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Poems On / About DAUGHTER  10/2/2014 11:28:46 AM
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Best Poems About / On DAUGHTER
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My Mother

She was born to a mother who had five sons
and she was the only daughter
The apple of their eyes
She looked very beautiful and was pampered by her brothers,
Father and by the (late) ruler of Gwalior.

She grew up well and became a teacher,
She then fell in love and got married to a handsome dude
and together
They made a handsome couple.
She gave him three lovely daughters
And they lived happily until one day she lost her husband.

She took to the road of hard life
And went abroad to look after her daughters
She looked after them well
And gave them just enough of what they need

The daughters are all happily married
And she has done her duty well
She sits back and relaxes
Until one day we hear that she is no more

She died of a stroke at age of 77
She lived her life thoroughly
And lived it pretty well
May her soul rest in peace
And may the perpetual light shine upon her
Is all that we ask and pray. Amen!
Debra Masky

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My Daughter Brittany

On the special day of October 4,1995
God gave me the perfect daughter,
A mother can dream about
You fill my life with laughter
Our love will never doubt
The moment my eyes first looked at you
I knew my dreams had all came true
As a little girl you were very shy
You're important in my life i'll never deny
The bond we created from my womb,
To the day you were born
Its a mother and daughter bind, that can
never be torn
I could'nt be any prouder, than I am today of you
You are my daughter, and my friend
And a wonderful person too
I know that i am not perfect, Its the best i can do
But every day I thank the lord for giving me
A daughter as special as you.
Please don't hide anything from me
For i am here for you and always will be
Life is not always fair,
So please come to me no matter what
We will work it out together, And know i care



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I Won't Lie

I won't lie to you
And say I've never cried
Nor will I insult you
By saying I never will
Because truly, just your presence makes me want to
Just seeing your face
Seeing you expect me to love you
To let you hug me
Kiss the top of my head
Like fathers usually do…

But I won't lie to myself either
And say that I would do that
Nor would I insult myself
By saying I would stoop to that level
Because I will never grovel for your affection
I will never look at you, and show any love
At least none beyond that which a daughter always has for her father
I will never let you near me, not again
Never let you in my life
Like daughters usually do…

I won't lie to anyone
And say I have any affection for you
Nor will I insult them
By pretending that I do
Because that's not who I am
I am not weak
I will never stoop so low
Never beg for your love, your time
Never ask you to see me as important
Not like a daughter usually would
Never mind… most daughters wouldn't have to ask.
Fae Sebastian

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Eternal Departure

Don't be scared of losing me
Even if I go
Then think I was the best flower in the garden
So God picked me
Imagine your daughter to be in the heaven
Surrounded by angels
And not by evils
Like the world we live in
Where finding an angel
Is a matter of luck
Even if i go
Then don't think Iam gone forever
For I will and always dwell in your heart
Stay in your memories
Whether in the time of misery
Whether it be in the time of happiness
Never think yourself to be alone
Since my spirit will always stand by your side
I promise,
Your best friend,
Will console you when you are in pain
And take part during the time of your happiness
Just like the time
When I was there with you
Please don't mourn my death
Since your tears will make me feel
As though I am gone forever
Yet your smile
Will make me feel
That I am still alive for you.
So dear,
You may not be the first one to lose a daughter
But maybe the first one
To rejoice
To the end of her daughter's sufferings
And the beginning of a peaceful aftermath of her life
My mother,
Keep my words
Your daughter wants nothing
But a smile on your face
While I rest in peace in heaven
nahreen rahman

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