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Best Poems About / On DANCE
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Tribute To The Jailer's Daughter

That which has entered through my eyes
Has most certainly progressed to dry my tongue
And like yesterday, my sanity has all but gone
Tracking through the woods in search of love.
Love that was found but does not make love,
For her eyes –like diamonds- are set on another
Whom she gazed upon from her high chair.
And I admit he’s fair, but knows not she’s there.

So, heed my call, and dance, my dearest fool,
With hands on your head, dance for your jewel.
Dance for me, dance, dance, and make me jolly.
Dance on the sand and then dance on the sea.
For the ship is battered and sinking in waves,
Dance on the plank, and dance, dance to your grave.
Below lies your redemption - I do not lie
Dance for all, dance, so you alone may die.

Though I haven’t a womb, something has moved.
My sacks are too full, know me, and that I’ll prove.
Take her name and to me you become her;
I cannot tell My Precious Flower from a flower
And such and all is the way of my insanity,
So dance my fool, come on and dance for me
Forgetting all, make dancing your way. With both
Feet off the ground, do the Lunatic's sway!

My father is noble, and like him, I am noble too.
But I’d lay my splendor down, if I can be with you.
And If I were Jupiter, I’d give that up to be a man,
If it meant you and I would be one, as in my plan.
I’d give up friends, brotherhood and kinship’s deed
For simply put, you are all I would ever need.
So dance my sweet fool, dance on over to him.
I’m that sot, who’d love you on the slightest whim.

Copyright © 2009 Leslie Alexis
Leslie Alexis

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Everybody Is Doing It

In Hawaii they Hula
They Tango in Argentina
They Reggae in Jamaica
And they Rumba down in Cuba,
In Trinidad and Tobago
They do the Calypso
And in Spain the Spanish
They really do Flamenco.

In the Punjab they Bhangra
How they dance Kathak in India
Over in Guatemala
They dance the sweet Marimba,
Even foxes dance a lot
They invented the Fox Trot,
In Australia it's true
They dance to the Didgeridoo.

In Kenya they Benga
They Highlife in Ghana
They dance Ballet all over
And Rai dance in Algeria,
They Jali in Mali
In Brazil they Samba
And the girls do Belly Dancing
In the northern parts of Africa.

Everybody does the Disco
From Baghdad to San Francisco
Many folk with razzamataz
Cannot help dancing to Jazz,
They do the Jig in Ireland
And it is really true
They still Morris dance in England
When they can find time to."
Benjamin Zephaniah

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Save the Last Dance For Me

When you're crying and you're all alone
Save the Last Dance for me
When He doesn't call you for that date
on that lonely Saturday nite
while you're left alone and brokenhearted,
Save the last Dance for me
When he makes love to you
Gratifying himself selfishly, and not you
Save the last Dance for me
When his words are degrading to you
painful insults stored in your memory bank
him, telling you, why he has to cheat, to be satisfied
Save the Last Dance for me
When he tells you,
if you get pregnant,
that child is not his
and insists, you get an abortion
when you are left wondering,
How could he deny his child,
Save the Last Dance for me
When he tells you, you are fat,
too skinny for him
Save the Last Dance for me,

Save the Last Dance for me
the very last dance
it will be with me
and it will be forever
You and Me, only
I was the one that you didn't realize
was always there
that friend
who always listened
Save the Last Dance for me
Adrienne Clark Strachn

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Dancing with Daddy

My little heart, my little girl.
Dance with Daddy; dance, my pearl.
Hold my hand; dance with feet.
Sing a little song; dance with beat.
Dance with a smile; sing with joy.
Dance like a peacock; sing like a toy.
Dance with love; sing with kindness.
Life will be blissful, full of happiness.
Dance with Daddy; dance, my pearl.
My little heart, my little girl.
Dr. Debasish Mridha

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