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Poems On / About DREAM  9/19/2014 10:47:57 AM
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Dreaming awake

I am dreaming awake
when I see you so beautiful
and a heart so true
dreams are like the esscence of what we wish for,
an open door to our hearts desire
the glowing heat the warmth of a fire
That makes my body prespire
with hot glowing love.

Reality is dreaming
a dream within a dream
so may I meet you in my daydreams
or the dreams after dark
so we can embark, on our dreaming forever
in the land where pain never calls
and where love always falls
like soft light feathers
on my skin and yours
A dream where we pause and kiss
in the forever dream of bliss
Daniel Hooks

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They are sometimes forgotten
They are the definition of who we are
They show us answers to questions we never dared to ask
They are frightening, but they give us more hope then anything else

We hunt our dreams like wild beasts
We sometimes get hurt by it
When we fullfill a dream, we will gain a new dream
When a dream lets us down, we wish to stop dreaming

A dream can either make you or break you
It can tear you apart, but also create you
The worst thing you can do is to dream the dream
Don't be afraid, live the dream!
Roy Bos

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Susan's Dream

Susan was a pretty girl
She dreamed she had a big pearl
She dreamed she made a tasty pie
and that she ate chicken fry

She dreamed she had several pets
and took them to meet many vets
She dreamed she had a big house
and with it a friendly mouse

She dreamed she was a mighty queen
She dreamed she was cruel and mean
She dreamed she was a super hero
that invented the number zero

Susan woke as dawn broke
And her dreams went up in smoke
She looked back on her dreams and thought
Oh, what a good joke

Rishi Menon,11 years.
Rishi Menon

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An Ode to Dreaming

An Ode to Dreaming

Everybody needs a dream
Everybody needs to dream

Lets you be everything
You want to be
Lets you do everything
You want to do

Frees you
From yourself
Your mind
From everything

Lets you do anything
Be anything
See anything
Create anything
Some people even say

Lets you do the impossible
But nothing is impossible
You can do it
Every invention
Every creation
Every idea anyone ever had
Started with
A dream.
Maya Reid

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