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Best Poems About / On FIRE
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A Garbage Poem With Chracters From PH

Miss lyn paul has a bad day as some gangsters snatch a golden chain from her neck. she chases them and the story begins.....

lyn paul came running she came with a gun
seeing her angry as hell, all the bad boys did run
she was enraged like a lion and her eyes were fuming red

as she was angry she then lit up a fire
she burn down a house where lived mr nair
made of wood was his huge old ancient bed

i heard galloping of the horses, as i saw mr bri
he stopped his pony when he heard me cry
his mouth agape as he saw the fire blaze

he took out his cell and dialed a number
instead of firemen he called a plumber
in front of our eyes we could see the fire raise

with all his valor he dialed again
but to our surprise it started to rain
rain from cloud made us dance as we did salsa

we waited for the rain to put off the fire
saw a lady coming close she spoke a satire
she scolded us bad and her name was miss valsa

she said you two, you should be inside
bri looked at me, again his mouth opened wide
she had a heart of a soldier, that lady was so damn brave

with a blanket that draped her from head to toe
we called her our friend, and fire our foe
when we looked at her we felt so small and naive

she went inside, all we could do was stare
cause sights like these were few and rare
to have a friend like her, lucky was mr nair

next to come there was rachel nichol
she prayed to the sun to summon a soul
a soul that knew how to put off the evil fire

as we started to talk we saw miss shazia batool
she was witty as she drowned a small pipe in a pool
and from that pipe she drenched mr nairs grand home

everything looked fine, everything looked good
the house started cooling, that was made of wood
miss shajia then spoke, her voice had a sweet tone

seeing everyone helping, bri said that’s enough
he said to me, now let’s get tough
he said again, it was our time to shine

he took out his pen as he started to write
seeing him waste his time, I started to fight
but still he said everything would be just fine

after sometime he spoke what he wrote
laughed a bird from the tree and a black and white goat
the fire lost its fuel as he heard bri's serenade

soon the fire was off, mr nair was fine
all hugged him tight, as we stood in a line
everybody was happy to see the fire fade
kanav justa

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Twelve Fields of Ash

In the town by the Rocky Mountains, the Fire burned at midnight.
Those homes in wonder, gazing at the Knight,
Now lie as Twelve Fields of Ash.
Where there were walls, rise walls of fire;
Where there were rooms, sleep plumes of smoke;
Where there were colors, Ash is painting black.
And the Fire; the Fire rages on.

Cease, great Wind; I demand!
Already I know the Fire.
The beastly inferno-
Its limbs, the glowing ambiance scratching and skittering along the earth,
Clambering for prey;
The heat, its breath scorching the earth for miles around.
I see the flicker of its tongues now from afar,
Screeching fear, panic, doom!
And so the Fire, the Fire rises higher.

Knowledge, great Wind; I plea!
I know not the Ash.
It is a home,
Yet also as if a myth-
Its walls I have not felt;
Its rooms I have not inhabited;
Its color-what color?
I see only Ash, departing on the Wind.

But the Fire; the Fire rages on-

In the town by the Rocky Mountains,
Lay Twelve Fields of Ash,
No more,
For the Ash has all but vanished on the Wind.
Frank Lewis

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Fire! ! !

When uncontrolled - you 'blow your top'
Stamping and screaming - tantrums... 'having a strop'

In the cosy hearth, flames dancing, chasing shadows around the room
Fire is the glow when love ignites once singular hearts
Passion burning when lovers meet
Senses alive felt through music that touches the very soul
Transporting of minds and bodies through individual fantasy islands.

Flames open outdoor fires lick as if tasting food for perfection
Changing raw into cooked
Barbeques - singed edges - charcoal smells - alfresco dining with friends.
Heat from the sun baking the skin, soothing, relaxing, long term damaging?

Beautiful sunsets, sky of reds and golds
Orange and vibrant yellows - captured in pictures - bravely spilled colours on walls
Shiney auburn long hair - mesmerising movement in the breeze.

Imagine dancers their synchronised movements and holds
Heat of bodies when exercise makes hot
The burn of muscles when they beg you to stop.

Fire its merciless licking of colours once bright, flammable possessions
Its partner the smoke concoct suffocating forces
Both destructive changing items to unrecognisable char
Black and melted from heat, stuck to the floor, wood crackled effects....
Possessions no more...
Own life that lives? ....
Or is No more.....
Dark and wet were firemen have been..... pungent smells....
Once frenzied activity..... in once loved rooms....
Now dripping and Quiet....
Julia West (julesx 64)

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Dark Fire

Fire, dark and burning bright
Bright as day, yet, gives no light
In the shadows of the night
Take away immortal sight
Blind soul eyes with black twilight
Banish day and burn the night
Remove sin from Heavens sight
Fire, twist and taint the once pure light
Heaven fought against your might
In the end, He lost the fight
Pure souls surrender to the evil light
As shadows move to reign the night
Angel's wings flutter in fearful flight
In the shadow of your light
Fire, sweet and sin filled bane
Make the devil go insane
As you burn his skin with acid rain
His screams are songs wrought in pain
His wake of Hell’s dark fire wanes
Death and pain are what he gains
Shadows of the devil’s bane
Wash away his sin with His holy name
Fire of the dragon’s heart
Don’t let us tear the world apart
Amanda Swain

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