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Poems On / About DEATH  7/28/2015 10:20:57 AM
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Best Poems About / On DEATH
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Die Young, As Late As Possible

I dont want to die now, not when there is so much more I'm yet to achieve. I dont want to die cursing death because I belive that in time, I could have done more.
Yet again, I dont want to die an old man's death, full of regrets and cursing death and why it never came sooner. Being bedridden for years yet all could have ended in seconds, since being bedridden is as good as death because life and time passes you by.
Instead of dying now; a youngboy's death, and dying then; an elderly mans death, let me die young, as late as possible...
Sakhile Junior Mndzebele

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Some say that death is only the beginning

i believe that death is just the birth of a life that we only dream of

everyone says that death is lurking around every corner

i believe that death stands right there behind us all waiting to claim her trophy

they say that death is but a man

i believe that death is actually a woman in disguise

all people say that death takes whoever he wants

i believe that death picks her victims based on who looks more promising enough to please her
Zackory Kzeminski

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Death Pt 2

Death, it comes to take you away like a thief in the night, it comes to take your soul away from civilizations.
Death likes to come and snatch your happiness away from you; it likes to take away your love ones and the ones that you care about.
Death is the devils best friend, death is just a way of saying of hi. There are many ways of telling death to back away but sometimes death comes and beat down your door to your soul and takes whatever it has left.
Natasha Ligons

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Death Comes Tonight

You lay eyes open in your bed, time is 3 in the morning yet sleep is no where to be found, for the death that is so close keeps you awake and keeps you in fear of the presence of this power of this darkness only one thing is for certain death has come.

Nobody can know why, or know how, to get death to come or go, . There is no performance there is no show, everybody is so scared that if they live like they are dying then they really will die, but death is an intitiy just meant to scare us all for he comes tonight.

Is it really a he, or a she, or an it, just another intaty, everybody has a name for it, passing, sleeping, dead, lost, forgotten, all things that mean the same for tonight is the night that death comes.

It has no warning for the waking eye, as the victims lies awake each night waiting fo rhte frist strike for the sickness to start, driving them insane. Death comes tonight

Lost from the pain of knowing deaths toment you raise the gun you grab the knife you pop the lid \, and you shoot, slice and swallow, as you die we can all watch at your funeral as we know that Death came that night.
Michael Buchanan

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Poems On / About DEATH