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Poems On / About DAUGHTER  7/26/2016 8:09:35 PM
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Best Poems About / On DAUGHTER
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A) Collateral Damage


Mothers and daughters

they struck him down hard early in life he slaps me around plenty i cannot leave my daughter never cries

to feed my daughter I'll take on the whole lot of you the young men howl

i am a young mother in a time of famine my daughter dying at my breast my husband wants a son

my daughter was a love child a wedding to make it right a family joke to keep me honest

they have a one child only policy here he took my daughter sold her to the americans

as a child they mutilated me for fear i might become the woman i have become they will never get to my daughter

my daughter pregnant with first child the shift supervisor tells her child or work you decide but mamma we need the money

he makes me wear the hijab to veil my beauty from the others my daughter's eyes so very beautiful

Gulderen Baran

more honest the truth would be told so he walked off done with that he held out for for so long tonight we have what we came for he the shepherd we the flock tonight in istanbul Gulderen Baran age twenty-two blindfolded dragged into police headquarters stripped naked raped strung up to die tonight we gather to sing to his glory tonight at police headquarters in istanbul Gulderen Baran refuses to die


each day she sits against a wall in Oaxaca Mexico child asleep in her lap hand outstretched eyes fixed on the eyes of the visitors to Oaxaca Mexico as they pass by para mi nina para mi nina por favor but the visitors to Oaxaca Mexico in passing see in her eyes only the eyes of a peddler's daughter and squeeze by disturbed ten thousand years in the eyes of a beggar in Oaxaca Mexico when a beggar dreams it is as when a leaf falls

shadow girl

shadow among the many shadows bent to machines is all she is this girl this shadow girl the prudent men at sundown pull their fedoras low and head home 3a.m. this girl this shadow girl at her machine as we mean her to be in our new world order this girl this shadow girl

Farmer in hell

Steilacoom May 1945 - March 1950 said to be dangerous the man calls you out vocal lover silenced by men who dare but ragged intimacies who strip you half naked long burn down expose of legs thrown apart careless starved men who take you down into the dirt money passed around hands of dark insanities groping the furies the signed papers giving them the right needle one needle two needle three needles all the way down Frances Elena Farmer you are cured
paul bamberger

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Plastic Cookie

Like a teapot, I'm tipped to spill from my kettle snout
some silver tears, these few drops that glow and drip

their arrows down into the ground from off my eyes
and nose. I was going to send back the plastic cookie

fallen from your daughter's false stove, her pretend
kitchenette, into the net compartment that opens up

beneath my daughter's stroller when its pink flower
is broken open, which I discovered upon landing in

Newark, to push my nervy daughter along bright
airport corridors so that we might be reunited with

our luggage. My orange suitcase pops its atrocity out
from that mystery mouth that spills onto the metallic

fins that spool around, and I run to clutch at it, heave
its weight. Yet, just yesterday, it sat fat in your room,

contents sprung: underwear, diapers. The both of us
fearful for our respective daughters, too deep, perhaps,

in love with our singular daughters, drinking late into
the night, speaking of our daughters. Earlier, furious

your fearsome daughter pulled her entire plastic kitchen
down, crashed it to the floor, as if toppling a bookshelf

with the simple tug of a hand. Daughters astonishing
daughters! Mine with her dish-wash hair, plate eyes

full of gray-blues, wanting to play with your daughter's
stove, the plastic kettles, tea cups. Still little, wobbling

all over the room. Then dusk sat its fat ass down at last.
To our great relief, we found our daughters deep asleep,

and were free to drink the rum of us, which was, as it
always had been, a gradual drink. And you know what

you know with your hands, wish the night blacker since
blackest is forever. Who'd believe I'd be dropping such

bells of tears now, to hear them ring inside the earth that
absorbs them? Let us not hand down this history to our

daughters. Let's ignore what a plastic cookie means to us,
or for that matter why your daughter had one in the first

place. Forget your daughter's pale glare in that doorway's
3 a.m.: innocent us lying underneath and atop one another

on your lousy futon. Denier, liar, totem. You'd given me
a plastic cookie. No. You and your daughter gave me and

my daughter a plastic cookie. You cannot now comfort me.
So disown me. The soil is free. Within it lives all that matters.

One day, I'll see you down there. Daughter-free.
Cate Marvin

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The affection of a father is, daughter,
Sweet melody of a song is, daughter,
Live dream of every passionis, daughter,
A unique gift of universe is, daughter
Dear of dearest face is, daughter,
Don`t pluck these flowers,
Let them blossom

dr. ram sharma

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Heartbeats Skip, Love-Struck Daughers Wait

Heartbeats skip, love-struck daughters wait,
For their infatuations to arrive.
Heartbeats skip, love-struck daughters wait,
The atmosphere oozing a vivacious vibe.
Heartbeat skip, love-stuck daughters wait,

Lights dim, daughters gather like a tribe.
Heartbeats skip, love-struck daughters wait,
The music starts, the feeling hard to describe.
Heartbeats skip, love stuck daughters wait.
With pulsating sounds, the night becomes alive!
Francesca Marie

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Poems On / About DAUGHTER