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Poems On / About DEATH  10/13/2015 11:44:04 AM
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A Meeting With Death

'How you die, ' black Death states,

'does not determine what awaits.'

I return in a weary breath,

'I will not be one to fear distress!

My death shall pardon my last few sins.

My death shall determine if I lose or I win.'

'But why granted child, ' Death questions, displeased.

'Would you not prefer a quick death with little but ease?

The pain is scarce, the knowledge is dim.

And my promising soul, It isn't so much as grim.'

The fire burns within, the pleading of this dark fool.

But by the power of God my heart quickly cools.

Not to icy stone that shatters the core

But the strongest of powers, that one must adore.

'Repent says the Lord, at death bed I shall repent.

If I die a dear martyr with the death I've been sent.

Or die an unworthy hero with the souls I have saved.

Then indeed you yourself would be not so grave.'

With this death disperses and God shines in glory.

It is then that I'm pleased there is more to this story.
Alicia Gordon

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Life Or Death

what is life without death
what is death without life
people comes from the big blue sky
people fly up high when they die
their familys start to cry

life is cold
to the bold
want to turn in to gold
but life is getting old

death is black
like a black cat
hard to know when death is coming
but death is coming

so live your life to the fullest
and to the goodest
cause soon death will knocking at your door

so you would just be laying in your death bed
with nothing to say
with one thing in your head
is this LIFE or DEATH
Demarcus Walker

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Death's Wings

Death was a bird that night
An ugly, vicious bird
Death's claws scratched at me
But flew away when I didn't bleed.
As it flew, darkness fell
Wings blocking out the moon.
Death screetched in frustration
When it couldn't break my skin
Death was too obvious
And realised.
Death swooped low that night
And caught her by suprise
Not a sound left its beak, nor her mouth
And death was silently satisfied.
To strike again was simple
Death had learnt a new trick.
And so began a time
That death shed its feathers.
Danielle Guscott

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Compassionate Thoughts

Compassionate thoughts and feelings of emptiness
Are almost always expressed in sadness, grief, or distress.
But in conflict of life and death there is a pause
For life is a common interest, for death there is no cause.
In a split second in time life and death must cross
And the feelings of sadness, grief, and distress are lost.
An important relation is death for life and life for death
Since both cannot occupy the same space, one is left.
Then brings sadness, grief, and distress for the life that had to end
And compassionate thoughts and feelings of emptiness happen for the next life to begin.
Jason Summers

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Poems On / About DEATH