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Poems On / About DANCE  10/25/2014 3:43:58 AM
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Best Poems About / On DANCE
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Folk dances.

Dance forms of indigenous people
The simplicity of dance forms
The peculiar steps and movements
Part of folk dance we respects.

The people hard working for a living
In leisure times they opts happiness
Slowly formed their own dance forms
Together with the songs and sounds
Folklore culture a great event of humans.

Dance forms of indigenous people
Their prayers to the departed souls
To the hill gods they worships
Solemnity of beliefs, requests for boons
To keep away evils, and to get prosperity.

Dance forms in groups by women
Steady steps, in circles and lines
Performance with background drums
The Bamboo equipment and wild appliances
Wonderful images they creates in arts.

A proud heritage of folk dances
Every country may be there to boast
India has many folk dances
Always makes their performance well.

Folk arts and dance forms slowly fades
The modern art forms tries to swallow
Still in mind feels as a heritage art
Requiring all round inspiration and help.
Gangadharan nair Pulingat..

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The Cosmic Dance - III

This attraction Shiva couldn’t resist
He wanted to have with it a tryst
Vrinda, who was managing the show
Denying entry to Shiva she said, ‘NO.’

Krishana there, no other male could go
Only ladies could be other part of show
Tempted to join by the irresistible desire
Shiva agreed for lady’s make up and attire.

She asked Shiva for a dip in Mansarovar
After dip He was in woman’s make over
In perfect woman’s dress so well veiled
In corner in Krishana consciousness sailed.

When the cosmic dance began
There were two great dance men
One, the Beloved of the Dance
Other, the King of dance in trance.

With every Gopi Krishana danced
Shiva in unique dance entranced
Inspite of the elegance of the dance
Krishana had some missing glance.

Out of the dance he had a pause
He said, “I feel violation of laws.”
He felt in the dance a missing bliss
He said, “Here another man exists.”

He said, “Lalita, go and check
If a man attired as Gopi on deck! ”
Lalita went round lifting the veils
But finding a man there she failed.

Puzzled about a Gopi three eyed
Lalita told what her surprised! ! !
Krishana said, “Bring her here.”
When saw Shiva had hearty cheer.

He said, “O Gopeshwar I am pleased.
When I see you as Gopi dressed
Your desire to partake in dance fulfilled
As Gate Keeper of the dance now you drill.

Upon you I shower my Grace
You will Gopis’ obeisance trace
They in turn my piety embrace.”
Still Shiva in Braj has Gopi face.

Then again the dance advanced
Gopis were in bliss and trance
Krishana with every Gopi in dance
That their dance in divine romance.

All base passions in the dance purge
All the Gopis in Krishana merged
Cosmos in the dance submerged
Cupid’s wings there didn’t splurge.

In Brij land since then till date
In Krishana consciousness they wait.
C. P. Sharma

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We made them dance

This is how I made you
I took the fibres of black
Spread the twinkling of my heart
Across your body
To make the most beautiful night in the world
I spinned it round and round
Made it dance the river dance
Made it dance the morning dance
Made it dance the evening dance
I made it dance

This is how you made me
You took the fibres of red
Spread the beating of your blood
Across my body
To make the most beautiful love in the world
You spinned it round and round
Made it dance the dance of your seed
Made it dance the dance of your touch
Made it dance the dance of your breath
You made it dance

That's why
The eagle was flying
The sea was foaming
The ground was singing
Children were laughing
Fires were burning
Across the hearths

We made them dance

Ovako sam te stvorila
Uzeh tkanice crnog
I prosuh treptaje svog srca niz tvoje tijelo
Da stvorim najljepšu noc ovoga svijeta
Zavrtjeh je ukrug ukrug
Da pleše ples rijeke
Da pleše ples jutra
Da pleše ples veceri
Da pleše

Ovako si me stvorio
Uze tkanice crvenog
Prosu otkucaj svoje krvi niz moje tijelo
Da stvoriš najljepšu ljubav ovoga svijeta
Zavrtio je ukrug ukrug
Da pleše ples tvog sjemena
Da pleše ples tvog dodira
Da pleše ples tvog daha
Da pleše

I zato je
Orao letio
More se pjenilo
Zemlja je pjevala
Djeca se smijala
I vatre ognjištem gorjele

Oni su plesali zbog nas

2010. (We made them dance)

©Miroslava Odalovic
Miroslava Odalovic

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* The DanCe

Sitting on a shady hill, a trunk that kissed the ground,
Leaves in glimmery green, wild flowers scents mixes air in profound,
Clouds smoothly moving, the sky turning blue
And trace of the moon is still on cue...

Birds chirping, echoes of water falls is drifting
The DANCE echoed from the hidden speakers, soothing,
Sudden navigation of thoughts flashes back
As rhythm of the DANCe leaves a trance of the past...

A place like this away from the busy commotion of the streets
The first time I laid my feet, felt the happiness, I danced with grace.
As the man turned the stereo on, the DANCe filled the air,
Lifted my spirit to unexplainable joy, I flipped and swayed....

The DANCe of life I had for four years now
Tiring but rewarding of the fulfillment it brings,
Though hurtful events tattood in my heart and mind,
Looking back, it made me a better person and I'm greatful with that.

Now, I still have the DANCe laid on air
Still working out to learn from it and prepare,
My future, I may not know what lies ahead
Yet I am sure, I will DANCe, follow it's rhythm as it flows thru the air....

And as I close my eyes, I see the sun slowly sets
A bonfire slowly lit the place, the DANCe still has it's trace,
I stood, feeling the beat...opening my arms, wrapping on mine
Dancing in it's beat...waiting for the DANCe to cease...

Many dances I have shared with
Even dances with wolves, I have made,
Slow-fast, sensual-rock, salsa-tango-samba, name it I can
But one DANCe is missing which my heart screams....

The DANCe in solemn peace...soul that scream and weep...
Inner peace, inner DANCe of hope and faith...
And from HIS place, one day,
I would have the DANCe I long to have...
Inner Whispers

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