their hips and they're invisible to me.
I get tired of waiting for you to make a move 'cause the dance floor is where I want to be.
I make my way over to you and stop in the middle of the dance floor. Come dance with me. I'm calling you.

I inhale the music and exhale my problems so I can dance some more. I swing my hips, flip my hair and flash a smile in your direction.
My body calls you without my control and you have yet to show me your affection.
Come dance with me. I'm calling you.

I look at you and you've disappeared, then I feel your hands across my midrift.
Behind me I feel you pressed against my body while caressing me with your palms.
I move my body in harmony with yours.
Like a snake I slither up and down through your hands as you hold my curves. I face you, you face me. I look deep into your chocolate eyes, I've lost my breath due your beauty and to my exotic dancing. I swing my hips, pop my bosom and let my booty do the rest. I dropp it like it's hot, rock my hips and throw my hands up to the motorcycle dance.
Dance with me, Im calling you.

My feet take over and walk it out, then the 2-step makes it's way in too. Not long after, the lean wit it rock wit it come into play.
I notice out of the corner of my eye the way you move your body.
Then I know for a fact that you answered my call for a dance.
You take my hand and walk me out the door for a night I would never forget.
Only True

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As I Dance

As i dance the world in nothing but
a burr of color
when i dance i'm in total bliss
while i dance my mind only thinks of you
when we dance i feel the warmth feel my heart
butterflies dance in my stomach as we dance
twirl around and round but when
we stop the feeling don't
as i look at your face everyday
i see the world as a blur of color
and you are my bliss
i want to dance with you the rest
of my life
Aiyanna Ortiz

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Dance Like No One's Watching

Go on get you groove on
dance like on one's
watching there's no need to
be shy dance dance dance
there's nothing stopping you.
You must be fearless and courageous.
There's nothing to it just pick
up the beat and let loose the
desires of your body to move freely
and dance dance dance like no
one's watching for it's your moment
to shine
Krazy Rae

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What do you mean by dancing
Ask not me if you know me
I know the rhythm of the universe
And by this dancing we come
We live, we go and we are part of that
Eternal dance .

Our dance is a whirlwind
And we are lost in this dancing
We are inside us and unbreakable
And we are all in one unity
Our dance is our mystery
Ask not about dancing
I am not within the line.
gajanan mishra

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