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A Caring Family

You care for me, you fear me,
Like a kitten is brushed by its mother.
The middle of the year may surrender,
It describes union of the family.
I care for you, you care for me,
The unit called the family bettered itself,
Now that care is around,
Now that mighty rivers flow
Inside the family.
Naveed Akram

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Happiness a choice
Selfish for me alone
Open the heart and see family
Care is comfort
Defined time is love
Make then the choice priority set
Break chains release fear
To end old begin new
Believe in dreams
Look blind feel love in all
Brain in heart blend
Infinite soul
Temporary frame in message
Hear the heart do your part
Love is love forever for us
Family are we lets be

-Ronald Sorenson
ronald sorenson

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5~ Our Heroes are our,
7~ Family and friends. In
5~ my family we,
7~ pray hoping for you safe return
7~ home to your family soon.
Sherrie Peterson

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My family

a family should love
and share at times
but can be a pain
and sometimes lie
I love my family
but then I don't
I'd hate to admit it
but it's not a joke
a family should be there
in time of need
someone to care for
and do good deeds
not let them down
and watch them bleed
do something about it
and watch them succeed
Ti'ara D. Perry

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