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Poems On / About DEATH  8/20/2014 5:44:38 AM
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Best Poems About / On DEATH
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Death Of The Dead

Death in memories
death in dream
death of cherrished
death of desired
death along the fine tuned songs
death along the deeds of our wrongs

Slowly bends our
from the morning rhyme
to the bedtime slippers!
and the sleeping pills
of the success drills!

With all the lights
gone off
into the evergreen night!
The dark shades
of our humanity
looms large in spite!

Still dawn sparkles
in a childish smile!
Along the hope of infinite mile..........
Suvro Bhattacharya

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It's a simple word
But when it comes around can end your world
You can die taking meth
or just falling out of bed
I love when you come around
and I love when you make that sound
It can be so sweet
But it can also make you weep
It's the horror of life
Who wants to be alive?
It's so beautiful right?
Mariangeliz Zweifach

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Lasting Death

From the very first
We all should know
That the end
Is not fad
The death will just come
To all there is
On the globe
But how ready are you?
Hot death is beyond you
Lasting death is your call
Be determined
Right away
I mean right now
It mat come
Accept the lasting death
That comes through Him
Who died for you
So that when you die
Your death will lead to life
Eternal life
That is
The Lasting death
Samuel Eyitayo

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introduction to post-conceptual poetics(3)

conceptual poetry is not like poetry but post-conceptual poetry is more like a poem of immortal death-death reflecting the happening of death.At the same time death or concept or conceptual metaphor becomes a butterfly flying into the textual eyes of the reader, reflecting and analysing the post -death death, poetics of life which can only be grasped by changing levels of realizing energy of focus on the combination of truth-condition and satisfaction-condition.This is the ghosted identity of post-conceptual poetics in the 21st century digital-culture raising hunanity in a surversive way.
Nyein Way

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Poems On / About DEATH