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Poems On / About FIRE  11/29/2015 8:04:45 AM
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Best Poems About / On FIRE
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Maybe I could synthesise a fire,
If his moon’s face had, blue-paced, grown a frown,
Maybe, if his wintered kings think higher,
If bone-robes of gold tried long to drown.
Maybe I could synthesise a fire,
If sly crying eyes marred stars and skies,
And had not washed away Sam’s happy pire,
Which wept three tipples true with his fine lies.
Maybe I could synthesise a fire,
If his hills had willed six steep-found ills,
And if his children’s chiding wasn’t dire,
As if there lives some love beyond his wills.
Maybe I could synthesise a fire,
And make nine lines of moonlight moving still,
And if his crazy cats would stop their ire,
And drink their skinny dinner for his fill.
Maybe I could synthesise a fire,
Yes if, beneath these seas, lush fish could breathe,
And each dumbstruck ivy could climb higher,
If some sober men sung well in Meathe.
Maybe I could synthesise a fire,
And let lost cold of soul burn urn tonight,
If his adoring peacocks could admire
Bold beauty by men’s death in fickle fright.
Maybe I could synthesise a fire,
Re-instigate red turrets in his seas,
If his smiling sun would re-retire,
And make quake flames for earth in each wan please.
Maybe I could synthesise a fire,
And make his clipped wings, with my sky, touch down,
If his mountains called all birds fine sire,
And guitars had laughed unlike his clown.
Maybe I could synthesise a fire,
If his jury also felt false wigs,
Maybe I could synthesise a fire,
If his trembling hands could start two twigs.
Sean Godley

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Burn Me Baby

Baby burn me come on and light the match.
Burn my skin!
Burn my heart and make me scream in pain as the flames eat me.
I feel the fire getting hotter and it starting to hurt!
Burn my skin!
I can't help, but smile baby.
Your hared for me is burning me alive.
Oh can; t you see my body be destroy by the flame of hate.
Your hate is like a fire and this fire is killing me.
The fire is burning me alive and it hurting me so badly.
Burn my skin baby it make the pain from the inside go away.
I hate my life and I just need to have the flame of your hatred kill me.
I am falling asleep as these flames swallow me alive.
Your hate is like a fire that is BURNING MY SKIN! (oh baby your burning me alive)
I am losing the flames are getting bigger and their killing me faster.
My tears can't fall because your flames are burning my eyes and burning me.
Burn my skin!
Girl your burning me alive.
You were my other half the girl I die for, but no all you do is burn my heart away.
Grab the gas and pour it on me then light that match that in your hand now just dropp it on me. (DROP IT ON ME!)
I cry baby because your burning my heart.(Why are you burning me)
Baby I wish you would put the fire out, but all your doing is make the fire bigger and its killing me.
All you do is play with fire and now I am paying for your mistakes.
All you says is I love you and I know that is nothing, but a lie girl.
Burn my skin!
Darling can't you hear my screams from these flames that are surrendering me.
I told you all my secrets and even gave you a key to my heart, but now here and now my heart is on fire because you pour the gas and light the match now all you see is me screaming in pain.
Baby all you gotta to do is burn my skin.
So me the pain I somehow did to you.
My heart is burning and all I can is let it burn.
Why did you make my heart burn why did you set it on fire.(Just tell me what I did)
girl I am going to say it one more tell just burn my skin!
Burn my skin! (Baby you burned my skin)
EmoKid Beyond

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The Art Of Fire

In defiance of the trembling,
And the dancing,
And the excruciating,
And the smoking,
The most function understood and can be wielded best by fire is the art of heating,
And the art of lighting,
And the art of flaming
And the art of blasting,
And the art of burning!
The erinyes of a fire,
Can best be unveiled by the clatering of his repugnant song,
And through to the glinting of his flame dance.
Its not fire,
If it's not blistering,
And raging,
And storming,
And living!
The sprightliness of a fire,
An endowment from the son of heaven to the pure men,
And is at the same time a punishment upon the hellion,
Who by the lord of inferno has been sent to Scheol.
However, this nether region,
Harsh and corrosive in tone,
Is the very thing we are told,
A tale of, about the death fruit of not obeying and fearing God.
As you may see it forming,
And foreshadowing
And rising,
And falling,
And precipitating,
And sidesplitting,
And inflicting!
The Eumenides of fire,
A dreadful thing it is,
Fire attracts me only when it is bonded with the holy smoke.
I have induced and dealt with various fires,
Yet not one with my hand have I touched.
An awful thing it is, I fear that one day,
The humans are to be adhered to dealing with the benighted physiognomy of fire,
And all will be wholly incinerated in the blackening lake of the sinister punishment,
Fire-erupting and fire-raising,
And fire whirling,
And fire catching!
And then, will mislay all this lecherousness in flames.
anthony, tony chabaputa

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Where Is My Fire Extinguisher?

My house is ablaze
Set on fire by my own kids
Who are fire playing with fire
But are arrogantly so
Burning their own mother inside

From corner to corner and rummage
Looking for my fire extinguisher
Under the bed; behind the charcoal
I search everywhere but find it not

And then I opened the flour drum
There lay mixed in the maize flour
The extinguisher while I
All the while, burning in the fire
Choke in the smoke.

Through the kitchen window I escape
Breaking my limbs after the great fall
Leaving in hell my other children
Roasting in the fire their siblings had lit
Crying out for help from their helpless mother

I in turn had to call for help
Neighbors from far and near headed
My good neighbor Koffi Annan came
Oh! The imported fire extinguisher!
Thank you sir for saving us

But now, let me bury some
Of my kids who burnt alive
As I remember that golden handshake!
kelvin karani

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