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Poems On / About DEATH  2/10/2016 2:41:41 AM
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Best Poems About / On DEATH
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A Rose To Remember....

i am reading about the death of a rose
i am reflecting about
death of freedom
it is all about a rose, a wilting rose, a brown rose,
a dry rose
each petal falling softly on the ground
a dry ground full of sand and pebbles
all footprints covered
abandoned, i am talking

about the death of a rose, the death of the freedom of the rose
the death of freedom, the rose of death, the freedom of death,

is it you now that i talk about? that i must remember?
have i met you before when i was but a thorn, a worm, a leaf?
was i the sand
a pebble, the wind? will you be a rose forever?
is there death in you?

i feel the wind, i smell the rose,
there is no death....

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Death Be Not Proud

?Death be not proud you this unseen creation working under the guise of darkness
were nobody could see you though muster and brave you call yourself so why working in darkness,

death be not proud for i know i'll lay cold in your hand one day, though i cannot precise the actual time nor day but it's obvious that i'll die for i came from one place and will definatly return one day
death be not proud for i have been redemed from you with the blood of the saviour with assurance of a resting place after death, but listen and listen good, all i care from you is to come at grey period,
death be not proud for you can only kill the body and not the soul, mind you: the shoe maker has mended my sole
death be not proud for all you've killed you couldn't show up a laurel which you've won,
what is the cause of your pride if i may know that after killing you could not eat who you've taken time to kill
myself as a man kill animals and eat them and am not proud of myself
death be not proud for ?i do not fear of the eternal silence
don't you know: the quite place is not the most silence place
no where as absolute as the grave
death be not proud for all you have killed have all gone to rest
but you the killer still wondering in the midst of night for where you could lay your head and put your bile underneath your poor liver
death be not proud for one day you will kill every body and them you will look round and found no one to kill again
then it will be a show of shame for you!
Adidu Adebowale Emmanuel

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Celebrating Death

Shaving the heads the barber he belongs to the same faith
For him it’s some money he celebrates each death
Celebrates each death the barber he earns from obvious fate
Shaving the dead’s loved ones will earn him at any rate!

The barber isn’t afraid of death for he has watched bereaved guys
Heard too many wails in life death doesn’t surprise
He goes through emotionless motions knifes clean their head
The more he bares the heads the more he earns his bread!

They bow their heads before him he blows their hairs away
In the aftermath of death it’s always him that holds sway
His eyes glisten in death’s joy before death he’s not craven
His work is justly finished when each head is cleanly shaven!

They mourn the departed ones shed grief’s copious tears
The barber remains unfazed perhaps chuckles in furtive cheers
A death in someone’s family a great loss for years to harbor
But for him a cause to celebrate fears not death the barber!
Pradip Chattopadhyay

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The Visitor

Death an inevitable life event
No one can escape.
Whatever one earns no matter
Death is there; the day is a mystery
Let it may come and face with brave.

But death is most difficult to contain
when it threatens the little lives
caught in the hands of dreadful ailments
Which have no sufficient medicines.

Death difficult to adjust
when it is the case of a child
In fact death is unwanted guest there
Where it makes sadness to all.

Death in suicide cases
Can't be accused as a wrongdoer
There death is a special invitee
irrespective of its interest or neglect.

Death, face the challenges of it
Life is the real thing to listen
Where more things we have to do
Death, may it take its own course and time.
Gangadharan nair Pulingat..

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Poems On / About DEATH