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A Mothers Tear

A mother tear is feel with fear and determination, stress in her voice cause her family face starvation. The longer she fight, the more they starve, so she shares her body with strangers and drugs. Her family ate with the money she made, regret in her voice cause now she have aids, slave to the needle for so many years, the ocean got deeper with so many tears, death was coming and now its hear. The 4 horsemen stood watching while the grim reaper stared. the pain is to strong, she could not bear the angel sung loud she could not hear everything went black can't see clear, her eyes went blank, soul faded away. family heard a beeping noise so all they did was prey. Father in heaven i love her so much, father in heaven she gave up so much, father in heaven i prey for my family and me that the hardships she went through, we won't see. Father in Heaven.
tyrone allen

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I've been so thankful and blessed to have a family like this.
A family that i can count on;
A family that cheers me on;
A family who always there to guide and support me;
A family who prays together and will stay forever.

This is the family that i can be proud of.

Father And Mother I Love You!
Amor Olorvida

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it was great. i finally spent a day with my family. my family. the bryant family. pictures all around me with smiling faces and people that look like me. my family. i laughed until my ribs hurt. i smiled until i thought i couldn't anymore, then i smiled again. i was happy just happy. i was finally home. not a certian house no. but home. with my family i was home. it was the best time that i had, never have i been more relaxed.

then i went back to the house where i live. i loss the feeling. i wasn't happy. there stood people i that i love with all i got but i wasn't home. my birth family gone. and i hurt. my mother and brother leave tomorrow... the thought make me cry... i'm sad.

but i'll hold on to the yesterday and remember my grandmother smile, my grandpas hug. and how my mother told me she was proud of me and my brother's smile, because i know i won't see anyone for a while...

February 25,2009
Allysyn Bryant

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The Land Of Respect For The Land Is The Family Of Star Bucks.

For where there a land of star thus the land is the family of Star bucks for the stars i the stars of respect yet every star is the the family of Star bucks for who has fresh cup of coffee just to feel the breeze that whisper the name Star bucks.

Thus for every star that one see shall twinkle in the night sky but every twinkle that say welcome to Star bucks one wish to taste a good cup of coffee thus one see a angel of Star bucks that touch one heart with respect.

Every touch of respect is the touch of happiness for who shall feel the touch of respect just to see the twinkle in the night is the twinkle of respect from the family of Star bucks but for every cup of good coffee been touch with respect.

Night after night the family of Star bucks is the stars with a warm smile that will touch once heart but for the family of Star bucks respect is special to the family of Star bucks that fill once heart with respect.

When the breeze whisper for it whisper the name with a lovely smile with respect and yet for one who dream thus one dream of Star bucks good cup of coffee that been touch with respect for night shall slowly slip away thus the sun shall shine with respect.
Raymond Sawyer

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