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Poems On / About DANCE  5/24/2015 6:07:55 AM
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Best Poems About / On DANCE
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I Want To Dance

I Want to Dance
I want to dance, but the music has stopped playing
My heart can?t stop, in mind my body keeps swaying
Sometimes a waltz, dancing till things are passed
My dance is my life, sometimes moving to fast

Must keep dancing, don?t let things catch up
Must keep it all in, mustn?t let all erupt?
The music is louder, don?t want to think anymore
With the dance so fast, I can still soar

Can?t let depression slip in, coming so close
Still at times sad, even with dance it still grows
Keep the music playing, go away sad thoughts
I am a survivor, of the battles I?ve fought

Now my battle has become, one with myself
So keep dancing in life, got to get off my shelf
The battles won, the music has started
Let the melody begin, as the sadness departs!
Donna Nimmo

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Have You Ever Watched The Maoris?

Have you ever watched the Maoris dance the Haka
They shout aloud till they are out of breath
They dance it with such fervour and such passion
It's something you're not likely to forget.

The Haka is the war dance of the Maoris
And the All Blacks dance it before every game
It has become the war cry of New Zealand
And it re-ignites the spirit to full flame.

The Maoris were the greatest of great warriors
And the very might of England they did try
They always danced before they went to battle
And for their rights were not afraid to die.

The Haka is the anthem of the Maoris
They learnt it from their fathers as young boys
And they dance it with such fervour and such feeling
That you can see the passion in their dark brown eyes.

Have you ever watched the Maoris dance the Haka
Their dance of war in centuries gone by
Before they took on the great might of England
They used it as their stirring battle cry.
Francis Duggan

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Dancers, The

They were so light, the little dancing feet,
The little feet, such little dancing feet!
Snow-white, snow-soft, snow-light;
First feather-flakes of snow, that only play
To fall, then disappear.
Lighter than gossamer;
Lighter than dew at dawn;
Lighter than thistle-down upon the wind,
Or humming-bird in flight-
Poised- then a dazzling flash of jeweled light;
Flower-fair, flower-soft, flower-sweet,
The little dancing feet.

The little dancing feet-
They danced to melodies of unseen flutes,
And tinkling fairy bells,
And far, faint throb of lutes
Attuned to finger-tips invisible.
Danced in a dreamland more than dreamland fair,
Where sparkling waters sang
And leaves lisped rippling rhyme
To the bird-carillons,
And flowering grasses caught and kissed the fleet,
Light, glancing, dancing feet.

They have danced far away, the little feet,
The little dancing feet, that were so dear!
They danced far away,
Into what hidden space
Of mist of wraith,
And haunted silences?
Alas, they do not stay-
They never, never stay!
Others will come-and go-
Dancing as airily,
Dancing as fairily,
Under as bright a blue;
But Ah! whence come they, and whither go?
The little feet,
The little dancing feet,
Flower-fair, flower-soft, flower-sweet,
The little dancing feet.
Ina D. Coolbrith

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Women Like To Slow Dance

Women like to slow dance
Men like to boogie fast…

Women lprefer to prettily prance
And make the dance last and last

Men like to stand against the wall
And act like they’re bored as hell

While they actually are wishing that…
they could dance half as well….

As…The guys that can slow dance
And Seem to Have it best of all

They have the delight of dipping the pretties
Rather than not dancing at all

Women… like… to slow dance! ! !
A concept most men just can’t grasp

So while their ladies are getting dipped
They stand around waiting to dance fast

Guys! ! ! … it’s not rocket science
So wake up out of your trance

While you might like to boogie on down…
Women like to slow dance
David Whalen

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