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Poems On / About DANCE  5/4/2016 10:34:20 AM
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What do you mean by dancing
Ask not me if you know me
I know the rhythm of the universe
And by this dancing we come
We live, we go and we are part of that
Eternal dance .

Our dance is a whirlwind
And we are lost in this dancing
We are inside us and unbreakable
And we are all in one unity
Our dance is our mystery
Ask not about dancing
I am not within the line.
gajanan mishra

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A Cinderella Dance

When we first met it was at a mask dance party
We only dance once
but last a lifetime
It was a magical time
Even thought we never saw each other face
But you remember how beautiful I dance
I know I left without saying goodbye
And I'm glad you've been looking for me since
Because one song bring two strangers together
And one dance make two stranger fall in love with each other
Baby You are my Cinderella
And I can tell you if we can find each other after all those years
And if one dance make us fall in love
We are going to live happily ever after
The truth is that it wasn't just a dance It was
A Cinderella Dance
Emmanuela Petit Frere

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Voice From Within

Dance with me
Listen to the voice from within
Dance with me
Hear the beat as soft as thunder

Dance with me
I am the voice within
Dance with me
I am the beat of the drum

Honor me with this dance
Move to the voice from within
Honor me with this dance
You are the center of this storm

I call to you
With a voice from within
I dance waiting for you
Hoping my voice has not been silenced

Our song will play on without end
Because this is our time to dance
It always was,
Dance with me
Carolyn Falls

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dance dance dance
it's time for
a little romance
chance chance chance
catch my eye
and return my glance

dance dance dance
the music puts
me in a trance
do the mambo
with me baby
come on baby
let's dance
Faith Elizabeth Brigham

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Poems On / About DANCE