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Poems On / About DREAM  7/24/2016 7:13:45 PM
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Best Poems About / On DREAM
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A Dream

I live in a dream That is not a nightmare, but What is that dream about? I don't know... I have only one dream Everyday that disappears When I get up... We have only passing dreams or Broken dreams When we get up... Our dreams disappear Simply because they refuse to Come to our reality anytime... A dreamless dream lives in us and We only live in a dreamless world... Even they are dreams, but They come miscarried anytime... ______________________________________________________________________

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Dream Dream Dream

Dream dream dream
And dream untill dream come true
Life is nothing but dreams
Some accomplished, some unfinished
Some dreams are trifle, some cherished

You are nothing but a result of dreams
Dreams, dreams and nothing but dreams
A dream of someone
Or a dream of your own

Dream is not what you dream while asleep
Dream is what that don't let you sleep
You live for dream
And you die for dream
Your unattained desires are dreams
What you all desire are dreams

You can't accomplished unless you dream
What you accomplished was a dream
The law of attraction and power of passion
All say dream, dream and dream

{Published in Annual Magazine of NOSPLAN- Organisation of the Students of Planning in January,2012 by the same poet.}
Shashikant Nishant Sharma

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You Are My Dream!

Somewhere someone went to sleep and dreamed us all alive; was that you or was that I... My, dream is where my thoughts are for one moment in time of yesterday; my dreams are my visions as I wonder through this eternity of night only to find that you are not there… So as I lay here asleep, and dream within another dream of what was yesterday or what may have become of tomorrow… What I see is unfocused and uncertain, but yet I hear your voice speaking ever so quietly near as if an angel in heaven was speaking… It’s as though you are near my dream, my thoughts and my emotions, but still yet so untouchable by my eyes… Within this very dream I frantically search throughout for that one touch to know that you are real and not just a memory from within…
As I turn to your voice I see a dream deep inside my fear of being… There you stand posed in a metaphor of your existence with your eyes restlessly focused on me as I lay here breathless just between waking and that place we dream… At that moment I reach out for you in hopes to obtain your thoughts, your memories, and just touch your gentle soul… But as I glance into your eyes; I hear your voice say in a softly spoken whisper as though not to wake me…
You Are My Dreams!

My Inspiration was a Beautiful Lady I called My Dream!
F.L. Racca Sr.

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My Dream Your Dream Our Dream.

My dream is to love you. Your dream is to love me; our dream is to be together for ever. I dream of you. You will dream of me, our dream is the same. Someone had one I have a different one. Dreams follow them don’t let them go. Or you may miss it.
Zak Holness

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