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- - - - - - - - - -
When the riddle of life defies his powers
And rebels his fretted heart to cower
He will go out and ask everyone around
What I should do and what I should do
To retain peace of mind and tranquility
When in fight in a family, community or society
Here comes the story to enrich your mind
That O' Oson, the Prime Minister of Japan once lived
With 200 family members together in perfect harmony
Even would not fight with each other the pet dogs of family
Being impressed the Emperor called the PM to know the secret
So that he could circulate the same to all his subjects
For maintaining peace and harmony in their families
The PM wrote on a paper, forbear, forbear- a hundred times
And see the difference between blindness and sight
Between beauty and lies and black and white
For who can tolerate will survive
And who can not, will not thrive
And the fact remains for many decades
That old people can not change their habits or attitude
Here comes some sacrifice of younger generation
Towards their elders through holy forbearance
Thereby can they win the hearts of their parents
To live harmoniously in a family to their best
And this makes all the difference
Between love and acceptance- you and tolerance

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'The Aging Man'

‘The Aging Man’

The aging man sat on the concrete seat
Outside the hidden mountain cottage
The seat where generations had sat before
A family party going on inside the cottage
He sits and ponders his future
As generations have done before
Some chose the priesthood
Others opted for foreign climes
Some had gone to war
None of the family who had left
Had ever returned home
The eldest, as he was, of each generation
Stayed at home on the farm
He thought, this he might change
He wasn’t sure if he wanted
Another family member
Stuck on this mountain
In this out of the way cottage
That they called the family home
But he never felt at home
Someone standing on the doorstep
Shouts come in son
It is your eighteenth birthday party
You should be in here
He went back to the party
The family were in full spirits
Happy to see him grown
How will he tell them
He is going to break with tradition
A heavy burden for one so young
What a weight on his shoulders
For him, the aging man

Michael Micmac Mccrory
Michael Micmac Mccrory

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Family Pictures

Don’t you just love old family pictures?
Dug out from dusty box or chest
I don’t think there is anything else
That can compare – they’re the absolute best

There is nothing like those black and whites
The photos from the past
Of course we know from history
That nothing ever lasts

Time moves on, of course it does
But pictures can live without end
They keep our families together
They are one thing that we can depend

Family pictures are such treasures
They take us back in time
They put us in the moment
And let the past unwind

As I go through several lifetimes
And look at my family’s history
I’m so thankful I have these photos
They help unravel many family mysteries!
Marilyn Lott

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welcome to my family (good luck)

everyone has a place in a family
there are the crazy uncles
the wild aunts
the anger father
the gently mother
the sneaky cousins
the giving grandmother
the wise grandfather
the mature child
haha what a dream that is
meet my real family
drunk, abusive, or controlling uncles
crazy, angry, stressed, and untrust worthy aunts
alcoholic father that was never there
two faced, angry and high on herself mother
pissed off mood swing step father
lying and sneaky cousins
two faced grandmother
old fashion grandfather
a child who was never allowed to be a child
that child is me
and I am the black sheep of this family
the unwanted one
anyone in there right mind would not want to join this family
I sure as hell would love to run from it
so that is my family
you ever come never them i wish you good luck
for they can drive anyone to wits end
Scarlet .....

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