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Poems On / About DEATH  10/8/2015 11:18:16 AM
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Best Poems About / On DEATH
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Death Right

You signed in blood…
The blood of the Devil
You signed your Death Right
Your Death Right to Hell.
I signed my Death Right,
Years ago.
In my own Blood, that the Devil
Gave to me at 24.
The Death Right can’t be burned,
Fore it is immune.
The Death Right can’t be cursed,
Fore it is already been done.
The Death Right can’t be torn.
Fore it is immortal.
Our Death Rights are forever
Even if you die.
Jade DragonHeart

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Yet Another Wound

I had died and gone to heaven,
And then fallen from grace.
Death had changed my life forever.
It sure has several shades,
But none of those we're wont to.

What is death but for its manifestations,
Wailing, contorted face muscles and eerie silences?
Death is but another cut on the bloodied body,
No more painful no more powerful.
Only you don’t live to take another.

Men have feared death since Adam died;
They paralyze at the thought of death.
Does death deserve life as its cost?
Can death wipe out life's best?
Is it not an event equalling birth?
Lightly, welcome the relief from evils it brings.
Saju Abraham

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A Journey Home

Through a blood sacrifice I was born, from the death of a king I was conceived, I was born when I died. The fire that held me down fueled my escape. I pulled my way to freedom with a scarlet thread; three spikes secured my path to freedom. A broken heart made me whole. Through death I was born, through death I was born. Blood stained me white; I’ve never smell something so sweet. Through the holes in a king’s hand I fell; I fell into an ocean of grace; with a splash I drown in a river of love. Through death I was born, through death I was born. An empty tomb secured my place, from a massacre was I saved. From the broken edges of eternity I was thrown, landing in a field of roses I stood and saw a thrown of fire, from the top of my lung I shouted “ forgive them, forgive them” A lion smiled and the earth shook, all went silent…

I awoke to the sound of thunder, an empty chasm spread before my eyes; a barren land was all I could see. Miles and miles of broken trees empty, filled the sky. Tomb upon tomb filled the streets the stench of death filled my lungs. A dragon roamed the sky in search of the perfect pray. The lonely sheep so unaware”OH GOD OH GOD! ” I cried” not him not him, ” the dragon moved in for the kill, time stood still… fire rained from the sky, scorching the earth as it passed, little sheep run, but it was too late the dragon had its meal. I fell to the ground my heart sinking in my chest, my mind filled with sorrow. Why God why did the sheep have to die… he strayed from the heard and would not return…..

An angel appeared before me, an angle like no other, glory filled his eyes, and Scars stained his robe. I look upon him with such horror, I knew I had done this to him; every scar caused by my selfishness. I fell to the ground and cried out “Lord oh, Lord forgive me, I hurt you so” He grabbed my hand and pulled me up; I felt the wind through his hands. “I have, I have”. I knew him as Forgiver, as love it’s self in its truest form. He wore a crown of thorns, when I asked him why he still wore it, he said to me” I am the King of glory, this crown is my honor, for with it I bought you salvation” Love flooded the darkest parts of my soul, I cried out “hallelujah”…

At the sound of my praise, my body came alive, the scent of fresh meat filled the air, the ground broke beneath me, and I fell into the depths of the dead, tombs began to open, the living dead standing before me, empty and broken they walked forth, the life that was given to me acted as a pheromone. The zombies shouted out in a chorus of death, “We want you soul” with a rush they came at me, blood thirst filled the eyes, I froze solid not knowing what to do, they swarmed around me tearing at my clothes. In a panic I screamed out “ forgiver”, I collapsed under their weight fearing for my life I prayed it would end quick…

A meteor smashed into the ground, just inches from the hoard of zombies. Instantly the swarm was incinerated, I was covered in ashes of the dead. I felt power course through my veins, a power that could only come from the sun, like a phoenix I raised from the ashes, I flew into sky and raced across the universe, to the place where light is born. I found myself perched on the tree of life atop of Zion. I was in the presence of the Holy of hollies. I could not bring myself to look into the presence of the most high. I fell from the branch, I landed in a place of perfect peace, ” welcome home son” I heard it clear as day, I was home, I was loved, and I was free. Praise God!

Gail Cross

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The Bonds Of Life And Death

The Bonds of Life and Death Are Strong

Anyone Can Be Struck Down Dead or Brought to life at anytime

Death Isnt Something That Should be Feared

What Should be Feared You Ask?

It is Life of Course

Life The One That Brings You All the Pain When Your Family Dies

Yes it is Life, Life is the Thing to be Feared, Fear the Pain the Hurt.

If there wasn’t Life You Wouldn’t Have to Worry About People Dieing

But if there wasn’t Death You Wouldn’t Have to Worry About Life.

Life and Death Are a Pointless Fear.

You Know What I Say F.ck Life and F.ck Death

Life and Death Are Worthless And You Wanna Know Something?

Life Can Be Controlled As Long as You Do Something With It As Can Death.

If Your the One Who Smokes and Drinks Your Just Throwing Away Your Life.

So Don’t Hate Death because You Have No Self Control Of Your Life

And Your Life is So F.cked Up Because You Don’t Have a Good Job Because You Didn’t Get a F.cking Education.

Mabye If You Werent Out With Your Idiotic Friends Smoking Crack and Not Going to Your Classes Mabye You Would Have a Good Education.

So Get Off Your Lazy Butt and Go Back to School.

Stop Hating Life Because You Ruined Your Life.

Then You Want Death to Come Faster Because You Ruined Your Life.

Iananno Manning

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Poems On / About DEATH