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Poems On / About DISCRIMINATION  5/24/2016 8:49:39 AM
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Best Poems About / On DISCRIMINATION
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Rolling Stone

She came in like a rolling stone
Come to collect my debt and take it back on home
I got mine about a mile away, and I'm convinced this is not her day
Have you no respect for the words I say?
Oh she was tattered and torn, beaten, then killed
Because she interjected upon the way in which we'd get our fill
Oh my rock, oh wander, foundation
Cushion and support from the worlds discrimination
How beyond my comprehension you are
I am the night and you are my star.
andrew reeves

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Tell Me

What is the use of discrimination?
If all we wanted is a peaceful nation.
Can we just accept our imperfections?

Why do we need gun?
Is there no room for fun
Under the light of the sun?

Are we really brothers?
Even though we can't love other
And we seldom go out together..
cherma berdida

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There Should Not Be Discrimination Whether The Accused Is Elder Or Younger!

In spite of the counselling learned ministers
...with lots of efforts trying to hide certain facts
and convince the king by telling many precedence,

the King justified and ran over his chariot next day
...over his youthful son and prince who had inadvertently
ran his chariot over the calf of the cow pitifully!

Thereby, the King proved that there is
...no discrimination whether the accused is
elder or younger for maintaining justice!


The king, Manuneethi Chola, ruled over the Chola Kingdom in South India; He maintained justice in his country as per ‘Manu Ruling’ without partiality whether the person who errs is young or adult; common subject or his kith and kin.
Dr.V.K. Kanniappan

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Dad, Why Is He Crying

Dad, Why Is He Crying
By Curtis Johnson

Very sincerely, my son once asked me, “Dad. Why is he crying”? My son had seen an African American man, crying at a 711 Store.
This happened on the night of a historical election in America.

An African American had just become the new President of the United States, and my son, who was 31 years of age, saw this senior citizen crying. He wanted to know from me the reason why. I said to my son that I understood the reason for the tears.

I said to my son that the man has lived through a lot of American history, and experienced much discrimination, injustice, and in some places in America, racial hatred. Perhaps he was overwhelmed with the reality of an African American President in his life time. He knew that it would happen ‘someday’, but not this day on the second Tuesday of November,2008.

As if I had not answered his question, my son asked me a second time, “But dad, why is he crying? Will he be invited to the White House for dinner? ” I told my son that it wasn’t likely that he would be invited for dinner at the White House.

Although our views were vastly different, I understood, because I walked in similar shoes as did that gentleman. I felt that no manner of explanation would make my son understand the crying, because the two of them walked in different shoes at a different time, and the times had now changed. At least for my son, this time, the tears were not easy to understand.
Curtisj Johnson

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