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Poems On / About DEATH  7/10/2014 4:37:36 AM
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Best Poems About / On DEATH
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Death is not death.
If birth is a manifestation of life,
Death is another.
So why bother with death?
Why bother with death any more than with birth?

Every thought about death
Takes a moment of life away.
Dejan Stojanovic

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Enormous and Vibrant Temple

I want to bury myself away in an enormous and vibrant temple
I say death, and all the flowers come in
And flowers don't feel anymore

I am free of my conscious soul
I was half - death made me whole

Illogical sleeping habits never appealed to me
I have always wondered - I am dead and I am free

Sleeping is not what death is about
It's not what breath is about

I'm feeling like a lonely lover,
Who won't wait until its over

Death just hase to be nice
Pink, plausible virtues gather around me to celebrate my death

I need to be silent, I need to be alone
And death is the cradle - although made of stone
Ankita Sharma

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death upon me

Death shall be upon
Every doorstep
As it walks the streets
Death is upon us
Looking at his list
For whom to take
But death take's
The best one's
But we have to forgive
As their time is over
And they're needed elsewhere
Death will return
Else where

The spirits he collected
Will fly to the night sky
As death come's upon us
He passes me by
My time aint over
As i have alot to give
But death will be upon me
When i cannot give
Karl Jones

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I often think of death
I question death
How does it feel
Who will be there waiting for me
Will there even be anyone there or waiting for me
I test death
Try to jump of cliffs but live
Try to cut myself but live
Try to kill others
Is this right
Am I supposed to think of death
Is this normal
How do I stop the thoughts of death
Do I become death
Do I get help
Do I just let this go on
Until I find answers I'll just keep questioning

Megan Kinsey

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Poems On / About DEATH