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Poems On / About DEATH  2/7/2016 5:40:28 PM
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Best Poems About / On DEATH
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The Gift

Death has come, he wades over me like a sail casting over water, slowly my heart beat comes to a cautious tune, my slumber is deep, too deep to atone. As death hovers over my soul in a chilled cell of a room, it reaches out examines my soul, drifting from side to side, I feel its presence behind my closed eyes. The room now frozen with empty life my soul reaches to breathe let go it says to death its not my time with a mere whimper. Death cannot control its toll, it wafted away form me in my sleep, my soul has returned, my heart resumes true with pain. The pain that reminds me he will come again. The room now silent my eyes left open, tears frozen in time, a voice of light in my mind. Live it says not your time I will be there, now he is here and I live. Now I stand hovering over your soul smiling side to side, I am ready for you are you ready for me, I feel nothing, no more pain because here I am again.
Jose Aguilar

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You're everywhere,

With your evil stare,

My friends are with you,

but Death,
You can't scare me too.
Raven Pilipczuk

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death is all around
death is everywhere
seat is near
death is very dear
death is love
death is only mine
death is alone
death has no soul
death is,
the only thing i know
Molly O'Shaunessy

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That In-Between Period

That in-between period starts From our moment of birth into Our moment of death accurately Simply because all that happens Between our birth and our death Goes like a movie that reflects All our happenings daily just To figure out what goes on in life... We face a lot of things in our Daily life, good or bad, that depict The whole of our situation fully... We realize that life shows itself In that in-between period for every Individual anytime and anywhere.. Our life that starts from that Moment of birth into that moment Of death is like a book either Written by else with daily pages Reflect the accurate moments we Face willingly or unwillingly.... Everyone's in-between period is Inevitable because that's life... That book of life is a reminder That our whole life is merely like A movie that extends from our birth Into our death anytime fully..... This in-between is our whole truth of What we do exactly between two periods... _____________________________________________________________________

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Poems On / About DEATH