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Poems On / About DEATH  4/25/2015 11:45:56 PM
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Best Poems About / On DEATH
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Why Death

Why you took away my queen?
If I can ask, I will query death
Why you took away my queen? Death
I subbed, I for eternity cry why? Death
You took the soul of my heart, Death
One and only gentle in my kin, Death
Striking in her heart, light in her pace,
Attractive words in her mouth, death
Fine exploit mirror all her kids, death
Why? Please, why you took the queen?
She is the most adored sista I ever have,
Most beloved mum I have in whole world,
You don’t care the love, the kids, the relation,
You just took her away, to her internal house,
I wish you will take me with sympathy Death
Bello Hamisu Ida

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And Death Washes Only Bones

And death washes only bones;
The mouth of death speaks oft of every tounge
Never his patience once lost is found in all your nature;
Death washes a bone and the astrologer hands two back,
So the moon when lined up, shines down on Venus asleep.
Time smiles on the heart beating and long of face therein,
death puts it back on the middle shelf prearanged.

And death washes only bones;
Deep valleys are filled with man's rich oil,
And covered over memories by death too often dredged.
Lined up end to end exposed again to harvest the tears of wait;
And death washes only bones and man who drinks so bold,
There being no truth and lies sown shut death eyes all bottoms.

Is It Poetry

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Breath Of Death

Death is not death-
It is life without breath.
Life on earth is life that is blind-
Blinded by stress and the curse of time…
True life is life that remains untied,
Pure life is life that has honor and pride.
The cold breathe of death actually guilds-
It guilds to a place where darkness subsides…
Passed the shadow a secluded warmth is seen,
Benevolence and compassion becomes pristine.
Yes, this death is death indeed
A death of pain and an unheard plead.
However death is not death-
Only life without breath.
Brad Lomeli

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Everyone has preconceived ideas the religion fostered on us at the teens the preteens the after teens the mystic power of the spirit the places we have been to seek for JESUS the modern churches the out of the way places the helping others still the best way love another leave yourself and live in them the GOD that loves can make it all the better all the pain and suffering all the poor attempts to live out brief candle out no need to shout your name in the darkenness refrain the clamoring for life goes on even after death in tombs the bodies rise most every day to show themselves arisen from decay the murderers see the Ghosts not ghosts at all but real life people coming from the dead to claim the life that has been given marking time in their deliverance one person one life reminds me of the CASH song “Will the Circle be Unbroken”? Then the scripture leaps at me the Father against the son the Mother against the daughter the good citizens turning in the Christians who will not receive the number we are mostly one person homeless and forgotten rotten teeth rotten timbers no one calls our numbers cell phones lay forgotten in the afterlife of Jordon. Global Payments and Cash Management in the Middle East is a specialized unit of the HSBC Group that delivers cost-effective solutions for our customers' payments and cash management needs meeting the Cash Management requirements of corporations requires end-to-end service and quality, combined with first class delivery. Forgotten is the memory of dead and murdered relatives the Christians martyred GLOBAL is the key word WORLD WIDE WEB has turned the individual away to hunt and peck the keys the individual walking on the ground trying to get work is there turned down he tried to steal he went to find he was not me he could not scrounge not happy with the meat he found he walked past the edge of one too many fences and they shoot him down riddling him with bullits from a dark and evil gun happens more than once in a world of stray indigents and residents and palisades small itinerants never learning lessons of a world controlled by law. Trespasses need not end in death eye have been guilty of it all with real policemen pointing real live guns at me for what for homelessness and caviar asleep in someone's yard the phone attacked the night before the strength of want the alcohol in charge of me half drunk and waking up to guns in face the time eye spent in jail disgraced not helping me the needed help too far away no one can enter solitaire to help the Arab emigrate the Jew for Jesus lost his head one day they came the soldiers of the great U N and took them all away the Christian poor among the flagstones of the center squares are there enmasse the only crime was being there intentions of the majority will rule the lives of individuals not worth the time it takes to build a gallows wall in the middle of the wall the blade the chopping block of hate the guillotine layed down the rope is sprung no waiting in a line or queue death must rule the multitudes. This fable was begun on hope for risen dead and still the life of JESUS must go on to graves and afterlife's come not once but twice when death has come to unforgiven men who died with weapons in the hand refusing to acknowledge JESUS as the Lord the MAN Above the land they kill before the sun has risen in the land they march the dead to gravestone places leaving them in large black body bags with numbers on. Twisting an ending on this dark poem fabel nowhere to make it lighter with my hope for eye believe the hour is upon us the end of freedom life and hope the treatise of this surface mirror must soon face the death that comes to each and every living creature To JESUS and to Heaven is my hope. No one likes a killer anymore people go to the executions and stand inside the door wanting to see the man in death the one who killed the loving daughter they want to see him in his last and painful hour as the injection takes him out. Yes oh gentle reader ewe the eye would spare ewe any thought of such an ending but for me the first in line to go the date the hour is not important just the fact that it will come upon me is enought to make me pale before a just and loving GOD who has the power to erase the eye in HELL. Today it was a wallet eye found it in the traffic the leather was so nice but the inside was so jagged making me worry some for the owner at first eye feared a robbery but then the man could have got a new one and then discarded his policies and fallacies the lining was decayed and ripped apart bringing back my theory of the robbery again the place to start a memory of losing a wallet full of heart the empty ones eye had the long and glowing dark the radiation killing some the weak the lame the free no one escaping death the end of time upon us the religious and the atheist the purist and the corrupted youth the girl next door the boy in war the homeless lost in some dark alleyway no roof. It is hard for me to still believe that the ruling forces of the Government will haul the poor away to crematoriums graves and other places for them to stay away from the better masses the underscored classes with the numbers of this life written on the foreheads and the hands that have no JESUS. When it comes my turn at bat just let me go to pieces one and two and death will have no more power and dominium upon the soul of this JESUS FREAK forgiven. While the blade is falling iff they have not muffled voice eye will say JESUS just before.
Charles Hice

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Poems On / About DEATH