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McCornack Family Memories

This time of year always brings
Many remembrances back to me
My family gathered closely
Singing carols by the tree

Seeing family once again
That sometimes live far away
Hugs and smiles we cherish
Newfound cousins enjoying play

My memories go back far
Into my childhood past
Our holiday traditions make
Memories that forever last

Mom and Dad and Robert
Oh, how the thoughts come back
For happy cherished memories
Are something I will never lack

Steve as a little boy
Drawing water on the porch
Yes, the young folks in families
Carry on that traditional torch

I think of grandma, how I miss her
I would love to give her a squeeze
For she helps me keep alive
The McCornack family memories!
Marilyn Lott

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Aldo Moro

He was a man who did so much for his beloved Homeland
And why he had to die in such a tragic way seems hard to understand
And little consolation to Aldo Moro's family
That his name is destined to live in Italian history.

He was taken captive by the Red Brigade at the point of a gun
Twenty six years ago in nineteen seventy eight when he was sixty one
His body guards were shot to death their young lives for him they gave
Though not much consolation to their families if their noble family members died brave.

Taken captive for the release of prisoners Aldo Moro's fate was sealed
The Government would not give in to the kidnappers demands and though his family for his life appealed
He was found dead of gun shot wounds in a car the pride of Italy
A Nation plunged into mourning in one of it's blackest days in history.

One of the more famous victims of man's inhumanity
A good man Aldo Moro and few as great as he
He died in nineteen seventy eight on the ninth day of May
In the most treagic way of all a victim of foul play.
Francis Duggan

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