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Poems On / About DANCE  2/14/2016 2:58:54 PM
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Ritual Dance

Mystical, ritualistic and folklore dances
Peculiar dance forms of Kerala, India
Theyyam the folklore, ritualistic art
The dance forms in perfect steps
The drum beats and dance steps of Theyyam
The dance form its mystical creativity.

Ritualistic dance with fire balls fixed
Movements in steady steps caring wind
In the moment of early dawn it performs
The cult of mother goddess dance wonderful.

Fire balls fixed in sticks and well oiled
Flames in such big and unbearable for us
But the folklore art is wonderful movement
The Theyyam ritual artist in mystic form.
Gangadharan nair Pulingat..

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there is no part of the city that Love will refuse to dance
there is no one He'd refuse a dance with

but there are countless who think they can dance
though they refuse to go to His parties
not wanting to associate with 'those people'

there is no wretch He'd refuse dance lessons
no worm that He'd refuse to give legs and fit with shoes

but there are countless who'd raise barriers on the floor around Love
as if Love could be imprisoned, or walls could withstand His steps
and some who expect a crown or a tiara for hiding and 'protecting' Love

the wild ones will roam far and wide for a good dance
because a Wild One first bowed too low to dance with them

Your love is a dance
Your love is a dancefloor
Justin Tang

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The Shrouds Danced All

The shrouds danced all
around, around they danced

and danced in their wild trance
for mid-night had now struck
vibrated the earth-land!

and round and round giddying
they danced and danced
and round the mirrors turned

for at their will all fairy-style
the shrouds will mirrors of gold
and round and round they were

and round and round giddying
they danced and danced
and round the mirrors turned
Emmanuel George Cefai

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Dancing Runs Through My Blood

The true meaning of dance is found in you.
It draws itself up and becomes part of you.
The falling droplets of rhythm flow; razing not but building a graceful feeling of joy.

I dance because of who I am!
Who I am is what I believe!
What I believe is what I do!

The true meaning of dance is found in your own version of life.
It moves impulsively through the mighty mind, giving
To the heart an irruption of courageous emotions.

I dance because of what I feel!
My feelings are found in my blood and dancing runs through my

The true meaning of dance is found not in the exposed wonders of today but
It is found in the expressions of a person so expressive that he allows himself to expect the unexpected.
I dance because my expressions are a missile using to hit the target.
Reginald Enakadm sanele

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