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Poems On / About FIRE  7/13/2014 7:23:06 PM
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Fire In The Thunder

just talked to you on the phone
and i couldn't help but to feel
the old flames stirring in my heart
for what i once felt for you
a firestorm has broken loose
and no one is around to control it
i could hear the thunder echo
like it did before
back when there used to be
fire in the thunder
a fire so hot and passionate
that could easily loose control
and rage war within my heart
for the place where you belong
then the thunder steps in
to make its presence known
and i quake with fear and passion
everytime you come close
for you brought the memories back
and the pain along with
isn't it better
to just stay happy with your wife
oh how i can feel
that fire coursing through my veins
i shouldn't want you so
yet this fire is saying yes
please come quickly
to put out this
fire in the thunder
Grace Hays

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My Fire

I have been lonely before.
Listing between friends.
Going through the motions again and again.
Adding the moments together,
like salty drops of tears in a bitter pool.
Living a life of tepid comfort.
Without passion, fire, flame.
Like a man in a cold room
Warm and wrapped in a blanket
Comfortable, but longing for fire
For the feeling of heat on his back
With his shoulder naked
And his eyes closed
This is how I see you.
You are the fire.
You are the warm glowing embers.
The black and red hot coals
And the blue fire licking the edges
I have been lonely before.
If only I had the courage to open my eyes
You would be my fire.

http: //www.lostinmydream.blogspot.com
Cordell Rich

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The Inexpressible

I want what's inexpressible!
Impudent, I play with fire without a queen

My queen-reason is under the knight's hooves
What joy to lose to the fire!

What flaming in the uncombed night
From slender you, as from a candle!

How you've fired-up
The idea of sin!

I writhe but the cry of my flesh is bliss
The heretic is already freed by the fire

New York Paris Madrid in flames
And someone dear to me burns in them

But if from the heretic's fire
The flame leaps to some poor bastard's roof

All the heretic burns for
Shall be forever damned to hell

For truth, when you burn down the scene
of someone nearby,
Is no longer truth but a lie.

Translated by Lawrence Ferlinghetti with Anthony Kahn
Yevgeny Yevtushenko

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Divine Mother Pele

In endless night eternal shadow volcanic fire
Upon the moon
And day burns red in an eclipse of the Earth
Through the death of the moon
Ancient worlds in extrophy
Through a vision of fire
Oh Kiluae, art thou the House of the Moon as
Haleakala is the House of the Sun
Endless shadow of ancient worlds
Through a vision of fire
The House of the Moon in the House of the Sun
Oh Divine Mother Pele, will the Earth return to
Ash in an alchemical purification like the phoenix
In volcanic fire
The moon and the Sun
And endless universes on fire
Oh, Divine Mother Pele, art thou a Daughter of Maya
And of the Endless Cycles of Universal flux
Thou art not the end of time for the Earth, but its Rebirth
Dr. Antoinette Voget

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Poems On / About FIRE