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Poems On / About DEATH  2/6/2016 7:09:58 PM
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Best Poems About / On DEATH
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Die Young, As Late As Possible

I dont want to die now, not when there is so much more I'm yet to achieve. I dont want to die cursing death because I belive that in time, I could have done more.
Yet again, I dont want to die an old man's death, full of regrets and cursing death and why it never came sooner. Being bedridden for years yet all could have ended in seconds, since being bedridden is as good as death because life and time passes you by.
Instead of dying now; a youngboy's death, and dying then; an elderly mans death, let me die young, as late as possible...
Sakhile Junior Mndzebele

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Death's Real Time

Undoubtedly a few people are ready To die or some people know that death is Coming at a certain time which Which we ignore its real time... Mentioning it scares people even Those who strong or even heroes... It is greatly real that it is scary Even we know that is inevitable... Are we ready to meet with it Anytime, anywhere, and even everywhere... Like life is right, Death is itself a must Simply we can not avoid it Even if we try... Many people pass away everyday Simply because death never stops... Sudden deaths are accelerating rapidly and No one cares if this is his day or her day Will be sooner or later... Life is pretty, but Is really inevitable anytime... We do our best to live gladly, but We should be ready to accept our death anytime... We get busy with what we do everyday and We forget all about what will happen to us anytime... Balancing between our daily life and Our readiness for the worst makes Paying attention that we have big issues Which death is one of them anytime... The more we balance between our daily life and other things, The more we get ourselves ready for sudden and unexpected things Anytime, anywhere, and even everywhere on our planet... _____________________________________________________________________

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That Bitter Death

Death is inevitable anytime Simply because that's the way with Our life... Those poor emigrants fled their fate To meet the fate itself... From fate to fate They encounter the same death that awaits them... They flee to find a better haven, but Instead they find that bitter death as Baits to all kinds of fishes, To all kinds of criminal human traffickers, and To all kinds of unexpected circumstances Anywhere and everywhere... The whole world is watching coldly and Without doing any action towards those poor emigrants... Fleeing from one fate to meet the same fate means that someone is inevitably dead even If he or she tries not to die... Death's shadow chases those poor emigrants Anywhere and everywhere... Everyday they tell us about those death tolls Of more and more of those poor emigrants like Any item of news or like any trivial thing... Our world is ultimately bad, ugly, absurd, and even cruel In dealing with all of those poor emigrants' situations... Death tolls increase day by day, but The whole world's reaction are ultimately down! Our world is greatly cruel! Our world is greatly cruel! ______________________________________________________________________

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Death Pt 2

Death, it comes to take you away like a thief in the night, it comes to take your soul away from civilizations.
Death likes to come and snatch your happiness away from you; it likes to take away your love ones and the ones that you care about.
Death is the devils best friend, death is just a way of saying of hi. There are many ways of telling death to back away but sometimes death comes and beat down your door to your soul and takes whatever it has left.
Natasha Ligons

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Poems On / About DEATH