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Poems On / About DISCRIMINATION  8/27/2014 4:11:24 PM
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And left useless on earth,
I spend my time in vain
And walk and walk and walk toward nothing
Asking myself
What mortal or immortal sin have I committed
To be here with discriminations,
I have the bitter regret for the moments passed,
Wish I could go back to a time,
When I was not 'I',
So long ago, before the time which
In my father's sweat I ate my bread,
And condemned to be, to grow and know
Of things that I shouldn't knew
I never wanted to be, never.
Sina Farajzadeh

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No need of scriptures

No need of scriptures
Since I have no fear
I am in pleasure
My world is fearless
No worry no remorse
And I am careful
For the future.

No need of scriptures
Since I have no fear
I know I am not for
I am not for separation
I am only for union
I respect discrimination
I can live without scriptures.
gajanan mishra

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We Forget Too Soon

We forget too soon
The pain of wet floors
The hand that tilled the soil
The anguish of a falling hope
The division and separation
The segregation and discrimination
We forget too soon
The hate of the Master
As he refused to use the same toilet
We forget those that died
We forget the tears and the blood
We forget the working mothers
We forget the lost sons
Everything is merry and dandy
And there is the Master again
Everybody claims their cause
Be that of God's
It is not of our culture
Let us roast them in hell
We forget history
As we re-live it again
Kafayat Quadri

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black and white diamonds

Hatred for a race
is never so grace
it hurts more than a graze
or mace in the face

Whats with all this discrimination
even Wayne said forget segregation
with black and white diamonds
Southners forget your demons

You claim to follow the one above
yet you show his children no love
why not show brothers and sisters respect
read the bible that I bet you neglect

Color is only skin deep
not worth making people weep
no single race has different meat
together we can stand as elite

Lord is judge
he needs no jury
and he is true purity
we laugh at you trying so hard to judge me seriously
Gabriel Williams

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