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Poems On / About DANCE  3/2/2015 6:43:08 AM
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Drip and Drip into the ocean
Water fills and overflows - drown in
your own blood.
Puddles sing and tidal waves dance...
Dance through the streets
Sing to the children (Dance)
Let us Dance. Our own time - to our own hearts
that beat out of sync. Our rhythm
A Tango in Foxtrot tempo...
We break - we fall
into the water... (Dancing)

talk - speak - shout

We stand looking at each other
(silence) interrupting us
- I look into your eyes
Pools of blue (Dancing)
I can't see the stream - fall from your eyes
(plunge) into the deep

discuss - express - explain

Make us
Break us
structure us
construct us

analyze - compare - contrast

I don't float, lungs fill with
water, gasping for breath - (swim)
further and further - an Abyss
I watch you Dance
Swirls of violet and red - (Dance)
the darkness - my eyes explode (colour)
Watch as the pus of the ocean
seeps (Dance)

venture - wander - Dance

Back staring - I realise
You have not cried
Yet puddles surround us (Dancing)

dive - dive - dive

Dissect your eyes - find (reflection)
watching me - cry
Adding water to the ocean
Rising - drip by drip
Like tidal waves
We will dance through the streets
Dance through it all
Kieran Daniel Evans

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Dance In The Rain

Dance in the rain
With clouds at your heels
Rosebuds refreshed
The calming one feels

Life is the present
There's no need to wait
Throw back the shutters
And unlock the gate

Dance in the rain
As it cleanses the sky
No tears on sun's cheeks
And no need to cry

Life is what's happening
Through clouds or gray
Sunshine or snowflakes
They're all nature's way

Dance in the rain
It's all part of life
Let hope, your umbrella
Guide you through strife

Dance in the rain
And when clouds tend to loom
Welcome their darkness
Into the room

Life is for living
Through storms, joy and pain
Always remember to

2012 All Rights Reserved
Holly Jamestone

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Dance of love

The dance of hungered love
a dance of the soul
for fulfillment and everlasting love
dance the rapture
contemplating trancendence of love
meaning and beauty
i seek and questione
the lover, the dreamer
will know
what a pure human mind can never know
no words can describe
the shape and meaning of everything in life
experience it,
a blade of grass
it is part of the mystery
the unknown
the root of all knowledge
of creation itself
so i dance the dance of everlasting love
on nothingness
in search of the absolute
a search never quenched
a hunger never assuage...
persian khushi

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I just wanna Dance

I just wanna Dance

please excuse me, don't mean to intrude,
hope you don't think, that I'm being rude,
but I've been watching you, shake and move,
and I just wanna dance with you,
yes, I just wanna dance with you

don't tell me your stories, I won't tell you mine,
no need to get heavy, and make love the grand prize,
there is no reason, to pretend what we're not,
cause I just wanna dance with you,
oh I just wanna dance with you

there's no reason, to believe, that we can't be alone,
together, just we two,
you know there's no reason, to believe, that we can't get along,
together, me and you

Gomer LePoet

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