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Poems On / About DISCRIMINATION  7/26/2014 2:06:58 AM
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Autumn Meeting

As I step up to this microphone
it gives me much delight
to say how very honoured am I
to be here with you all tonight,
discussing the rising crime rate
and the present fianancial situation
the high unemployment statistics
and social discrimination...
But first may we join together
and thank the good Lord above
for all the great things in this life
through the power of His love.
And prior to wearing our thinking caps
enjoy the music for our Queen,
drinking red wine to a Concerto divine
for England and her fields of green.
Joyce Hemsley

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pain presisted

you bring me like salmonella typhimurium contamination
no one will control me like i was living in Pinochet dictatorship
i see the united nations in destrution by alien ships
i went through Stigmatization and discrimination
i yell epithets, i live in a nation mind controlling
i understand human malleability or resiliency when confronted by authority power
subliminal messages were on the tv during the falling of the world trade towers
i saw a demon destory 7,000 Marines
i lost my self esteem
i feel forgotten like Cambodia
my mind is subversive and provocative
i'm misunderstood like Colin Powell
my enemies throw in the towel
my family and me are tense like when iraq invaded kuwait
i'm at a higher level of a emotional state
Mara SalvatruchaDemon

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One Day of Peace

Wouldn't one day
You'd like to see
The world in peace,
And Harmony
No more war, and no more violence
Just our Earth and
The Sounds of Silence

Wouldn't you like to remember, a day,
Where violence and sin are no more
No more protesters in the street chanting, 'no more war'

No rape, no murder, no violence at all
No hate, or names on a chapel wall
Discrimination being something of the past
Finally being satisfied,
Thinking it all would last

For a day to come with
No violence, hate or war
That would be the day
That mankind exists no more
William Milam

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crippled heart

i'm in the clouds
penetrating the skies
i need fulfillment and a purpose before i die
i see discrimination before my eyes
i have high hopes
i'm not really living
there wont be any preceding tears
never faithful but i silent pray
set close to destruction ways
pain full with stubbornness everyday
eating satisfied my temple
constellations in the mental
a majestic voice dispersed all the demons within
being emotional is something i pretend
laying in my bed like the bedridden
i realize i'll die alone
the disturbed one, farewell to me the trouble son
death entangled me and wont leave me alone
dismay and anguish forevermore
Mara SalvatruchaDemon

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