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Poems On / About DEATH  12/1/2015 6:51:07 AM
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Death Of The Life

Death is not to be laughed at,
Nor cried at,

Death it is strong,
But will give up,

Death is the soul,
To every living creature,

Death well be in every story,
As life goes on,

Death is more then what we can handle,
But we live to die,

Death well wait,
Till it is yours turn,

Death is now my nightmares,
And in your too,

Do not run from death,
For it well get you worst,


Death is forever,
And never.
Anna Reeves

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Visit Malaysia Year Haiku - The Sandakan Death March (State Of Sarawak)

Sandakan death march
the march that still marches on
in some lives

death march anniversary
two recall a death march
on the close of a life march

Sandakan death march
now you can do it
for a fee

Sandakan death march
a death march
kept alive

Sandakan death march
now you to pay to go on
the same march

(There is a travel company in Kota Kinabalu, the capital in the Malaysian State of Sabah, which can help organise a walk on the death march route with a minimum of say eight people)

MELBOURNE: The fallen Australian soldiers of the notorious Sandakan death march were remembered at an emotional ceremony at the Shrine of Remembrance in Melbourne.
About 90 Australians, mostly relatives of those who perished in the forced march, turned up Friday to hear talks by two former prisoners of war (PoWs) recalling the horror days of World War II.
The event was organised by the Shrine of Remembrance chief executive Denis Baguley and Sabah Tourism representative in Australia Gwenda Zappala.
Despite their age, Sandakan PoWs Leslie (Bunny) Glover,88, and Robert (Bob) Ellice-Flint,90, who travelled from Queensland to be here, recalled vividly, for over an hour, their horror days in Sandakan, Sabah.
In the incident between January and March 1945, over 1,000 Australian and British PoWs were forced to march across 260km of treacherous terrain and dense jungle from the Sandakan prison camp to Ranau. Only six Australian PoWs survived.
john tiong chunghoo

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Death Reveals A Woman

In the face without masks
Death is a woman
In the moment you know yourself
Death is a woman
At the end of all questions
Death is a woman
As the well of all answers
Death is a woman
At the end of all regrets
Death is a woman
In the liberation through tears
Death is a woman
As the relief from battle
Death is a woman
In the loving embrace
Death is a woman
In the dreamless sleep
And in the endless peace
Death is a woman.

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The Flames Of Death

As the flames erupt. You look forward to see something you don't want to see.
Death stands before you with his scythe. He speaks to you. 'You're comin' with me.'
You get on your knees and beg for him to let you live another day to say goodbye.
He shakes his head and raises his hand. 'I can't let you do that. For today is when you die.'
You beg him even more but he justs shakes his head.
Death points at you and speaks with anger. 'You should be dead! '
You look at him and turn and run. The flames erupt before you as you flee.
Death chases closely behind. Scythe in hand. 'You aren't meant to be! '
You are trapped by the flames as Death comes behind you. 'Please no! '
Death swings his scythe and says. 'Sorry. But you must go.'
You cry as blood spews from you. You cry and tears douse the flames around you.
Death laughs as he leaves. The flames return too take you. You're life shall begin anew...
'In Hell! ' Death yells as the clock tolls...
Clint Tilley

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Poems On / About DEATH