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Poems On / About DANCE  11/29/2015 8:05:27 AM
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David bold, confident, strong
strikes down Goliath
the giant, so strong
with a stone and a sling

Dance David dance
dance before God alone
victorious you were

Sinned you did
by taking another man's wife
by sending the man to his death
on the battlefield
remorse you had
you asked God
'Please forgive me'
you were then forgiven by God

Dance David dance
dance before God alone
forgiven of your sins you were

Mighty were your deeds
as king before God
God made you strong
confident and bold

you were always obedient
to the will of God
a mighty righteous king
you were indeed

Dance David dance
dance to honour, God your Lord
dance David dance
Allen Brodell

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Dancing On Butterfly Wings

Dancing dancing,
swaying my hips.
You wish you could see
the butterfly tattoo
and kiss my lips.

I'll dance all night long,
and sing with the crowd
but when this night is done
i would don my shroud.

You see I'm that person
that can fly all day and night
never caught, cause even fragile i will fight.

I can have yellow black or even green
cause i only dance on butterfly wings.

You can reach out for me
with your in-snaring net
I will just dance away.
Cause you can surely bet,

I dance dance dance,
on butterfly wings.
Beauty sprouts from my back,
colors swirl down to my feet.

I dance and dance
all night long.
And I'll disappear in the winter
I'll come dance another night.
Ashley burnam

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Dancing On Stars

Each star is different
But I still dance on them all
Each graceful movement,
Each wonderful step

I go dancing on the stars

I look up at night
And they all are so bright
And yet, so happy to see me.

For I go dancing on the stars

My shoes are worn
And my feet are tired.
But still I dance
For the love of the dance

For I have always gone dancing on the stars

Dancing on the stars gives a smooth surface
One of perfection
A dancers dream
And only those, with the will and imagination

May go dancing on the stars

I dance for all I know
For all I love
Dare not stop me, for I am a dancer at heart
Yet still a person

Who dances on the stars
For I may
For I may go dancing on the stars
Jessica Millsaps

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Dance With Me My Dear

Dance with me sweet one
both under the moon and under the sun.
Look into each others eyes
and get lost in the connection of love
that with one another we so deeply share.
Dance with me sweet one and let's forget the world.
Dance with me because you're my only one.

Dance with me sweet one around the fire
as our eyes glow in burning love.
Dance with me as we tell each other
about all our yearning love.
Dance with me so I can soothe your aching heart.
I love you Kira oh my one
so dance with me all the time.

Dance with me sweet one
under both the moon and sun.
I want to see your eyes sparkle
and your smile shine beneath
the majestic lights of the sky.
I want to see your beautiful face
light up beneath the celestial lights.
Dance with me sweet one and share a kiss of truth.

Dance with me sweet one
so under these lights my heart
I can confess.
I adore you dear because you are the best.
I love you deeply and I love you true
no other lady can ever do.
So dance with me my precious one
both right now past our weddings time.
Michael P. McParland

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Poems On / About DANCE