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Poems On / About DREAM  8/28/2015 5:14:01 PM
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You are a boy with a dream.
I am a girl with a dream.
Seems like we dream along the same lines
Though our dreams are not exactly the same.
We are people of dreams.
I would give you your dreams in a heartbeat!
I give you my heart in my dreams.
Together we can make each other's dreams come true.
Jessica Cummings

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This isn't really a poem, more of a statement as to why we have dreams.

What is the point in having dreams if they are just shattered in the end? What is the point in believing something that will never happen or never come to be? What is the point of dreams?
I can tell you this point. The point is not whether they will be shattered, broken, or if they really will come to be or not, but whether or not you have the strength to get back up after all your dreams have been taken away. Your strength in your dreams can in the end help you with strength in yourself. Think about it. If you had no dreams, no goals to reach for in life, wouldn't your life be nothing but a dull existence? This may seem confusing to some of you, others may not get it at all, and others still will probably think that this makes no sense at all, but whether or not you find it believable the truth still remains the same. YOU NEED YOUR DREAMS! ! ! !
So before I go, I have one thing to say:
'Don't give up hope in your dreams whether they come to be or not, because they give your life a sense of worth even if you don't realize it! '

Thank you for taking time to read this 'not-so-close-to-it-poem'.
Michelle Dickson

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listen as a weave a dream for you....you fall asleep and all of a sudden you find your self walking down a road and you have no idea how you got there and all of a sudden from nowhere another road.you look down the road and wonder if you should go down.you decide your gonna go down it.after you get about a mile down the road you come across a horrible sight........its the girl/boy of your dreams hanging from a tree branch......she/he is still breathing. you cut her/him down and she screams as she/he falls and......she/he is gone.......you go to where she/he was just hanging and realize you have just killed her/him.....you wake up screaming and all of a sudden her/his arm is around you so you fall asleep and find your the one hanging and the girl/boy of your dreams is right there in front of you wondering wether or not to cut you down.and you beg them to cut you down so they cut you down and you fall screaming realizing you told them to do a horrible thing......an hour later your still falling and you look up and there they are above you with a rope around their throte falling you feel for your own throat and realize the roap isnt there any more and you saor over to them and you find they are dead.......finally you hit the ground but it seems they have vanished so you decide to continue on now knowing that horrible things await you so now you are two miles down a road and you come across a curious scene....you look at it from an angle and it vanishes you look straight at it again....you touch it and BOOM you wake up again and find that the thing from your dream is looming over you and your love has vanished you ask it what it is but it doesnt respond so you turn on the light and find your love hammered to a cross so you scream again and the cross flys towards you and your love falls off of it and.......you wake up for real this time and find your in a hospital.scary isnt it that you have no idea how this has happend you fell asleep at home and woke up in a hospital with the doctors there trying to wake you up you here them say wake up come on you can do it live then you look down and find you are above your body which is nailed to a cross and you realize your dream.....wasnt a dream.
trevor adams

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'Dream Catcher'

Dream catcher a little device
Dream catcher I see your surprise
Dream catcher wake me up
Dream catcher don't be rough
Dream catcher gives me its hand
Dream catcher takes me to the sand
Dream catcher takes my dreams
Dream catcher sends me back to sleep
Dream catcher so beautiful
Dream catcher my only hope
Dream catcher can't you see
I'm in your world
Come and catch me.
Kimberley Waldron

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