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Best Poems About / On DANCE
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Dance Of A Fakir

His Soul, sinless, impeccant,
hidden inside the body like a pod.
caught in the storm of emotions,
danced out of love for his God.

His body under spell of his soul,
came under soul's servitude.
body became soul's reflection and
danced for lord out of gratitude.

stones, razzes, taunts and abuses were hurled
but he danced, danced and danced ignoring this cruel world.
Md. Asadullah

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Prose Poem: Timeless Wisdom Of The Seers Of Ancient Vedanta

Prose Poem: Timeless Wisdom of the Seers of Ancient Vedanta

The wisdom of the ancient seers of Truth was based on subjective investigations in deep meditation as described in Veda and Vedanta. The ancient seers of Truth realized that the all-pervading consciousness is the Ultimate Reality of this infinite universe which is the seat of universal energy, intelligence and power that we also embody. Since they could not find anything in the phenomenal existence that they could compare with and relate to their own experience, the seers came up with a uniquely singular reality of this all-encompassing, self-conscious and formless being as “Lord Siva”, describing HIM as “Satyam-Sivam-Sundaram” or The “Truth-Consciousness-Bliss”. This ageless, Infinite Being, “Lord Siva”, holds the attributes of our Infinite Universe, such as Creation, Preservation and Destruction that we are aware of, and is governing this Universe with a set of Universal Laws while Himself acting as an observer only, like a Playful Child watching the games having fun.

So, everything goes dynamically in cycles in our universe through creation, preservation and destruction under the strict control of a set of physical laws; this entirety is now well-known as Lord Siva.
Lord Siva is the origin of Love-Light-Intelligence. We human beings are an integral part of Lord Siva having our own ethics, desires and responsibilities and are evolving individually in our own way towards maturity in our mind-body continuum, empowered by the same consciousness as Lord Siva. So, Lord Siva is reflected among human as a perfect super-being running this universe consciously in a unique dance-form behind the scene, and this phenomenal existence is a dynamic part of His dance in trance like a playful child having immense fun. We can feel the same dancing rhythm within our own body. I ventured to write a poem depicting the cosmic dance of Lord Siva, with all His attributes as defined by the ancient seers of Vedic Truth (see below) .

Subsequently the Seers chalked out concrete paths thru yoga, meditation, codes of ethical conduct, holistic Ayurveda-diets, devotional songs and dances etc. (for disciplining the unruly mind) for the serious seekers of the Truth. The paths have been well-trodden by all walks of life generating the self-realized “Seers of Truth” throughout the ages in every part of India keeping the ancient Vedanta- tradition alive and well.

Dancing SIVA: Humanity’s Arts-Science-Religion in One

The image of dancing Siva, our graceful Nataraja
Depicts humanity's arts-science and religion in one
Amidst His creation, preservation and destruction
Giving a complete picture of the universe in action

All motion in Lord's creation portrays His dance
This universe in entirety being His great body,
Pure consciousness being the source of His power
Being the backbone behind this dancing poetry

This transcendental being has four innate arms
Revealing His personality in flowing tender forms
His entire dance reveals a deep self-absorption
Radiating nonstop grace on His dynamic creation

Drumbeat from upper right hand upholds creation
Raised lower right hand assures blessings to all
Fire from upper left hand sustains the dissolution
While lower left hand offers grace to fallen to befall

His right leg rests on dead as man's fallen grace
Due to apathy, bad choice and ensuing confusion
While lifted leg shows grace releasing mature soul
And gesturing foot assures refuge and liberation

Fire-circle signifies cosmos filled in consciousness
The cobra around neck reveals awakened Kundalini
This is Lord's primal energy latent in most human
Waiting to be awakened by a man for own salvation

Siva's dance is proven truth anyone can experience
Happening all the time in every atom of our body
That one can advance more feeling dance without
Grasping omnipresent Nataraja in His infinite body

Dancing Siva (Nata-Raja) : The King of Transcendental Dance
Tushar Ray

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Dance Of Birds

Drum of birds is on shore
Dance of parrots is on shore
Men are fishing in river

Drum of birds is on shore
Dance of parrots is on shore
Women are fetching water in river

Small birds perch on weeds to watch dance
Big birds perch on reeds to watch dance
Men and women stand to watch dance of birds
David Aoloch Bion

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Holding the strings of vibes
We dance to the string of life...
Dance with me my handsome
Dance with me through the night
Dance with your arms around me
Holding me... Oh... so tight

Dance with me to the music
It's all about rhythm and beat
Just you and me together
Will sweat out the heat

Dance with me to a Salsa, under a starry night
Dance with me to the music, looking into my eyes
Let our lips tango to the rhythm of the beat
Just me and you together, slowly moving our feet

Dance with me my handsome
For this is all that.... I desire
Tender moments, to cherish and admire
Meena Mustafa

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