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Poems On / About DAUGHTER  7/25/2016 10:53:01 AM
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Best Poems About / On DAUGHTER
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A Dialogue

ALLAH: Why do you? Is there a subject that makes you so sad, my daughter?
Me: Yes, will You listen to my complaint?
ALLAH: Well my daughter, talk
Me: I lost a book of life that are important to me. In the pages that contained all of my feelings, about my hopes, about dreams, about my future, feelings about my love to someone I loved very much. Is there someone had to steal it from me?
ALLAH: No one can steal it from you, my daughter. I am the owner throughout the universe. I reserve the right to take all that I have in life Leave. Without exception yours, my daughter
Me: So?
ALLAH: Do not bother with it, my daughter. I'm taking the book of your life. I will replace it with a better than now, because my plan for your future more beautiful, then
Me: Is it ya ALLAH? Thanks and gratitude to Thee. Forgive me too demanding and expect the best for my life
ALLAH: Never mind my daughter. Do you know what you should do if you want your petition I grant? Then do it - I will bless you.
Sari Mavi

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Little Sandy Is Not Feeling Good

Sandy is my little daughter whom I love More than my soul simply because I raised Her step by step, She is not feeling good, I don't know what happened to her! She was doing great, but Suddenly collapsed, I felt sad about her, She made mad and even crazy Simply because I don't know her case rightly! She only looks at me or I would rather like to say She stares at me without uttering a single word, Had I know what happened to her, I would have done more than my best fully, Little daughters perplex our hearts and even our minds, We have a lot of problems in our minds adding to them Sandy's sudden sickness, She can not sleep nor she can rest Simply because she is not okay, I don't know what to do her! Staying like this will not help nor Waiting for other things will not help too, It's difficult for a little babe to tell What's going on, Little Sandy suffers and that lets me suffer, The only choice is to a vet clinic Because Sandy is my little kitten Whom I consider her as one of my kids, This is Sandy and that's me, If she suffers, then I suffer, so Please pray God to cure my little kitten (daughter) !

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The Sailor's Song

I LOVED the mother, and I loved the daughter. He sails for many a month, does sailor Jack. I loved the mother when I left her; I loved the daughter, too, when I came back.

One woman is as good as any other! When I set sail I had the bloomin' blues. When I came back we all went on the booze. The mother's dead, the daughter is a mother.

A sailor sails for months and months, my dears. Hello, it's time this tar was on the water. Now, Mammy, keep a sharp eye on yer daughter. I'm coming back for her in fifteen years.

translated by Jethro Bithel
Paul Fort

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Father Daughter Moments

My daughter said something the other day
We were sitting on the front steps, talking
Someone wanted to enter the building, she stood up and said 'we're just having a father daughter moment'

My daughter is still young, only 27
And hearing her say that, my heart swelled with pride
She still wants to have moments with her father
My adult daughter still needed me

So much is said about the mother-daughter bond
But there's an even stronger bond between a father and a daughter
No matter how old she is, she's still daddy's little girl
And he always wants to be there for her

Father daughter moments last a lifetime
From playground accidents to a broken heart
You do your best to help her pain go away
Because when she's in pain, you are too
Harry J. Couchon Jr

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Poems On / About DAUGHTER