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Poems On / About DAUGHTER  1/25/2015 6:14:44 AM
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Fairy is her name
Dirt always in her path
Madness and cerebral cancer
Companion she endures almost
Warrior is her daughter
Soldiers always fighting
Viciousness, jealousy,
Breaks through Unhealthy competition
Daughter longs and does impossible
Ruptured her eyes, limbs , legs
Fairy's Karma always
Anxiety, jealousy, fighting ,
Beating her own pet
Lost cradles, shallow lullaby's
Searching in darkness of blackness
Arrows pointed on pet's fairy
Fairy never been impulsive
Focus always on compulsive behavior
Vipers, mental insanity,
Prostitutes, murders , dacoits
Plots, joints and shakes hands
All idiots followed her daughter
Broken glasses slid into
Veins of cerebral points
After Long exile
In nervous slumber
Daughter opens her eyes
A new crystal is made
Far , near, sounds, hooves
Movements to and fro
For owning crystal
Nothing, only a pinch
Of careless whisper.
NimmyMAry Kurian

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Women's Day

Today ask your self, every women,
Am I a good mother, treating my son and daughter equally,
Am I a good daughter, doing my duties not only asking for my rights
Am I a good wife, taking respect from husband and giving him respect
Am I a good daughter in Law, My Parent- in-law's are happy with me
Am I a good Mother-in-law, My daughter-in law feels warm and homely with me
Am I a good boss to my staff, Do I feel I can boss over them just because I have the power and the Women Rights with me.
Am I a good Women, treating all women with respect and not Jealous, Backbiting, Spreading rumors
Each Women Play your role well, demand Respect, Give Respect, Never Bow to any torture, never enslave anyone
suja nair

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A Daughter

The moment she's born is a blessed thing,
Joy to the world, let us rejoice and sing;

The moment she smiles takes your breath away,
So precious is she, she's mine you say;

The moment she stands you begin to weep,
For the future is coming and soon she will leave;

The moment she speaks the world seems to stop,
Amazement and wonder as you fall back and drop;

The moment she grabs you and speaks so true,
Tears stream down your face, for she said 'I love you.'

A daughter's a gift, a reminder so clear,
Her mother she looks like, you can only cheer;

A daughter's a gift, protect her you must,
By God's mighty hand, there's no one you trust;

A daughter's a gift, and in her you'll find,
Compassion and love, a heart so kind;

A daughter's a gift from the heavens above,
For there is hope in this world now, full of love.
John Hess

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Daughter's gone, daughter's gone,
Still my memories linger on;
All those moments through the years
Fraught with anguish, doubts and fears.

Yes, she left before her time,
Changing patterns with life's rhyme;
Left our nest, in love, unschooled
And I judged her sadly fooled.

Seventeen's a fright-filled age,
With emotions on rampage;
There she left, forevermore,
Left the welcome of our door.

Now, she's gone and wedded, schooled,
Leaving me completely fooled.
Though she left before her time,
She's in cadence with life's rhyme.

Now, there's glitter in my tears
And I laugh right through my fears;
Still my memories linger on-
Daughter's gone-Daughter's gone.
Joseph Anderson

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Poems On / About DAUGHTER