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Poems On / About DEATH  11/25/2015 7:35:38 PM
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Best Poems About / On DEATH
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On Death

In Death we become our true selves.
Death is a Privelage not a punishment.

Only in death do we find true atonement and salvation.
Death is merely eternal sleep.
Lilith Rose Reitenbach

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Hello in there can you hear me can you hear my screams can you hear my cries do you see my pain do you see my scars.do they scare you to.they scream at me make them stop.they live like monsters under my bed am to scared to look knowing they will get me so i hide under my covers like the weakling I am from my enemies that wish my death what do i do I can't fight back their to strong.I walk these halls waiting watching they'er there I know it I can feel it the hate they have for me I scream why do you hate me what have I done you don't know me I don't understand the insanity grows in my mind my screams for help are not answered am drowning that it yeah thats it drowning, drowning in the hate that so many have for me. why is this happing all i want is to be me.why do you want to change me am i that bad.please just leave me be.were i can be me.All that i have to live for is my friends they are the only ones that care.For them I will live and only for them.My love goes to you and only you.But life is getting so hard to live with the pain that i feel daily are starting to kill me.Its getting hard for me to find the will to wake up every morning.The only happiness that I have are when my friends are happy I live to make them smile when i see them smile i can finally allow my self to be happy but i fear I can no longer make them happy they lie to me and i know it the days are getting longer for me I think am dieing yet I can't feel so i wouldn't know I bleed I can feel it but when i look i see no blood.I feel nothing sometimes i hurt my self to see if a still alive.But theres pain from something long before.All i feel is pain but when the pains not there i feel nothing making me wish for the pain to come back so i can feel again.I don't understand anymore and am to tried to try.When I cut myself i don't feel the pain I don't feel anything all i can do is watch with a sick smile as the blood runs down my arm the pain thats suppost to be there was not so i stopped no longer interested my thoughts turn to death. my love for death makes so many fear me give me a reason to live and maybe my love for death will lessen.
Courtney Caine

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Death happens everyday but people think that its no big deal
what if you are the one who die next do you think it would be a big deal then.what if your mom or dad or bother or sister die right in front of you or what about you bestfriend you would be hurt and wish you were there.death is a big deal and some people need to realize that, i know that some people think of darkness and think about killing them selfs thats i not sure what people think and what they will do and i know cuz i used to be someone like that i used to be that one that thought about killing my self everyday thinking that if i cut deeper and deeper that it will feel better and better cut i got to the point were i almost killed my self. i hated that life i know that people think about that and i know that some write how they feel and they go deep and i want to help the people that think about death and killing them selfs i know that what i have been there can change some ones mind and maybe save a live. but thats up to them. its something that is really hard to go throught and doing drugs to make you feel good is not good at all every one that has done so many durgs are dead now or really messed up i use to take pills every night not just one and not just two i took 9 to 12 and tried to kill my self its not fun i just want to get this message to everyone i just want everyone to see whats its like and what you go through. death just sad.
taylor clayton

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Death Doesn'T Ask

Death doesn't ask when I want to die
Death doesn't ask if I will die night or day
Death doesn't ask me which day I want to die
Death doesn't ask me if I am happy or sad to die
Aldo Kraas

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Poems On / About DEATH