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Poems On / About DEATH  5/24/2016 10:45:32 AM
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Best Poems About / On DEATH
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There never really was a place of sanctity
For you, the mortal entity.
You thought you had prosperity,
The while you thrived and were.

Angels don't exist, you see.
You lived without a guarantee
Atop your brutal Earth.
Still, you had a birth.

And whither now, your crying whim -?
Answered by a tearing limb-?
Are you contrite; your valour slim?

And will He care...?

'Tis down to Him.

Copyright Mark R Slaughter,2009

Death has come, has death Death has come, has death
Death has come, has death Death has come, has death
Death has come, has death Death has come, has death
Death has come, has death Death has come, has death
Death has come, has death Death has come, has death
Death has come, has death Death has come, has death
Mark R Slaughter

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Having Alittle Fun In Life Is Like Going Through Your Heart But That Is A Myth That Needs To Be Shown Not Told

Having a little fun in life is like going through your heart but that is a myth that needs to be shown not told. The timing of life and death is hard enough to do things on your own for right now. There is a saying that goes “once you fool someone you fool them but if you fool them again fool on you.” No one thinks what life is after death, people say that they don’t know what life is until death happens to them or experience it. Life and death is like a dream without end to it. It could be like a dream there sayings from other people then there are my sayings like “if you can’t be anyone else then be yourself.” “Think about who you are not anyone else. They don’t run your life; it is you run your own life.” “Hearts, souls, and life is a key to being you and only you.” “You have your own light it is your heart and soul. You may have a dark side; it may be in your heart and life.” Keeping life close to you and keep death closer to you.” “Life is short so live it to the fullest of every bit of it because it will help you live better and make you feel better.” Things can get harder and harder then nothing in life is easy to be. Thinking that life is easy is not a good way of thinking about it I should know. If you want to I can show you the dark side or light side it is your choice. The dark side is where I live most of the time but I pull myself back into the light side of things for some fun reason why I do that, but it is a mystery waiting for me to look at it more often. Light and dark is like angels and the hellhounds of death. More people think im a freak because of this gift or power. My gift was with me when I had a little fun at night, (okay I will tell them about it) my friends told me to say this “that life is nothing but a dream with hearts and soul nothing else to think about. I will tell you that one night in the summer I looked over and saw a ghost but it wasn’t to bad it didn’t have red eyes, it had nice blue eyes. That had to mean it was friendly so it was freighting at first then it became a gift and a power to use wisely (the gift is believing) im a believer. That is what I am living by right now thanks (you guys) ” so many days of lies and despair it is nothing personal to talk about. Designing is part of life and death but I think that it is hard to make right now but I can manage it badly enough to say that “it doesn’t hurt that bad with the pain.” But it wouldn’t matter because I can handle the pain and other things right now. So many days of love and despair of things isn’t what I had planned to think about life and death, but now I see that I can have a little fun with everything else but not life or love. Okay that is just a myth a heart doesn’t need to be open to think that everybody has no fun, it could mean that it is time to think that a heart and soul has to be open to let some one in to keep living it not true it is hard to let someone in, so that way you don’t feel lonely and go off on everybody around (I should know about that it happened to me) . It couldn’t be a life long dream to keep one person inside you. I have to think about life and death but it couldn’t mean that there is something to do in life and death. The way most people treat others is like they have no respect for anyone at all right now. Being the one without a soul or a heart means you are always going to be cold to anyone or to yourself it is true with a warm heart. Hearts and souls can’t not be hurt but they can be mended back together. It happens to be that the more you think about life and death you tend to think about light and dark, it depends that it if your heart is broken it can mend back together over time but don’t let it happen again. (The first time it is broken is the painful part it hurts like hell but it can be eased like the rusty doors on gates.) That is the first thing you should find out why they did that to you or someone else. Think about life is just a death spiral waiting to trap someone inside it. The point is that it is death that will get you in the long run, but there is something that may be able to help you think about it more. That is life may or may not keep you safe but it will help you get out of hell and death. Nothing more than a passing dream that is life (it can be taken away in a flash if you are not careful about it.) there are like six or seven maybe eight main elements (wind, fire, water, wood, light, dark, and moon) that is if you believe in spirits or elements. Spirits are just like the life force that we need also that but they can guide you through a path and life. Not every spirit can guide you through life and a path; they come and go with the flow of things. That is one reason why I like spirits, they can be with you for one moment and then the next they are gone. How many days does life take before it can actually take someone? The answer is it depends on how old they are (even if they are like 50+years old.) going to die but I can’t live without thinking that life is just a passing dream. Okay get off of life, (think of something else) passion is just like having fun with some people and something else. Passion can be how one person thinks that life goes on without passion. Enough with that idea, (but it was good to think about that one) designing is just like a big part of life you cannot go anywhere with a design, but that is not true. Designing is part of my life, I can design things (that come to my mind) I can draw something that does not need to be perfect or real it can be made up and other things like a creation from lines and using a pen. It wasn’t that hard to figure the pattern in the drawings that I was making for things or even thinking about what it was about. There is a fine line in reality and fiction. This is the part where nobody thinks that life is easy to do without thinking about death. That is what people say “this is nothing without life in an empty body, so that you may be able to think what it is like without life. That is the beauty called death.” One thing is that many people may be able to call on or upon death (dark) or life (light) . Video games cannot teach you that much about something, it has something depends on what it is hurting someone or something. There is pain in the darkness and then there is no pain in the light. Killing the pain inside you is like having a bad idea or a bad mind. There are doors and then there are keys to go with those doors; like for this one door it took me to think about that one day for this door called “the nobody thinks about anything anymore” well that is the door, now the key is going to be called “start thinking about anything anymore people”. So that is what some people are saying that nobody likes you or anyone but they might like you for some odd reasons that they know what they are talking about. My lives are (there are 4 lives I can be living in) first life is being in this life I have right now, second life is being Romeo (my heart demon) , third life is with a friend that is close to me, and now the last life is being in a poem (which is what im in right now so I cannot get out yet of this life until I get done with the poem.) . This not what most people think about anymore but I still think about life and death (some things like; how many people dies without knowing that will happen or life is not a answer to keep running into death it is to run away from death.) that is what nobody thinks anymore is life and death or light and dark. Okay this is getting to the end of my poem but not right now it will be done early. The poem is talking about life and death (also light and dark) light and dark is a good thing to be thinking about. So is life and death but it has limits on thinking about those things. There is nothing that life or light can repair the break in of the death or dark. Light the way is the idea of going into the darkness, the way death comes is that death doesn’t come in to say that you are going to die right now but it is not a choice to life or die. This why god said that everybody needs to live in harmony, not at each other’s throats. Okay things are is like the world ending right now, but it could be the start of a new life or light (death or dark) . Getting to a place that has no meaning to it. This is not the last bit of my life and other things, I will write or type more poems, but for now I am thinking about things than just poems. This isn’t the reason why people hate me but they can say or think what they want to do it is not my life they are going to be thinking about. A question that I have been pondering about is; why is it that I am the one who gets into trouble? And there is like two more question that really bother me are; How many days does it take that before you know that someone you know is going to die? & The way people act has influenced someone on typing about their life, but the part of the question is that If you think about life you think about other things with that thought of life is also death, now thinking that life is great without death you got to learn that reality is nothing without fantasy? Okay now my life is getting to think that I cant have anymore fun after this year, because that I need to be serious with my school work. Things in life are really about to go around for a wild spin in or on something. This life is just getting to short to live without thinking about death or light (which is life) . But the way I act can effect someone else lifestyle or mine. That is being uneasily fair or nice. Which at some point in time is when you shall be able to know what the meaning of “life and death” I know a little about it, not a lot. There is when ever or thinking that life is easy, well it is not easy to be to a fifteen year old that can write poems better than anyone else. Yep I am fifteen and I love to write poems but I also draw weird things too. No one can take the light from you now or later in life, you have the advantage to take anything from yourself no one can keep you. It is a little known fact that life can be evil to you no matter what you do in to yourself, but you cant let a one person get into your way every time you are moving to somewhere. Keep a love one close but hold on to them as long as long as you can it may ne the last time you might see them. I should know about that it is my way of saying that life is hard on people but please don’t commit to things without knowing what you are getting into. It is that way of life or hoping for life to come by you. many people have been saying that “if you go with someone to a place, you should always have a plan. It can get bad or messy after a while.”
romeo vestweber

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Death is when my loved ones must depart
Death is a sharp pain in my heart
Death is this feeling of permanent sadness and pain
Death is when my loved ones have gone away
Death is the call to heaven or hell
Death is an eternal mansion or cell
Death is the lesson i need to learn about
Death is a loss, without a doubt
Death is this unhappy feeling i have
Death is pleasant on my behalf
Death is the day i end my life
Death is when i give up the fight
Death is happiness to the world around me
Death started when i gained my life
Death can be helped along with this knife
Death is where i shall go
Death is close, i kno
Death willl come fast
Death is vast
Death is what i see
Death lives inside of me
Death is joy to me
Death has come for me
Death is gonna take me
Death will stop my misery
Death loves my company
Death ends the pain
Death takes me on that train
Death is near
Death is finally here
Nick Andrew Smith

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Sinner's Visit From Death

Whence the reek, the sombre clouds?
Those of billows gargantuan;
Of storms immense, blushing black,
Wishing sought of me to assess?

And have I passed? I have?
Hence I hear a knock on oak;
Unwelcomed, dullened cloak
Flowing dourly - it was a bitter breeze.

‘Have you mulled my sins? ' I ask.
‘Have you seen my impotence -
Though observe destruction at mine hands?
Forgive me, I am but Man.'

‘And are not sinners forgiven? ' I excuse,
‘Hence forgiveness avoids me of Hell?
Must my Demons of Sin revisit eternally
And reflect back on me to suffer well

The synergy of vengeance and wrath?
Are you not now pitying of my terror?
See my withering, regretful flesh -
Feel you not my tardy repentance? '

But Death just focused his stare,
That which pierced my pulseless heart,
For I was empty of remorse in all my years.
He knew that - and led me away.

Copyright Mark R Slaughter 2009

Death death death
Death death death death death
Death death death death death death death
Death death death death death death death death
Death death death death death death death
Death death death death death
Death death death
Mark R Slaughter

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Poems On / About DEATH