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Best Poems About / On DAUGHTER
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My Father's Daughters

Are so smart
and, they have
my Father's Heart

When we get together
we really share in love and truth
each one really cares about
the other one too

My Father's Daughters
talk about who they will help next
they talk about who needs support
and who they can protect

My Father's Daughters
like their Dad
tries to get His heart
to let each woman know
that she is a work of art

They want so much
to soothe and heal
my sisters, are so real

They are a team, really
these girls are spiritually pretty
each one unique, each one belongs
each one helps the other one stay strong

And these girls are in the word, they put God first
they're so full of His Love
they let the last one go first

and these Sister's are accountable
to each other
and gossip no way
that's just plain trouble

These Sisters, My Father's Daughters
Are really Beautiful
When we laugh together
no one wants to go

oh No! not my Father's Daughters
Debbie Bennett

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The Classical Scholar

I do not find him,
I mean the classical scholar
Sober, disciplined, quiet and impractical,
Pragmatic and conventional,
But liberal and humanistic.

Where, where that scholar holding his sway over,
Where, where that fellow crossing the river
And going to his hamlet-home
With the little and lovely daughter of his
Who together with him
Holding the hand of the old fellow?

The little daughter picking the pathway flowers
From the weeds and the bushes
And the classical scholar telling
Of life, the world and the go of it,
Alluding to the scriptures
Which the small daughter questioning time and again
In the girlish curiosity of her own.

The classical scholar going as an unknown citizen,
A shepherd scholar,
A scholar gipsy
And the little daughter too going together with him
The things of life are almost the same,
Only the heart needs to be changed,
God's scholarship is not in hypocrisy an ego
As we think it today.

One who can feel the little heart and her innocence,
Her fancy and playfulness,
One can love it all,
The hills, woods, fields, fallows, flowers, weeds and bushes
Is in reality a scholar,
Feel the mystery and fragrance of life and the world therefore Calling yourself a scholar.
Bijay Kant Dubey

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A Daughters hidden love for her mother

A Daughters Hidden Love For Her Mother!
By: Susan Lynn Covington
Date: October 28th 2005

A Daughters love for her mother stands strong as steal
And with in that love is thee ability to feel

When a Daughters mother cries or down
She hears her cry as her heart echoes that sad sound

A Daughter and mother are forever bound with Gods grace
Even after each leave this temporary place

This Daughters love for you my mother of unknowing
My love for you never stops flowing
Each moment from you of love it keeps growing

Unknowing because I may not show you as much
Don”t mean my love for you can’t be touched

Only hidden in times of unkind
But if you wanted you could find
The greatest love holding you from behind

Arms Of Thee Angels

Did you no your in thee arms of this angel
My angels arms have been around your
Wanting to let go heart
The day You read me my baby book was the start

I have been holding on to you
But had fallen asleep
Still you in my arms did I keep

With angel like tears and a daughters fears
I was right behind you holding on with all in me
And hidden to you because you couldn’t see
That your own daughters angel wings holds you
Passing on some comfort and hope that stays true

As you seep thee memories from your vanes
It’s my wings that it stains
You’re being pulled from the wreckage
Of your silent reverie
And a prayer is said to God from me

Your reasons to feel not good enough I can not heal
But thee grace of comfort that God gave me will

Arms of thee angels is your song you see
Because my angel arms is were you need to be
And arms of this angel will sec-seed
susan covington

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Mama's Baby Girl

Mama's Baby Girl

Mama's baby
Mama's little girl
Gonna go into the big, wide world
Daughter want's to fly free
Mother begs 'stay with me'
Sweet baby
No longer the innocent child
Little girl
Growing into a woman
Struggling, screaming, kicking and fighting
To get to the world
To find her own way
To become what she chooses to be
Little child grown into the big adult
Pulling away and further away
She can only smile so brightly at her mama
And simply say 'Im going mama, let me go. It's my time to find my place'
'Let me go mama, Let go'
Her mother can only scream and sob
Daughter can only bare so much
In the end neither of the terms are good
Daughter leaves with resent and sorrow
Mother stays with regret and loss
Dear mother, protective mother
Let her go her own way
You cannot prevent the inevitable
You cannot hide her from mistakes
Sweet daughter, go on about your way
Don't forget about the one who taught you your ways
Sweet relationship
Keep it alive
Mothers love your daughters and let them go in the end
Daughters respect your mothers and fly to where all imagination reaches
Sweet daughter, Dear Mother
Let each other go and fly
Mama's little girl is now a woman
Soaring on eager wings does she fly
Mother stays where she must
Forever waiting for her baby to come on home
Goodbye mama's baby girl
Till on the morrow do you return only to leave yet again
Sweet agony and tempting sorrow
Such is the life of a mother
Such is the story's end of a little girl
No longer the child
But in her heart
Forever in her heart
Mama's baby girl

-Janelle K. Morehart-
Janelle Morehart

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