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Poems On / About DEATH  5/2/2016 10:08:50 PM
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Best Poems About / On DEATH
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Why Does People Go?

Life flashes by and before we know it everyone has died no one to go home to, no there because they done said goodbye. It seems unfair to me death takes the best being, and leaves the worst to stay and live there life. Why why though? Maybe because they have a rought life and the people death took were good enough to go home and not be restless anymore longer in this shity life. We as humans don't comprehend why people have to go, we just been thought to let them go and mourn like we have been shown, but what I've heard death is a beautiful, peaceful thing. So why don't we want our loved ones to go?
Angela Ratley

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We live each day wondering if it will be our last. And at the end of the day we thank God for letting us live another. But ask yourself this, 'Am I thanking the right person? ' Is God really the one to be thanking for living? Sure he created you, but it's not up to him if you die today or tomorrow or any day.. It's up to Death. God made you, but Death kills you. So in reality, you should be thanking death, for life!
Jazzy Thomson

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Alone And Death

Being alone is my fear, and death is your fear. Together we will over come eerything. Alone doesn't seem terrible when your with me, because I know you won't allow me to be alone. You shouldn't be afraid of death because I will always make sure nothing harms you. The grim reaper will never find you, and death will never over come you. Time will always keep going as long as you allow it to go on. Our fears are technically related because when you die, you are truly alone, so together we will make every thing perfect.
Davina Teeling

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After Death

Death, a son of life.
Life the mother of death.
As joy comes with birth,
So should it be for death.
How funny it is, the way we old unto life.
For Death might even be sweeter than life.

The place of death, no living man has been.
And no one is even curious to be.
But after death might actually be life.
Yes, I believe in a second life
But am not ready to see.
klever Gold

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Poems On / About DEATH