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Poems On / About DANCE  10/6/2015 9:30:18 PM
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Best Poems About / On DANCE
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To A Young Girl Dancing With The Wind

Are you a refugee fleeing the wrath of
Thee wind that blows from the North?
I must ask the question because I do not
Trust anything that comes from the North
And when you dance I see fear in your eyes

Oh girl dancing in the wind
Are you a pilgrim who is hounded by the hounds
Of the whirling and whirring whirlwind
That blows strong to sweep away the crimes
In our minds and free us from our sinning ways?

You girl dancing in the wind
What secrets are hidden in your secret dance?
What dire predicaments whispers the wind
To you when he comes to watch your lithe dance
When his jealous heart want to burst into rage
As he contemplates how he will lay all to waste
That want to tear you away from his love as he
Slips into your dust begrimmed dance life at night?

Young girl dancing in the wind
When you dance your lips are besutifully
Psrted in ecstassy desire fills your dance moves
Young one dancing so freely in the wind
Does your freedom dance hide the mockery of
Some terrible disaster you only knows is coming?

Girl dancing in the wind
When I die I will die with my face hounding the East
A child hopes his father will come when
The wars in the East are fought and lost
I do not trust the uneasy peace in the East
Are you the harbinger of death from the East?

Girl dancing in the wind
Are you the evil intentioned tornado that comes
To steal their men and destroy their families?
Girl dancing in the wind
Are you and the West wind as one are you
United and determined to bring prosperity to us
Are you in the splendour of your beautiful dance come
To release us into the windswept arms of the PEACE
That we and our loved ones so desire and hope to see?
BurningDesire PhekoMotaung

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Victorian Castle

A huge Victorian castle
Dancing, dancing, dancing…
Beautiful dresses sparking under the glissading chandeliers

Everyone so happy
So cheery

Sitting the corner,
Watching the people dancing while listening to the beautiful classical

I want to dance. Dance with me?
I want to wear one of those beautiful dresses. Will you dance with me?

But, I can’t…
I have no money.
I have no home.
I have no family.
I have no limbs…

Who would want to dance with me?
No-one would…

As I go to leave the castle, wheeling myself out,
Someone touches my shoulder.
Who would touch me? And why would they?

I turn to see who it was,
It was the prince of the castle!
He asked me to dance with him.
Everyone was looking at him like he was insane.
“Why did he ask such scum as her? ”
“She has no legs or arms, how are they to dance? ”
The people would ask, some left purely because he asked a homeless lady to dance.

I shook my head no.
Never had I danced before.
He then asked me to dance once more.
I told him I was knowledgeless of dancing.
He took my nub and began leading the dance.

I closed my eyes,
I felt like all my dreams had come true…
I felt like I was cared for…
Love being such a foreign feeling.

I didn’t care what anyone in the castle thought of me.
I was only 15 being ridiculed by everyone.
But my dream still came true,
No matter how many times I was told it wouldn’t.

I believed.
Corvette Nezumi Mikazuki

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Dance And Music

when I am in happy mood with no bounding,
I always do dance with beautiful surrounding,
I accompanies air for a classy moment,
I enjoy the rhythm happily to reach the firmament,
I hang around with smile to value music & dance,
To enjoy happily, I never miss a chance.


And, when I suffer from pain,
I tap my feet so fast again,
Sometimes, eyes accompany tears,
I dance in front of mirror to make myself cheers,
Music and Dance both try to reduce my sorrow,
I really enjoy it from yesterday to today and till tomorrow.


Yep, music make it worth to all the feelings,
Tears, pain, gladness, happiness - all have unique dealings.
with dance & music - Some are entertained & some are entertaining,
Music, Dance and mood varies from pain to the moment of raining,
Dance alone or dance with your partner,
Music and Dance will make you forget where you were.

Oh yeah

They take to you in another world,
Where you may fly like a bird,
Where you can express your feelings with ease,
They are truly mood accompanies's keys.
Loved the music and loved even more for dancing,
some enjoy singing, some by dancing and some by glancing.
Tanveer Sharma

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Festival Haiku - Tango Dance World Championship, Buenos Aires, August, 2012.

tango dance world championship
the beauty of sexes
in their steps

tango dance world championship
exotic steps
of the sexes

tango dance world championship
ying and yang unleashing
the beauty of the sexes

tango dance world championship
whipping up the magic
of ying and yang

tango dance world championship
flaunting exquisite
ying and yang

tango dance world championship
the sexes filtered down to
riveting heart catching dance steps

tango dance world championship
the red of her dress, his tawny skin
fueling up the steps

tango dance world championship
our hearts pump in tandem to
the riveting forceful strides

tango dance world championship
their soft and sensual features
between forceful strides

tango dance world championship
her sexy steps, between his
musculine strides
john tiong chunghoo

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