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Poems On / About FIRE  2/12/2016 6:00:02 AM
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50 Fires, Arnold Schwarzenegger And John Mccain

The governor
has asked other countries' fliers
to help put out
California fires

Where is the California National Guard?
In Iraq and Afghanistan causing fires.

Who did Schwarzenegger support
in the primary?
McCain who started bombing fires.
McCain who wants to continue
bomber fires.

Who did Schwarzenegger campaign
for in 2004?
the unelected Bush who
started many fires

Arnold Schwarzenegger has asked other countries to help in putting
out fires, because

California National Guard are in Iraq, sent by the regime
California money is in Iraq
California rescue and firefighter helicopters are in Iraq
and because the regime's anti environment policies as
well as USDA controlled burns have caused fires.
O Anna Niemus

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Of A Promethean Aspect...

(To the sufferers of Gujarat)

At last, I found the Miltonic Hero in Heaven,
and bound him with a rope. He got raged,
'Oh new-born Zeus! why do you cord me up? '
'Hold your tongue! cried this fire-eaten man,
'With your stolen fire...
Look down the smouldering map -
Man sets his fireside on fire,
What a sombre business! He bakes breads
of skin.... Sausage of human-beings
Being sold at a rock-bottom price!
Fire, fire, all over the Promethean fire! '

...He broke down...
'Throttle me, ...' bewailed he, 'I imagined,
It was the Hell! '
His tears - elixir of life,
Softly ebbed the fire.......

This blazing heath laughs at my dream,
Yes! I consider, a lie is the lie of all times.
Dibakar Sarkar

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Fire And Ice

Fire and Ice
Which would you rather die from?
For me...
I dont know.

Ice feels fresh
It feels different...
Doesn't it?

Fire brings adrenaline,
Which makes people excited.
Fire is one of the main sources on earth,
Don't you think?

Which would you rather die from?
For me, its fire...
Because it is the main source.
And adreniline is one of my favourite feeling.

So I dont know
What is this life's main source...
To you?

Fire and Ice
Fire and Ice
Lynne . Tosh.

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Fire Pages

I will read ashes for you, if you ask me.
I will look on the fire and tell you from the gray lashes
And out of the red and black tongues and stripes,
I will tell how fire comes
And how fire runs far as the sea.
Carl Sandburg

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