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Poems On / About DANCE  7/29/2015 6:30:15 AM
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Best Poems About / On DANCE
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Dancing On Butterfly Wings

Dancing dancing,
swaying my hips.
You wish you could see
the butterfly tattoo
and kiss my lips.

I'll dance all night long,
and sing with the crowd
but when this night is done
i would don my shroud.

You see I'm that person
that can fly all day and night
never caught, cause even fragile i will fight.

I can have yellow black or even green
cause i only dance on butterfly wings.

You can reach out for me
with your in-snaring net
I will just dance away.
Cause you can surely bet,

I dance dance dance,
on butterfly wings.
Beauty sprouts from my back,
colors swirl down to my feet.

I dance and dance
all night long.
And I'll disappear in the winter
I'll come dance another night.
Ashley burnam

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Dancing On Stars

Each star is different
But I still dance on them all
Each graceful movement,
Each wonderful step

I go dancing on the stars

I look up at night
And they all are so bright
And yet, so happy to see me.

For I go dancing on the stars

My shoes are worn
And my feet are tired.
But still I dance
For the love of the dance

For I have always gone dancing on the stars

Dancing on the stars gives a smooth surface
One of perfection
A dancers dream
And only those, with the will and imagination

May go dancing on the stars

I dance for all I know
For all I love
Dare not stop me, for I am a dancer at heart
Yet still a person

Who dances on the stars
For I may
For I may go dancing on the stars
Jessica Millsaps

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The Indian Dances

The Indian culture is most diverse,
So are the Indian dances to traverse;
There are many Indian Classical dances,
And so are the many regional Folk dances.

A physical and visual form is dance,
It appropriates the spectator to a trance;
The colourful attire enchants the audience,
And the different ornaments amuse their sense.

The Natya Sastra by Sage Bharata was propounded,
And the Indian Classical dance on a grammar founded;
Indian culture with four Vedas itself prides,
And with Natya Sastra known as the fifth Veda, it strides.

Dances were originally performed in a temple,
Mainly to entertain Gods and Godesses and people;
Accompanying were the drums, flute and other instruments,
To synchronize with the music and the dancers ‘ movements.

The Classical dances are spiritual in content,
The Folk dances are of joy and celebration intent;
Elements of Indian dances are Mudra and Abhinaya—
The dancer's interpretation of words set to music and laya.

Many dance forms depict the moods -Navarasas,
Which are the various emotions or nine rasas;
They are Hasya, Krodha, Bhibasta, Bhaya, Santha,
And Veeram, Karuna, Adbhuta and Shoka:

Which are Happiness, Anger, Disgust, Fear, Serenity,
And Courage, Compassion, Wonder, and Sorrow respectively.
Many are the reputed Indian dance styles,
So are the many dance forms of details.

The Indian dance forms, that are popular—
Bharathanatyam of Tamil Nadu: Manipuri of Manipur:
Garba of Gujarat: Kuchupudi of Andhra Pradesh:
Bhangra of Punjab: Kathak of Uttar Pradesh:

Gaudiya Nritya of West Bengal: Lavani of Maharashtra:
Kathakali and Mohini Attam of Kerala: Oddissi of Oddisha:
Indian dances play their parts in many realms of arts—
In Poetry, Architecture, Literature and Sculpture of sorts.

Dancers with their beautiful art give us a profound feeling,
Making them appealing and our hearts stealing!
chandra thiagarajan

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I Want To Dance

I Want to Dance
I want to dance, but the music has stopped playing
My heart can?t stop, in mind my body keeps swaying
Sometimes a waltz, dancing till things are passed
My dance is my life, sometimes moving to fast

Must keep dancing, don?t let things catch up
Must keep it all in, mustn?t let all erupt?
The music is louder, don?t want to think anymore
With the dance so fast, I can still soar

Can?t let depression slip in, coming so close
Still at times sad, even with dance it still grows
Keep the music playing, go away sad thoughts
I am a survivor, of the battles I?ve fought

Now my battle has become, one with myself
So keep dancing in life, got to get off my shelf
The battles won, the music has started
Let the melody begin, as the sadness departs!
Donna Nimmo

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