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Poems On / About DEATH  10/21/2014 5:19:03 AM
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Best Poems About / On DEATH
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Cannons raging at a million decibels
Ears pounding; shattering with blood
Death cannibalises as internal structures combust
We all must die
The time has come
Apocalypse of the very nations
Apocalypse of the very foundations of our ground
Nothing shall survive
Nothing shall endure
Nothing shall make its way through and be stronger
Predicted for millennia
Passed off as a joke
We all must face the consequence of our naivety
Corpses thrown bloodily up in the ashen, collapsing air
Lungs constricted unable to scream
Bodies decapitated; torn to fleshy shreds
Death, death, death, DEATH, DEATH, DEATH, DEATH
triumphs at last; his era has come
Scythe in hand he strides amongst us
Nought but carcasses evolutionising
The time has come
Apocalypse of the people
Apocalypse of the children of our children
Nothing shall cry
Nothing shall scream
No dignity or help shall our deaths be granted
Only a silent vanish in the chaos of hellfire and doom
Death raging all around
Throbbing noise as the Earth itself pulsuates and
opposes the mutinous ravaging of itself
We lived our lives without being believers
Only so many of us expected the worst
Others expected to live forever
We all thought ourselves so wise yet we are none
Our bodies ashen and greying, withering in sight of
All that is happening to our home
No-one has family anymore; no-one has friends
Dead and dead again
Death, death, death, DEATH, DEATH, DEATH, DEATH
crows over our desolate forms
victory in his eyes so black and
satisfaction at the eventuality of his once-hungered belly
Death, death, death, DEATH, DEATH, DEATH, DEATH
is here, has come, to take us all
to suck our souls with his jawless mouth
for it is it is it is it is
the time
Alex Daydream

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am i afraid of what life has in store for me
i think maybe its a fear that need to be
somehow I'm not worried about the future
i use to be so scared of death
death, death is nothing
i can face death
i wonder if i care about anything anymore
or if the numbness from the dripping cuts
is worth more than life in itself
the indentations on my body
I'm facing death
death, death is nothing
is it courageous to face death
the blood dripping
from these cuts
its all a blur
and I'm numb
the feeling of feeling nothing.
Audrey Marie Kay

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Secret of Death

”What is the secret of Death? ” wonders the Sense
“Life and Death goes hand in hand” answers Life
“People don’t fear Death, they fear the thought of Death” exclaims Death
“Those who fear Death has lost Life” answers Time
“People respect Death more than Life” answers the Present
“People fear the Unknown” says the Future
“There is nothing to fear except fear for itself” answers the Unknown
“The answers is hidden in the heart of Life” whispers the Heart
“I am all there is” shouts Love
“Love life as it is” whispers Death
Saga Raijasdotter

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Reminding You

I left death
Death did not
Leave me
I am one
With death always
Everywhere and
I am one with death
I know death
At the opening hour
Death is not
Windy sky not clouds
Death is my
Conscious breathing
Death giving me
What not
That I am
Just in the evening
Like the morning prayer
My dear, line is not clear
And not that the train
Is at the outer.
gajanan mishra

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Poems On / About DEATH