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Poems On / About DEATH  7/30/2015 1:07:59 AM
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Best Poems About / On DEATH
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The Gift

Death has come, he wades over me like a sail casting over water, slowly my heart beat comes to a cautious tune, my slumber is deep, too deep to atone. As death hovers over my soul in a chilled cell of a room, it reaches out examines my soul, drifting from side to side, I feel its presence behind my closed eyes. The room now frozen with empty life my soul reaches to breathe let go it says to death its not my time with a mere whimper. Death cannot control its toll, it wafted away form me in my sleep, my soul has returned, my heart resumes true with pain. The pain that reminds me he will come again. The room now silent my eyes left open, tears frozen in time, a voice of light in my mind. Live it says not your time I will be there, now he is here and I live. Now I stand hovering over your soul smiling side to side, I am ready for you are you ready for me, I feel nothing, no more pain because here I am again.
Jose Aguilar

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That In-Between Period

That in-between period starts From our moment of birth into Our moment of death accurately Simply because all that happens Between our birth and our death Goes like a movie that reflects All our happenings daily just To figure out what goes on in life... We face a lot of things in our Daily life, good or bad, that depict The whole of our situation fully... We realize that life shows itself In that in-between period for every Individual anytime and anywhere.. Our life that starts from that Moment of birth into that moment Of death is like a book either Written by else with daily pages Reflect the accurate moments we Face willingly or unwillingly.... Everyone's in-between period is Inevitable because that's life... That book of life is a reminder That our whole life is merely like A movie that extends from our birth Into our death anytime fully..... This in-between is our whole truth of What we do exactly between two periods... _____________________________________________________________________

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Death And Birth

Death leads to birth rather than birth, to death.
Birth is close to death and not vice versa.
Every birth is at the result of a death.
Death to birth, not birth to death, is the path.

The death of clay is the birth of a pot;
The death of the pot is the birth of clay.
Ice melts to water and water forms ice.
In each conversion, occur death and birth.

The death of a night is the birth of a day;
The death of a day is the birth of a night.
New Year means the death of the old year too.
In each transition, takes place death and birth.

The death of a seed is the birth of a plant;
The death of gametes is the birth of an embryo.
Salts die to form cells; cells die to form salts.
In each growth, form death and birth of matter.

The so called death and birth is nothing but
Deaths and births of forms made of matter.
The matter itself does not die to be born
But is converted to different forms.

Elements disappear to form plants.
Plants as food add to the animals’ flesh.
Plants and animals on death liberate
As elements, serving through worms and germs.

When a child is born, there’s no birth of life.
The embryo transforms into a child.
When a man dies, there is no death of life.
The body disintegrates to salts.

Matter, energy and life have no death
They have got one birth since when they’ve been.
They interact and come different stages
In which the pattern is death and birth.
Rm.Shanmugam Chettiar.

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Sentences On Post-Conceptual Poeticsn Dec,2009.

post-conceptual poetics is a redefination of being a robotics in digital age, humanity in the conceptual frame of digital machinery, a machinery of reflection on the machinery set ut by I-machinery in the operation of social and intellectual capital.A dead butterfly knowing that she can fly over death with language of conceptual networks.
.. conceptual poetry is not like poetry but post-conceptual poetry is more like a poem of immortal death-death reflecting the happening of death.At the same time death or concept or conceptual metaphor -
today, i have finished writing 'POst-conceptual poetics and life' in Yangon, Myanmar in Myanmar language.I will publish in local magazine, first.maybe, self-publication: the conceptof death in robotics and the concept of death in human machinery, reflecting social capital and intellectuial catital connected with ethics beyond borders.
public is not the message but the response and speculations about texts and artworks.that is what i mean by multi-displinary artist/post-conceptual writer.
contemporary post conceptual way of life is being in the beyond but becoming in the present.
Thein Post-conceptual reality: Death is not the concept but a immortal machine to generate the wisdom of elimination for the illusionist's pleasure of visuality and colours of language capacity which is building the game of dyfunctional artificiality of digital age people are obesessed with.
death is a permanent gamer in language game of a post-conceptual writings.
death is immortal.death is immortal.death is immortal.death is immortal.death is immortal.death is immortal.death is immortal.death is immortal.death is immortal.death is immortal.death is immortal............
. death, suffering, obsession, pains and attachments. ignorance, ignorance, ignorance, ignorance, ignorance, ignorance, ignorance. death, suffering, obsession, pains and attachments. ignorance........
.. (1) analysis of consciousness: sensational realities is just illusive run-away, no existence but the engagement of mind and sensational objects. (2) mind is the open abstraction which is depending.........
othing, nothingness, nothing, nothing! that's all I don't posessess.
no hope no friend no family no home no nativity no nationality no fame no name no future no points no market no identity no possessions
clear deconstruction of biased skins Only left white action, speech and contemplated wisdom with fresh energy beyond time frame a white snow mountain.. Are you coming from another planet? ! ! @#$%^&*() _+1234567890qwertyuiopzxcvbnmqဆ တ န မ အ ပ က င သ ဖ ထ ခ လ ဘ ........... life is covered by a layers of skins-meaning, culture, conversational skills, talks, established education, certificates, friends, neighbours, dignity, concepts conditioned, sociality and liberty...
thoroughly Ga Ga Na Na thoroughly Ga Ga Na Na thoroughly Ga Ga Na Na thoroughly Ga Ga Na Na thoroughly Ga Ga Na Na thoroughly Ga Ga Na Na thoroughly Ga Ga Na Na thoroughly Ga Ga Na Na thoroughly Ga Ga
Names are coming out of your skins. A name of a rose: rose is a rose is a rose is a rose............ Ga Ga Na Na Ga Ga Na Na Ga Ga Na Na Ga Ga Na Na Ga Ga Na Na N
The Wonder Institute Promise is initiated. But then logic is a constructed demand. Ethics is a supply for a constructed logic. Equilibrium among promise, logic and ethics is a nexus point of unity, harmony and energy. When promise is achieved, You are an alice in the wonder institute. (a basic economic instinct-supply &demand.
the story of nothingness: a poor man has nothing; a rich man needs nothing; if you die, do you think it will happen nothing.
what is your social, political, economic and personal machinery of yours? HOW CAN YOU ESCAPE AWAY FROM IT OR DEAL WITH IT?
let's redefine tolerance? Is it a really working without limitation/Theory of cause and effect is not a time-based sequence of event.Six senses and conscience must be separate.whatever care for others who are unlucky is a virtue.
nothingness show its nature when change happens and you are in the awareness of change, not under the concept change.
no mathemaTHICAL equations in life and so life becomes a suffering site. how can you redefine site-spEcific aRT?
I want to confirm you that some exceptionally beneficial Moment that we wished for and that you were waiting for has come. Huge POSITIVE changes are going to happen for you.Just visionary poetry for everyone who read it! ! ! ! !
cause and effect is not one after another continuum/linear meanings but parallel or alternative realization/satory of life in fire.
cause and effect is not one after another continuum/linear meanings but parallel or alternative realization/satory of life in fire.
alice in the wonderland is now a contemporary poem!
no repercussion but comtemplating on present moment-to-moment suble changes in and on your ever-changing realities.
human beings are in a way puppets generated by their own habits, skills and concepts but the freedom of puppets is that they are not like human beings not in the theatrical reality but in the crafted reality reflecting truths of physicality and humanity.
But can Puppets change the world?
Puppets synthesize ideas - the essence of a thought, concept or character.
is quality of life considered on the identity or the place where you come from?
what is your disruptic ides for managing your systematic life on daily basics?
L ight's shadow is light itself!
not the I-machinery but the multi-skins-deconstruction of social, political, intellectual and humanistic constructions.
Nyein Way

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Poems On / About DEATH