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Poems On / About FIRE  7/23/2014 5:02:44 AM
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My Sexual Misconduct

She can't stop thinking about
This demon she can't live without
She calls him to her fire below
And he comes strong and slow
In his dark hell
Her fire starts to swell
She dare not make a sound
As she wraps her fire around
Every inch of his dark soul
And gives him total control
She trembles and dies
As she looks into his eyes
And she knows she's dead
Without a word being said
Because her fire no longer burns
And her body no longer yearns
And she has that feeling of his sin
Dripping down her leg again
Dyna Misery

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The White Owl saying 2

Fire is dangerous

but not if you are the fire
said the white owl

My fire sits on a red chair
and I am not consumed

They say the holy fire requires
sacred mantras, holy pourings

and no ordinary twigs
but the inner most brittle bones

of my lazy body
and an overactive mind

that makes the flames go up
turning me into a heap of grey ash,

like my wings
said the white owl.

* * *
Prathibha Nandakumar

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Hell's Hungry Quire

Rush into the fire
as it rages higher
hear the building burn
hells own hungry quire

heat beyond belief
causing frantic grief
smoke makes you blind
flames above and beneath

everyone runs to hide
but you charge inside
despite all the risk
you wont be denied

peoples lives are at stake
weak walls burn and shake
not just your job, but your vow
lives this fire shall not take

fight against the fire
its situation dire
the hoses make it learn
youve denied hells hungry quire

***In dedication to all those brave fire fighters out there.***
Spooky Mind

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The fire and the water

The fire belongs to heaven

It was stolen by Prometheus

and was brought to the earth

The fire however always wants to

go back home in the skies

The flames always clamour for that

looking up with hissing tongue

The fire seeks to burn the earth into ethereal heaven

The water belongs to the earth

The demon Vritra robbed the earth of its water

and hid it in the caverns of heaven

But the water longs for its home and groans

through the thundering cloud

till it comes back home in earth

in rains

When do the fire of the skies

and the water of the mingle?

Do they ever mingle?
Dr. Ramesh Chandra Mukhopadhyaya

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Poems On / About FIRE