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Poems On / About DEATH  7/2/2015 4:49:06 AM
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Best Poems About / On DEATH
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Tear Days

black tears of sorow come from my wrists as i slice open every last thread of life i have. my breath begins to weaken. i start to feel dizzy. and then, only then do i see her face, the angle thats been waiting for me. she welcomes me in to her caring arms and i embrace her. people say they are afraid of death, yet dying is so inviting and we need to embrace death follow it and do not fear it for the power of death and love can easily be matched. all this time i've been waiting to meet her, the perfect girl, my love, now that im dead i have found you. it was simple all i had to do was load that revolver and pull the trigger. now i will live with her forever in heaven and love her like no love has ever been. death to me does not sound like such a bad idea.
Kevin Massie

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Death is better than life. This lonely life and this lonely night are both equal to death. Always I beg for death although death does not come to me. Let me die because this world does not require me. I am not crazy and I have survived the worst. Hopefully future will be better but will I still be alive to see the future? I ask myself about why am I still breathing the air of this world? A question mark is the ending. Will I still be alive to see future of this world and of my life?
Rohit Sapra

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Death To Be Healed

Death is a scary thing. I have had a death or 2 in my life. some one from my school died. It was hard. Every day for 2 weeks seeing lots of ppl cry. not fun. seeing the body, pale, looking like he is alive. I cried for days. i miss him so much. I'm still not healed. the Death is not healed. soon Death to be healed.
Zoey Damien

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That In-Between Period

That in-between period starts From our moment of birth into Our moment of death accurately Simply because all that happens Between our birth and our death Goes like a movie that reflects All our happenings daily just To figure out what goes on in life... We face a lot of things in our Daily life, good or bad, that depict The whole of our situation fully... We realize that life shows itself In that in-between period for every Individual anytime and anywhere.. Our life that starts from that Moment of birth into that moment Of death is like a book either Written by else with daily pages Reflect the accurate moments we Face willingly or unwillingly.... Everyone's in-between period is Inevitable because that's life... That book of life is a reminder That our whole life is merely like A movie that extends from our birth Into our death anytime fully..... This in-between is our whole truth of What we do exactly between two periods... _____________________________________________________________________

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Poems On / About DEATH