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Poems On / About EDUCATION  5/29/2016 4:37:06 AM
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Best Poems About / On EDUCATION
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What Is Education?

By Concepcion C. Camasin

Education to me is Knowledge,
Knowledge of learning what is right from wrong,
Education for me is Wisdom,
Wisdom of making the appropriate sound decision
To life's trials, challenges and success.
Education is the tool from being nowhere,
It is the key for progress
and the window of our brain.

What is education for others?
Education varies from person to person.
Some says education is sacrifice,
Education is patience,
Education is money that is why it is expensive.
Education for others is being wastefu,
Education to some is getting out from poverty.
Whatever the meaning of education to everyone,
One thing is for sure,
Education has meaning to each and everyone of us.

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The Key To Success

Education is relevant for a person to be successful.
Education empowers a person to become a leader.
Great opportunities are presented to professionals.
The future of a Person can be unpredictable if she lacks education;
an uneducated person does not have the knowledge
of what the future has to offer for her.
Education is an essential tool to make a pleasant and stable living out of a simple quotidian life.

High Education contributes to the increase of the graduate
in her social economic level.
Education is the main Factor for one to become wealthy,
Millionaire, or even

Education offers the opportunity for a person
to become the owner of a mansion.
Education brings one the opportunity to please herself.
Perhaps, getting to travel often to interesting countries/places, or
to be the owner of the latest new brand sport car.

Education enables one to reach success.
Education makes one become influential.
Education gives one the opportunity to be
at the top with the highest wage.
Education gives one self-fulfillment.

A thief can take away money, a car, a property from a person.
but is definitely impossible to take education away from someone.
Education is worth $10,000 $50,000 $1000,000
0ne puts it value!
Education is certainly the main Element to become successful
and overall to reach one’s goals and dreams.
Sofi Martinez

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What Is Wisdom?

Wisdom is the wealth of intelligence. Wisdom is like wealth where wealth cannot be created on its own; Wealth has to be created through trading, innovation, profit etc. One cannot hold wealth in one's hand because wealth is a descriptive word for possessing an excess of gold, silver, real estate, dollars etc. When one is holding wealth in one's hand one is holding the assets other than wealth. Wealth has to be in other entities. Wealth is virtually nothing on its own, even though wealth as a defining of status is very real! Wisdom is exactly the same.
If one wants to create wealth one cannot create wealth by trying to create wealth. Wealth has to be created in one or more physical assets like gold, silver, bank balance etc. Most who try to focus on acquiring wealth as a concept end up as failures. Those who focus on becoming experts in particular fields and do not even try to think of wealth end up wealthy. Once a person is successful in some enterprise wealth starts to accumulate out of the blue. Wealth is an effortless expression of business/professional success. One can mainly
pursue wealth through exercising one's professional expertise.

Similarly wisdom is the cover word for its attributes. Wisdom cannot be acquired on its own as wisdom can only exist in its attributes. So to acquire wisdom one has to acquire wisdom's attributes. The nature of wisdom's attributes is such that they all come in one package. Love contains all the other attributes of wisdom. Sincerity contains all the other attributes of wisdom. So acquiring any one of the attributes becomes an acquisition of all the attributes of wisdom. Also all the attributes are made up of selflessness. So if one holds love one is holding selflessness expressed as love. When one is sincere one is expressing selflessness as sincerity. Being selfless is being all the attributes of wisdom. The attributes of wisdom are in reality the attributes of selflessness.

The tragedy of man's tortured history is a direct result of this huge incalculable blunder of misunderstanding wisdom. Since the ancient times man has understood wisdom as an independent entity and so has tried to acquire wisdom as if by acquiring wisdom man will become sincere, loving, respecting, peaceful human beings. No wonder acquiring wisdom by trying to acquire wisdom has been a monumental failure. Man even today considers wisdom as an independent entity. Man has taken for granted that it is wisdom that creates the attributes of wisdom, including selflessness. So the focus has been on researching wisdom to create wisdom in man; believing that making man wise will bring all the attributes of wisdom. We have found that it is selflessness that generates wisdom and all its attributes. Mainstream education considers wisdom as the seed and selflessness as the fruit. It is the other way around. Selflessness is the seed that sprouts the roots; grows into a tree and generates the wisdom fruit.

President Obama, the Dalai Lama, the education secretary, Bill Gates, the Google founders, Bill Clinton, Oprah, Mark Zuckerberg, the Hindujas, Mira Gandhi, Queen Noor etc. have all got to open their eyes to our proposal to wake up to the real nature of wisdom. We can make the world wise by teaching selflessness! Let them step up to the plate and we will do the rest.

Selflessness education requires we know the difference between brain and mind. Regular education is the domain of the mind and emotional intelligence/wisdom/selflessness education is the domain of the brain.

The mind develops with education. So depending on education one can have a +2/super mature, +1/mature, -1/immature and -2/premature mind. In a country like America everyone has the opportunity to develop their minds to +2. However only about 25% are able to become +2 minds. Why is it that the majority are not able to become +2 minds? It is because in order to become educated the brain has to among other things absorb, focus, chew and digest knowledge biochemically! But in the majority, the brain is biochemically occupied with other mainly selfish interests to fully remain focused to concentrate on learning. As a result absorbing of knowledge gets messed up. It is like new knowledge comes into the physical brain and tries to rest in there but the bed is already occupied.

The authorities and experts look for ways to remove these education failures. They try to keep fixing the mind part of consciousness when it is the brain part of consciousness that is the cause of our education mess. It is amazing that from president Obama down to the education secretary, governors, senators, congressmen, mayors, even top people at Google etc. they are really trying to fix the education mess; but they have little clue to the real cause of this mess. All our efforts to fix the education and even society failures are really pushing for reforming the same old, same old; tweaking to educate the mind better. The problem is with the ignorant brain. It is brain education that needs to be introduced on a massive scale.
Please Google:

Can Happiness Be Bought? - World News Report Sajid Khan

Love. - brainwizard Sajid Khan

Pure happiness is an innate property of the pure self. By explaining pure happiness we explain the whole works of what is involved in the pure self.

We have added our own refinements to the traditional emotional healing processes. We teach wisdom education through 'Pure Happiness Seminars' and 'Pure Love Therapy'. There is much room for improvement and we need to develop new routes to wisdom education by finding ways for teaching all individual attributes of wisdom.
Sajid Khan

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education is life
education is famous in the society
education is the best car of prestige
a prestige that can not be forcefully taken away
the rich taste from it and became wise
the poor taste from it and became rich
oh education the mother of all profession
let's get rid of ignorance in Afghanistan
oh education what a name you are
education is the best legacy
education is the best car of prestige.
Siawash Rustami

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