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Best Poems About / On FAMILY
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Just Because I'M The Youngest

Just because i'm the youngest in my family...
Doesn't mean I can't do anything.
Doesn't mean i'm a spoiled brat.
Doesn't mean i'm a jerk.
Just because i'm the youngest in my family...
I'm not stuck up.
I'm not afraid to get hurt.
Just because i'm the youngest in my family...
Doesn't mean I can't be a tom'boy.
Doesn't mean I get what I want.
Just because i'm the youngest in my family~ let me be me.
Ebil Parker

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Time Is Changing

Time is changing
See & see,
“That old man is coming to disturb us.
We should go at another place to play”
It is the cry of children.
“Go to your room,
Please don’t interfere in our life? ”
A young man was crying on his old father.
These hot talks can hear in so many families now a day.
This twenty first century is not the century for old people.
The time has gone when the old men lives like a captain in the families.
The time of joint & large family has been gone now.
The time has come for single & small families.
The time of single & small families is going on where the place of old & sick person is very limited.
vijay gupta

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family is a one of a kind thing
mothers and fathers
have known you before you knew yourself
they planned your future, your heart
before you even planned yours.
aunts and uncles
love you and spoil you
as if you were their own
brothers and sisters
the love/hate relationship
that always gets srtonger
grandma's and grandpa's
spoiling you to the very core
because you are one of a kind
meant just for the one of a kind family.

family is one of a kind. with no other family should you belong than with the family that all call you their own.
shelbie bozeman

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Need To Tell You How I Feel

Today I fort id write a poem, a poem about how I feel, but now im trying to find the words my feelings feel unreal,
I feel so frustrated, angry, happy and sad all these mixed emotions are making me feel so bad.
I want to say so many things but don’t feel like I can, but all I want to do is be the person I really am.
If I say how I feel I may hurt someone I love, will they understand that its just me and tough love.
There are many things within my life I love so very much my husband and my family are more than enough, they are enough to keep me happy and keep me strong each day, enough to help me through these times when I’ve completely lost my way.
I am here for my family like they are here for me, every single one of you mean the world to me.
Things in life can get so hard you start to feel you have draw the worst life card, but then we look at what we have and see that are family is not so bad.
Yes sometimes things are tough and yes I feel like god I’ve had enough, but then I feel its ok to get emotional from day to day.
This last 2 years has been tough because we lost someone we really loved, that someone is here and always will but we need to remember what he wanted us to be. He wanted us to be happy not sad lonely or angry, he wanted us to be the people he was so proud to say “them there that’s MY family”.
emma porcu

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