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Poems On / About DEATH  5/1/2016 4:19:59 PM
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Best Poems About / On DEATH
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Event Of My Death

Event of my Death
As I Iay in the dawn of the hours waiting for my body to rest
I wonder what I will do in the event of my death….
In the event of my death most just think heaven or hell
No not me it doesn’t stop there…
In the event of my death my spirit will leave my body
My spirit will truly start living
In the event of my death I case my location,
Thinking about what led up to this…
In the event of my death I will visit all my loved ones…
My first visit will be to my king..
I will watch over him making him feel secure..
In the event of my death I will make my presence known
I will make them feel me in the heart and their surroundings…
In the event of my death I will travel…
I will hover over all the pyramids in Egypt,
I will explore all the places I’ve never been..
In the event of my death I will talk with my creator..
I will know all the answers…
Most of all In the Event of my death I will meet with my brother..
My brother and I will be together again…
In the Event of My death I will realize I’m really not dead..
In the Event of My death I will know that my spirit lives on..
I will know what living is all about…
In the Event of My death I will be immortal
I will be goddess a In the Event of My death...
I will be what I was born to be....
I will be free
I will be free of insecurities, free of poverty,
free of calamity, free of a broken heart,
Free of depression, free of negativity,
Free of racism, free of prejudice
I will be free In the Event of my Death
I will be all the things I was born to be...
I will be powerful, I will be beautiful, and I will be limitless
I will be a Goddess in the Event of my death...
Now what will you be....
Author: Templar Thomas
templar thomas

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The journey of death, I think of dying as it were
a sleeping process which it brings our thoughts
the illusion of angel's, heaven, clouds and paradise,
we see ourselves in a utopia dream world,
that brings us peace and harmony. Death is a
sad word; a word that is continually present with
melancholy thoughts that haunts the mind. I always
dismiss it from my mind, but always comes back.
It's there always trying to torment me, maybe if death
wasn't so enigmatic and dreadful, our thoughts would
change. We wouldn't think about it at all. When I think
of the old age, is like thinking, death is near, it's the
nearest thing to old age. Death, death is like a cold
and lonely sigh, Death, it comes like thieves in the
night, it takes you and it wont give you a notice nor a
warning. A deep anguish takes over our feelings;
death is a sad word, An empty sensation and a huge
grief, that torture's the soul and mind. Death we can't
defeated, escape or make it null. A reminder each
day that time will eventually stop and become eternal.
Death the only sure thing we inherit from the second
we are born, death, death, I cannot comprehend the
purpose to all, we struggle in our journey in every way,
to at the end, become dust in the wind, and then after
time has past, not even a vestige of us.
Elena Toledo

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What is the definition of Death?
Death is when a plane crashes into a desert with no one around you see
you crash
Death is when you crash your car into a ditch knowing that you are going
to die alone with no one to hear your last dying words
Death is when you are on a bicycle on the side of the road and a drunk
driver crashes into you leaving you mangled on the side of the road with
no one around to see that you are all right
Death is when you are walking along side of the road in broad daylight
when a vehicle hits you and leaves you for dead
Death is when you are running in a race with everyone behind you and you
fall landing on your face knowing that you have to get back up before
they will trample you death
What is the definition of Death?
Death is when you are about to die a horrible slow death alone with no
one to comfort you in the last moments of your life
Death is when you are old and you are in the hospital alone by yourself
in a strange place hoping your family will come to see you
Death is when you are at home alone and you have a heart attack knowing
that if you do not reach the telephone you will die in your own home
Death is when you are old and dying and you have Alzheimer's disease and
if you do not get home someone will try to take your wallet and you might
die because you resisted to be robbed
Death is when you have a slow terrible disease that has no known cure and
you want to tell someone else besides yourself but if you do the people
that you told them what you had all they did was make a funny face and
run away from you
What is the definition of Death?
Death is when you see countless millions of people die every day because
they have no food to eat or anything to quench their dying thirst
Death is when the head of household gives away their food to his children
or his wife to eat so that they can survive while he dies of starvation
while they grow stronger each day while he grows weaker each day
Death is when you starve yourself to the point of death knowing that you
should eat the food that is available to you
Death is seeing the people you love and cherish most die slicing their
wrists so that they do not have to face their peers at school or see
their siblings again
Death is when you see a poor human being walking by in a ragged coat and
jeans that can be used as rags thinking nothing but what is he going to
eat tomorrow once today’s food is all gone
What is the definition of Death?
Death is when the army is shooting at other people on the T.V. while you
are safe at home eating your favorite food
Death is when countless millions of people suffering because the army
keeps ruining all their buildings that they used to live in
Death is when countless millions of innocent people die because they got
hit by a stray bullet walking down the street 
Death is when the army sneaks into building and opens fire only to find
out later after they had killed everyone in the room that is was filled
with women and children
Death is when the army bombs a village killing everyone including the men
the people they wanted to kill including innocent women and children
What is the definition of Death?
Death is when you are alone in your bedroom hurting because someone hurt
you and your only solution you can think of at the moment is sitting on
your lap with your hand on the trigger knowing if you put the gun to your
head the pain will stop but your family’s pain will never stop because of
what you did
Death is when you are walking down an alley with cash in your pocket and
a person comes along with a loaded gun in their hand and wants some money
knowing that if you do not give him the money he will shoot you and leave
you her until you die alone in a dark alley with no one around to hear
your dying words
Death is when you are cashing a check that you feel that you have earned
from a good paying job when someone comes in with a gun in one hand and a bag in the other telling you to put everything in it that you own knowing
if you do not comply he will shoot you
Death is when a person you love is dying and they ask you to shoot them
so that they do not have to suffer any longer knowing if you do not shoot
that person then you will disgrace his memory because you did not honor
his final wish of you
Death is when you are desperate for some money so that you can eat
tomorrow and you rob a bank so that you will have food tomorrow but you
go to jail instead
What is the definition of Death?
Death is also one word that can send people crying their heart out. Why
do people cry when they hear about Death? They cry because someone they
are close to die and they did not say goodbye to them or did not even say
that they love them before they passed away from this Earth. Death is
unavoidable. Why do people run from it when they know it is pointless to
run away from it? The people that are running away from it spend
countless millions of dollars for research so they can postpone the day
of their Judgment. If they succeeded in postponing Death then everyone
will want to have for themselves because they do not want to die yet. If
everyone gets hold of it then the population of this Earth will no longer
be contained. If people will not die then many fathers will go hungry
because they want their children may have a chance to stay alive to see
another day. I know that is sad to hear but it is true. Death is also a
balance of Life. Life is a delicate scale. If that scale tips a little
the wrong way then Life will cease to exist as we know it.
What is the definition of Death?
Matthew Bresette

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Life: Comedy Or Tragedy?

The manner of death, like the time of death,
Is not in one's hand; one can't work for it.
A death without sufferings is one's wish,
Which can't be accomplished by one's will.

There is no life style that can ensure it.
No healthy living is a guarantee.
No religious path can take one to it.
The good deeds one did might fail to get it.

Many holy ones had horrible deaths.
Many noble ones had miserable deaths.
Death has been kind to many wicked ones.
Death has been kind to many selfish ones.

A god man can promise you a heaven;
A god man can assure you no rebirth.
He cannot promise you a painless death.
No god man says anything provable.

Sweet deaths and bitter deaths are ruled by Fate.
Fate is nothing but the outcome of fights
The life force wages with the outside forces.
The result determines the nature of death.

A play of comedy ends in happiness.
A play of tragedy ends in sorrow.
One's manner of death is the determiner
Of comedy or tragedy of life.
Rm.Shanmugam Chettiar.

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