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Poems On / About DEATH  5/31/2016 11:07:39 AM
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Best Poems About / On DEATH
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Death When Challenged Life

Death once told poor life defeated by life:
Life’s no life if lived as if on the edge of knife,
Surfeit with struggles, nor if soaked in strife,
Do ye know how many deaths is Death rife?

Death’s all but death, scarce as truth rhymes with life,
Life in deep layers of slow death is rife,
And I’ve heard a man asking on deathbed,
Pray, tell me Death, how long ere I’m all dead?

To him says death straightening up stiff head,
Moments might when look like minutes of dread,
Minutes stretch and stretch into hours, instead,
Hours take when days, days take years, thou art dead.

Remember, life’s lived moment to moment,
And measured too in a moving moment,
Forget not: Death alone is permanent,
I dwell in life from birth living dormant;

There’s no freedom in life, none from death’s pall,
Death but changes bricks of a prison wall,
All quarrels ‘tween life and death, big and small,
Seem settled, death when proves him far too tall.

Life’s a small piece of graphic para, too blurred,
Of my poem, said He, metre nor measured,
If life’s new beginning of a young bird,
Death knows life’s length, knows when the end’s unfurled.

Eons pass sans measure for endless time,
While no clocks tick, nor dare their hours to chime,
Rocks break down whilst time stands without rhyme,
Ground into grains of sands, earth into lime.

While life seemed stuck with this poem’s first spell,
Death when challenged life to dare worst of hell,
Ah, an Absolute all commanding male1
Voice vouched: ticks time, life and death at my will.
1. Male: Refers to Purusha, the male principle, vis-à-vis life, which
in Sanskrit is Prakriti.
- Musings | 12.08.12 |
Aniruddha Pathak

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I Love You To Death...

Hey baby, I was at my boys’ house last night. Sorry, I didn’t call you, I pass out on the couch.

You know I love you to death!

Girl you know that I would be with anyone else but you cause I love you to death!

Boo why would I cheat on you? When I got you.

You know I love you death!

That’s you lips stick, you remember when you kiss me as I was leaving out with the boys.

I love you to death!

Stop tripping.

I love you to death!

Your girls just jealous, because they don’t have a man like me.

I love you to death!

It was not me in car with that hoe.

I love you to death!

That’s just my home girl.

I love you to death!

I don’t know why those girls call your phone.

I love you death!

That not my rubber on the car floor, must be my boy.

I love you to death!

That’s not my baby.

I love you to death!

Damn girl, Rest In Peace “I am glad I left when I did.”

I loved her to death!
Ms. Anika Martinez

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Event Of My Death

Event of my Death
As I Iay in the dawn of the hours waiting for my body to rest
I wonder what I will do in the event of my death….
In the event of my death most just think heaven or hell
No not me it doesn’t stop there…
In the event of my death my spirit will leave my body
My spirit will truly start living
In the event of my death I case my location,
Thinking about what led up to this…
In the event of my death I will visit all my loved ones…
My first visit will be to my king..
I will watch over him making him feel secure..
In the event of my death I will make my presence known
I will make them feel me in the heart and their surroundings…
In the event of my death I will travel…
I will hover over all the pyramids in Egypt,
I will explore all the places I’ve never been..
In the event of my death I will talk with my creator..
I will know all the answers…
Most of all In the Event of my death I will meet with my brother..
My brother and I will be together again…
In the Event of My death I will realize I’m really not dead..
In the Event of My death I will know that my spirit lives on..
I will know what living is all about…
In the Event of My death I will be immortal
I will be goddess a In the Event of My death...
I will be what I was born to be....
I will be free
I will be free of insecurities, free of poverty,
free of calamity, free of a broken heart,
Free of depression, free of negativity,
Free of racism, free of prejudice
I will be free In the Event of my Death
I will be all the things I was born to be...
I will be powerful, I will be beautiful, and I will be limitless
I will be a Goddess in the Event of my death...
Now what will you be....
Author: Templar Thomas
templar thomas

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The journey of death, I think of dying as it were
a sleeping process which it brings our thoughts
the illusion of angel's, heaven, clouds and paradise,
we see ourselves in a utopia dream world,
that brings us peace and harmony. Death is a
sad word; a word that is continually present with
melancholy thoughts that haunts the mind. I always
dismiss it from my mind, but always comes back.
It's there always trying to torment me, maybe if death
wasn't so enigmatic and dreadful, our thoughts would
change. We wouldn't think about it at all. When I think
of the old age, is like thinking, death is near, it's the
nearest thing to old age. Death, death is like a cold
and lonely sigh, Death, it comes like thieves in the
night, it takes you and it wont give you a notice nor a
warning. A deep anguish takes over our feelings;
death is a sad word, An empty sensation and a huge
grief, that torture's the soul and mind. Death we can't
defeated, escape or make it null. A reminder each
day that time will eventually stop and become eternal.
Death the only sure thing we inherit from the second
we are born, death, death, I cannot comprehend the
purpose to all, we struggle in our journey in every way,
to at the end, become dust in the wind, and then after
time has past, not even a vestige of us.
Elena Toledo

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Poems On / About DEATH