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Poems On / About FIRE  8/1/2015 1:12:14 PM
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Let's Think

Lets think and Pray, for those poor folks around,
Who are in fire areas, to see the flames closely bound;
They get sent near and far, to a refuge centre, they will stay,
So let's all go to our Father, and ask for help, as we pray.

In Tasmania, those poor folk who lost their home to fire,
And thinking of them, is how this poem did inspire;
For me to write, as I think of the loss and the stress,
And ask you across the world for prayer, is what I do address.

In New South Wales. There's many fires every where,
Those dear firefighters, who are showing so much care;
They go without thought that they may not come back,
Yet those who start the fires, don't care if everywhere turns black.

In Victoria, the fires near Lorne, and near the east coast,
Please help those fighters to put out fires where danger is most;
I think of the animals, like our fauna and the birds too,
Please Lord help them, to make a pathway through.

In Adelaide, there are some fires there as well, we hear,
Let's hope it's not like that severe time the other year;
In those hills, where it's so much bush and mountainous spots,
Please keep the rain coming, otherwise the trees the flames at the tops.

So Lord God, so much upset, from all this devastation,
With families boarding in safety, from utter complication;
Be so close don't let anymore people die, this year,
But keep them safe, and families with pets all so near.
margaret haig

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Water calms fire
But when lovers shed tears
The Fire rages.
Khadim Hussain

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Poems On / About FIRE