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Poems On / About FIRE  11/1/2014 8:48:58 AM
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Limerick: Once A Firebrand Fräulein From The Black Forest

Once a Firebrand Fräulein from the Black Forest
In winter went out to cut wood sans vest
In fact sans Lederhose
Nor even horse fire hose
So she got fired on wood with zest.

So she got fired for good in jest.

So she got fired by Crook in earnest.

So she got fired in crook by Earnest.

So she got fired with Earnest in the nest.

(and so on and on…)

© T. Wignesan – Paris,2013
T (no first name) Wignesan

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Ferny Creek Six Years On

In centuries from now people will still speak
Of the terrible fires that burnt through Ferny Creek
The massive inferno where three people died
And so many beautiful homes were destroyed.

On a Summer's day in ninety seven some six years ago
The hills around old Ferny Creek were aglow
An unknown pyromaniac had lit a huge fire
The biggest for years in the old Sherbrooke Shire.

The wooded hills of Ferny Creek today looking green
And any blackness due to burn out not easily seen
And Nature is her own best healer as everyone know
And fire germinated gum nuts into sapling gums grow.

People have built new homes and started anew
And life goes on as usual where the fires have burnt through
And those who love Ferny Creek in Ferny Creek stay
The constant threat of fire fail to drive them away.

In centuries from now historians will recall
The huge woodland fire that made others seem small
And tell of the three people who tragically died
Where so many beautiful homes were destroyed.
Francis Duggan

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Killer For Hire

On a night time ride
Find that nothing's left.
Not a thing in sight.
I’m going to my death.

Cut a deal with the Devil,
I’m signing my name,
Cuz I figure I’m going to Hell

Bringin’ my fire, Bringin’ my sword
I’m gonna fight you know.
I won’t be ignored,
Gonna rock and roll.

Ready, aim, fire
I’m a killer for hire.
Killer for hire.

At the next sunrise
I might not be there
When you open your eyes
The demon might come to take his share.

Bringin’ my fire, Bringin my sword
I’m gonna fight you know.
I won’t be ignored,
Gonna rock and roll.

Ready, aim, fire
I’m a killer for hire.
Killer for hire.
Timothy Lee Hollandsworth Jr.

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God’s truth will out and must be preached
Till earth’s four corners have been reached
“My Ghost and Flame shall be outpoured –Joel.2: 28
Receive my child”, thus says The Lord

The bible’s here for man to read
God welcomes all to on Christ to feed –Jn.6: 51
Throughout the flock He spreads The Flame –Lk.12: 50
To guide to heal purge of shame

God’s word is meat to babies tough
Water baptism’s not enough
If endless life is man’s desire
He must receive God’s Ghost & Fire –Jn.3: 6

The Fire of Christ refines till pure
Consumes our ills none else can cure –Heb.12: 29
Burning the chaff midst Jesus’ wheat –Mt.3: 12
Bringing the foe beneath our feet

By grace God’s Holy Ghost is here
Spirit & Flame have none to fear
When safe and sound in Jesus’ hand
The truth we truly understand

God’s Fire burns deep cleansing the heart
Consuming dross from every part
Salvation comes the truth to give
When through The Flame again we’ll live –Gen.3: 24

God’s Fire brings death upon its knees
Who holds the truth receives the keys
Eternal life body and soul
For those in Christ The Flame’s made whole

We need The Fire to win life’s race
But pure of heart will see God’s face
One thing in Christ we need the most
Fire baptism with His Holy Ghost…
Michael P. Johnson

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