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Best Poems About / On FIRE
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Love In Flames

Burning fire in my heart
Started with one small flame
Love we know has fallen apart
Scorching fire full of pain
Enraged flames burn my soul  
Fiery love meets and clashes
Wild fire out of control
Love I know is gone to ashes
Brandon Delgado

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Not Mine To Give It To

Here you go. I made it just for you! I made a ruff draft, second copy, it's spell checked and with correct grammar too. Signed, dated, and perfectly sealed in the envelope. It's a love letter. Well actually it's a love poem. I came up with it one day during class, when I couldn't keep my mind on nothing else but you. I worked hard on it. Harder than I would I work on my favorite subject in school. I hope you like it.

...No wait. On second thought, I'm sorry for giving it to you. Let me have it back, and I'll get rid of it. I don't care how, I'll feed it to my gerbil and let her tare it to shreds to use as her bedding. Or through it in the fire in the fire place to roast one last marshmallow with the small fire it fed. But I can't let you have it.

Not that I don't want you to have it, but... you're not mine to give it to. You belong to someone else who is in every way better, smarter, and prettier than I am. Besides this letter is probably nothing compared to what she has to give you. So it would be nothing more than a paper with scribbles on it and in the trash it'll go, before you even finish it. It would bore you to death and I'm sure it wasn't worth putting your video game on pause.

Those words aren't supposed to come from me. I'm nothing more than a friend. Well... I'm supposed to be nothing but that. I would be... if I hadn't been so close to being something more to you than that. If you didn't give me the slightest chance, of thinking I could be. No, I'm not it's your fault, it's no ones... I don't think. Well anyway to avoid further trouble, or heart pulling tension, let me have it back, and just forget I let you know it existed.
Lydia Shivley

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The Fire

I thrust my hand into fire,
It reaches my heart.
Thunders roar, rains conspire,
Through them I keep alive the fire.
It keeps burning inside
Unmasking me, destroying my pride
Raising from the cinders a new me,
The fire unshackles and sets me free.
Pradip Chattopadhyay

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From The Midst Of The Fire

FROM the midst of the fire I fling
These arrows of fire to you:
If they sing, and burn, and sting,
You feel how I burn too;
But if they reach you there
Speed-spent, charred black and cold,
The fire burns out in the air,
The Passion will not be told.
James Thomson

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