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Best Poems About / On DREAM
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Music And Dreams

Music, it calls to me. It screams my name and helps me with every minute of life. Dreams keep my mind open. I soar through them at night, and I think of them by day. They keep my heart and mind willing. The words to every song mean something. The picture of each dream leads my way. I live as a dreamer, with the beat of music. I get music, and it clears my mind. It gives me strength, power and helps clear the problems that life gives me. Dreams are my way that I live. My dreams and no one else’s. It’s my way of freedom, hope and sanctuary. Music can make you sad, happy, mad, jealous and maybe even special. Let your dreams guide your mind, let music guide your soul and let your heart lead the way.
Katie Farcala

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I Have A Dream

I have a dream all countries will come to an agreement, no war no fighting just world peace that will take over the earth and make it a happier place to live in.

I have a dream famines will stop and that together as the world we will help the less fortunate countries than us.

I have a dream all sickness will be cured and no man no child can become ill.

I have a dream global warming will stop an that countries one by one will become a better place to live in with more healthier surroundings

I have dreams to make this world a better place to live in for decades to come our childrens children will still be living on this earth in happiness and in health forever and ever. I have dreams and i have dreams today.
sarah luke

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Demons Beneath Our Feet

The day is bright under the sun life appears so much fun. Beneath our feet the demons sleep in peace as the day turns grey, night fades too day from their place they awake ready to prey. Humans dreams are their rewards. Late at night the wings unfold. Many may not know they feed from our soul the dreams of life in the darkest of nights. What we have reached for dreams reaped. In our sleep in the peace of night they rip from our hide all the dreams. It may not seem right, fight if you might it is as this. What is stolen is the soul pulled down below to the unknown, bought and sold the dreams of yours and mine it seem fine look deep inside the demons have took yours right along with mine the love that was divine Left behind is hate and deceits the pride behind false eyes. This is not a lie in your head is what they want you to see There are no rights, nowhere to run and hide. From behind they will destroy what once yours what was once was mine. Tears in the eyes attempt to cleanse the fear of the night as we sleep the hopes and dreams are pulled below we are left to weep in empty souls it takes it toll. We're left to walk the roads alone Have a smoke, Inside we're left with empty eyes to hide the lies of this life
Jerry Luttrell

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The Spotlight

The spotlight brightened as she stood on the stage. The voices, although there were only three, they spoke as if almost in unison “who are you? ” they asked her. She took a deep breath, and thought “who am I? ” Who Am I? I am a girl, I am a girl who is often afraid, but will take risks on occasion. They looked at each other with a puzzled expression upon their faces, and then spoke again. “Who do you want to be? Or what do you want to be? ” I want to be more, I want to be more than the girl next door, I don’t want to be like all the others, I want to be remembered and cherished for who I am. “What do you dream of? ” I dream of men, I dream of a big stage, I dream of walking down the street singing Broadway music, I dream of painting a masterpiece that brings a tear to the eye, I dream of a pair of arms to hold me. “What hardships have you been through” This one made her laugh, I’ve watched my father walk out and not return, I’ve seen a girl in a mirror, who I didn’t recognize, I’ve been ditched by my two best friends for a year. I lost the first boy I thought I loved. “What do you fear? ” I fear I’m easily forgotten, I fear that I’m going to lose myself, I fear a lot, I hide in my fear, and I let it. Why so many questions? In all respect what right do you have to question me? Who are you to ask me who I am, what I want to be, what I’ve been through what I fear. I am who I am, what I want to be is a person worth knowing, what I’ve been through is nothing compared to what I haven’t lived yet. What I fear is endless, but is fear worth not trying? I’ll tell you, my future is uncertain, my book yet to be written.
Alyssa Lynn

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