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A Home is a Family is Love

Coming home after a long leave
Is always comforting.
It’s funny how a home is a home,
And not just a house or building.
A home is where a family resides.
Without a family there is no love,
And without love a home doesn’t exist.

A home, love, and family coexist
And without one the others don’t.
Is that why so many are lost,
Because they don’t have a home
Or family or for that matter love.
They look hopelessly for these,
But really never find them.

Home is where the heart is,
Love comes from the heart,
And families share that love.
I’m sorrowful for the lost among,
Because my three are wonderful.
Is it that some are not as blessed,
Or is it they just don’t look?
Britney Hogue

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Death of a family

Drinking and fighting.
Fighting and drinking.
When does it ever end?
What ever happened to the word 'Family'?
Does it exist any more?
Mother against daughter.
Daughter against Mother.
How can you hate your own blood?
When the Matriarch of our
family died, the beautiful rug
that was our family unraveled with
her. Now, I feel as if the family
rug has unraveled down to me.
I am now left to mourn the tragic
death of my great grandmother and
my family. Is there anybody out
there who can save me from this
ocean of despair?
Jamal Brown

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The Family's First Television

Mama plugs the cord into the wooden wall,
The bare outlet thrumming with manmade life.
With a rousing growl, the box awakens.
Mama steps out from behind the little stand to sit with the family.

All nine of the family are gathered around, watching as shrouded
Figures emerge from black and white mist.
The family cranes in, as Mama turns a dial upon
The face of the box.

The image clears, and sound pours from the tinny speakers.
A gray face has entered the room,
Entered the house.
He begins talking about far-off things happening in far-off
Places that the family have never heard of.

The family is enthralled
In the soft electric glow
Of this wondrous creation.

The youngest touches the screen
Perhaps not understanding that the man
Is actually far away
The distance swept
By the tides of technology.
Claudia Durand

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A mourned celebration

Just four days back
It was all a celebration

The only son in the family
Got baptized in the Hindu way

He was decorated with
A three-stringed twine
The three strings representing
His henceforth pursuit
For understanding the Brahman, the supreme power
Through his thought, word and deed

Yesterday it was reception
The grand finale of this celebration
With people and relatives
Joining the occasion
And enjoying an auspicious dinner
Wishing the boy
A successful bachelorship
And in the understanding
Of the traditional ways

A couple and their only son
Have to offer excuse
And leave the celebrating scene
As there was a call
From the worksite of the
Male breadwinner of the family
To attend an emergency break down

They rushed and managed
To get into a train
Not in its originating station
But at the next stop
After a successful chase in a cab

The train left carrying this family
Who were denied being a part
Of the celebration

They slept in the train
But not to wake up again

It was sabotage that
Derailed the train
Particularly dislodging the bogie
In which the family travelled
On to the adjacent rail
And in seconds a hurrying
Goods’ train ran over the same

Within six hours of a reception dinner
And within ninety six hours of a celebration
Everything ended with mourning

It will remain ever in the family
For long, quite long
A mourned celebration
Bashyam Narayanan

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