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Poems On / About DISCRIMINATION  5/26/2015 10:40:27 PM
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Best Poems About / On DISCRIMINATION
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Knowledge is power, know your history,
Study his story or her story.
Whichever you favour, to choose your reaction,
For illumination, learn about the history of your nation.
For history repeats itself,
So make a change, to help yourself.

Learn what made you, the person you are.
Know your roots, before planting your seed,
Don't let your mistakes, line your history.
Affirmative action will set you free, to ignore the bigotry.

The Afro-American struggle, has similarities with your own;
Surely you too, have been persecuted by someone.
Sure maybe on a different scale,
But still persecuted, like the feminist females.

Still, treated differently
Because of their thoughts of you.
Their opinion of how you look,
Or what they see you do.
Surely they've closed the door to you too?
And sent you away,
Before hearing your words?

Simply because of the way,
You are perceived to be.
It may have even lead you,
To question the person they see.
They judge you with their power,
Without even knowing you;
But even Einstein looked stupid,
With his mad scientist hairdo.

So follow what you believe, you can really do,
Don't quit because they say,
You can't do the things you wish to.
Prove them wrong, prove yourself right.
Never let them overcome your struggle,
Because nothing good comes easy,
There is always a price.
So is it worth the fight?

The hardest fight you'll have
Is with the demons inside you,
But when you've conquered your inner demons,
Nothing in this world will be able to stop you.

(C) 2013 Aa Harvey. All Rights Reserved.
AaI Harvey

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Family Of Man

Predjudice and discrimination like two sided knives
Solutions not found in the destruction of human lives.

What can be done when a difficult problem we have to bear?
In silence to ask our God for a solution; or at least to share.

Of all the battles from the pages of human history
None with so much Godly favor, as a family victory.

All nations and religions during the eons of time
God has always said; 'the children are mine'

Education of sons and daughters resides in the family of man
Thoughts, words and actions; so the child will understand.

Allow the child to expess itself and do not be cruel
Parents and adults also have to practice; 'the golden rule'.

Talk to them about both sides of each story
They may offer a third and bring forth glory.

The child must hear of pregnancy and the act
What timely responsibility is; and what are the truthful facts.

What abortion is and what it can do
A removal of God's gift to touch an image of self; and also you.

10-14-05 Aho Speaks
AHO Speaks

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Conversation With Lord Krishna - Ix (Fiction)

I: But there is a long standing and vehement criticism from Buddhism, Jainism days, that Brahmins and Brahmanism are responsible for all societal ills and discriminations for the way they have exploited the other caste and communities’ people in India.

Lord Krishna: Now politicians have taken their place. Politicians now found vested interest in these divisions and never allow you all to feel and live as one society. They won’t allow you to rob them of their livelihood.

I: And I observe that Brahmins were never in charge of technology and engineering in India.

Civil and other types of engineering, ship-building, cart- and house building, metallurgy, textiles, dye manufacturing, sculpting, gem polishing, gold ornaments making, making of alloys, all crafts, Dance, music and other fine arts, farming, and all such skills and technological and engineering vocations were never held by Brahmins. Now also the craze is for engineering and technology courses only.

Then I do not understand the criticism against Brahmins and Brahmanism that has been going on in India from times immemorial and now, even though they never held engineering and technology professions since ancient times and from the beginning engineering and technology professions have been managed by other caste or community people only. Discrimination as You have commented exists then, and now in a reverse way.

Lord Krishna: Whatever be the epoch, any profession must give livelihood and prevent one from starving and the basic needs of food, clothing and shelter are met. Persons engaged in the professions may change but the professions remain same in any society in any age.

I: You are correct Lord. Various vocations were managed and maintained by various communities. Now also it is happening. But caste in the old sense is used not to have related vocation but to grab seats and jobs in the name of peculiar justice.

And are You a God created by Brahmins and are You fond of Brahmins?

Lord Krishna: I am fond of scholarship, spirituality, justness, reality and truth and of course, sringara (amorous love) . I am fearless too to speak about them. I am not fond of just one community. But I am fond of enlightened persons and humane human beings who are righteous, perform their duties and if possible also help their fellow human beings and creation around with compassion, love and care.

And I Myself Am not a Brahmin according to Vyasa. And sage Vyasa himself is not a Brahmin in the technical sense of the term and common perception.

In reality I am personification of Love and Compassion transcending every division and classification.

All are dear to Me. I am dear to all.

I: Even though I conversed so long and You are gracious enough to answer me with love, affection and care I feel the life of a human being takes the course of a rudderless boat in the vast ocean of time drifting and not sailing in a controlled way. I do not mean that You are not doing anything in relation to this but I get the feeling of left alone or unattended, or allowed to drift, by repeatedly observing the course of lives of myself and my near and dear and also generally the lives of people in the society. And it appears as such that things are happening in a random and not in an orderly way.

Lord Krishna: It is not so. There is invisible force behind. Just as there is an order in the evolution of species there is also an order in the course of human lives.

I: You are again talking more as a scientist, but scientists give the nature of force.

Lord Krishna: Where is the rule that God should not be a scientist? Are your attempts for a unified field theory bear any fruits?

I: We are in the process of unifying and will give the explanation when we arrive at it. For the present we do not have the equations or explanation.

Lord Krishna: That is nice. Just as equations and explanation for your unified field theory are presently not available, so also My explanation about the invisible force influencing, counseling and guiding humans and life systems and the Universe as a whole, is presently not available. I will make it available at the appropriate and appointed time. Until then just believe in Me.

I: Believing and having faith are against scientific spirit.

Lord Krishna: Is it so? Does electron exist?

I: Surely.

Lord Krishna: Have you seen it or have conducted the experiment of J.J. Thomson and then accepted the existence of electron?

I: No.

Lord Krishna: Why are you saying that electron exists and also lecturing about its existence and subsequent science about it? You do not know that you have believed in its existence by having faith in the sincerity of scientists and accepted their authority blindly without you ever trying to prove the existence of electron.

Similarly, in spirituality and religion, authority rules and common people accept it without questioning as you have accepted the authority of scientists and are believing in the existence of electron unquestioningly.

I: But, any time any one, can conduct the experiment of J. J. Thomson and verify for oneself the existence of electron.

Lord Krishna: Yes true. Similarly spiritual truths also can be verified. One does not have any right and does not deserve, to criticize spiritual truths without one ever trying to follow the path prescribed and conducting the spiritual experiment. Spirituality is equal to and is even above every secular, scientific etc., knowledge in that sense of scientific spirit and possesses authority equal to them.

And you must know that we know through three kinds of means: they are direct, through sense organs, by inferring as chemistry students never see the radical but infer its presence by observing the result of their experimental tests and then faithfully accepting the authority of seers and enlightened spiritual persons just as ordinary science students, teachers, lecturers and professors and research personnel, together with self proclaimed rationalists, and the like, accept the authority of earlier scientists without questioning without ever conducting and trying their experiments with belief and proceed from there; and rationalists blindly support every thing scientific even though they never studied or learnt science. They merely believe in things scientific but question things spiritual. Theirs is selective rationalism.

So knowledge is obtained and attained directly through sense organs; by inference; and by accepting authority with faith. These three means are same for acquiring any knowledge, scientific, spiritual or worldly.

I: Thank you Lord for the beautiful and delightful conversation, I take leave of You for now. Be my anchor. Play the role to me as that of earth to trees, basement to buildings, mother to infants, and father to children.

Lord Krishna: Welcome, yes I will be and actually I have been to all of you that since start of Universe and life. I am always for you, in you and with you. You can never take leave of Me. I am you and you are I.


This series pauses for the time being and resumes after a few weeks.
Varanasi Ramabrahmam

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On God's Will

Life is GOD's way to show us He exists and loves us all.

The Father GOD made us become His children: without tags, without discrimination, but only the faith we have in Jesus Christ

Whatever name we call the Deity, and whether we like it or not, there is a GOD,

Thank you dear GOD.

In life, choices is a showcase

And we are free people, yet, freedom here calls for responsibility

And as we love ourselves, so we have to love our friends, family, co-workers, strangers, enemies, community, and everyone

This is hard to do...

Quite ideal

But LOVE and the Holy Spirit will help us if we try

To experience this freedom and responsibility in service.

I have wanted to do things, like others do

I could always choose and say 'yes, ' for glory

But then, I had always said 'no'

And let GOD do it for me

I say it as 'GOD's will, '

Where strength and courage always came from GOD.

YOU, to accept what you don't like

And let go of what you like most

Is a miracle of GOD's Love

How can you endure?

But by GOD's grace and hugs!

To admonish

To fight

To make things happen and act now

Or to adjust

And be serene in prayer

In resignation or confirmation.

Such is the Rune Prayer:

Lord, grant me the serenity to accept things

To change the things I can

And please, give me wisdom to know the difference.

And of course,

The Our Father,

The prayer Jesus taught us.

In writing literature, some writers aim for patterns

Maybe, Father GOD thought there should be an example

We could understand

Love in one universal prayer (The Our Father) .

GOD's will?

This, I shall write.

Lord, stay with us all

That we may live for a purpose

And find joy and meaning in our service.

Rose Flores - Martinez,12.03.09

http: //rfvietnamrose09.blogspot.com
http: //roseprayers.blogspot.com
rosalinda flores martinez

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