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Poems On / About DAUGHTER  4/19/2015 4:01:48 PM
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Cheeky Monkeys

My son's a cheeky monkey
And my daughter, she'll tell you,
That monkeys come in pairs, you see,
So lucky me's got two!

My daughter can be sweet, sometimes,
And occasionally my son,
And so my daughter's right, you see,
For luck gave two, not one!

(December 2007)
Charles Wiles

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My Best Friend

I am lost, without my daughter.
She comes around just for a quarter
making dinner for two.
Sometimes, is hard to do.
But, when will my daughter appear.
Why, does she leave me in the rear.
She is mine.
Only one of a kind.
How come, it had to end.
My daughter is my best friend.
Lori "Peanut" Hyer

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The Making Of Angels

"God" has a very special need for angels in "His" realm,
"He" needs some workers on his ship, for "He" is at the helm.
"His" ship sails on the sea of life, of rough and troubled waters,
The same sea that's a training ground for mothers and their daughters,
For this is where they learn to deal, with all that comes along,
A training place that gives them heart, and makes them true and strong.
I'm sure that "God" has got a source, to greatly fill "His" need,
Where daughters learn from mothers, and will take their turn to lead.
A training place for angels, that will be in rich supply,
As mothers teach their daughters, to be ready when they fly.
Richard Baird

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A Sultan's Daughter

I am the daughter of a Sultan and i need your love,
I am the daughter of a Sultan and i need your hand in marriage;
Come and see my father's wealth,
Come and taste my father's wealth,
For you are the only man in my mind.

A Sultan's daughter is what i am and i am in love with you,
So come and be my husband to be on this sweet love of mine.
Oh my handsome man, that is all that i am on this love;
'Asalaam-u-alaikum! ..... Wa-alaikum Salaam! ! '
Please come and let me take you to my father;
For you are the very man i want to marry.
Edward Kofi Louis

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Poems On / About DAUGHTER