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Poems On / About FIRE  2/11/2016 11:04:52 AM
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The Art Of Fire

In defiance of the trembling,
And the dancing,
And the excruciating,
And the smoking,
The most function understood and can be wielded best by fire is the art of heating,
And the art of lighting,
And the art of flaming
And the art of blasting,
And the art of burning!
The erinyes of a fire,
Can best be unveiled by the clatering of his repugnant song,
And through to the glinting of his flame dance.
Its not fire,
If it's not blistering,
And raging,
And storming,
And living!
The sprightliness of a fire,
An endowment from the son of heaven to the pure men,
And is at the same time a punishment upon the hellion,
Who by the lord of inferno has been sent to Scheol.
However, this nether region,
Harsh and corrosive in tone,
Is the very thing we are told,
A tale of, about the death fruit of not obeying and fearing God.
As you may see it forming,
And foreshadowing
And rising,
And falling,
And precipitating,
And sidesplitting,
And inflicting!
The Eumenides of fire,
A dreadful thing it is,
Fire attracts me only when it is bonded with the holy smoke.
I have induced and dealt with various fires,
Yet not one with my hand have I touched.
An awful thing it is, I fear that one day,
The humans are to be adhered to dealing with the benighted physiognomy of fire,
And all will be wholly incinerated in the blackening lake of the sinister punishment,
Fire-erupting and fire-raising,
And fire whirling,
And fire catching!
And then, will mislay all this lecherousness in flames.
anthony, tony chabaputa

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You'Re Fired Nigger!

you're fired nigger! pack ya shit,
you can't resign, and you cain't quit
yo time is up, yo dues is paid,
forget about them plans you made

you're fired nigger! out you go
don't show yo ass round here no moe
don't send no chrismiss cards; don't call,
done took yo picture off our wall

you're fired nigger! be on yo way
there ain't gone be no severance pay,
we'll mail yo ass yo last pay check
down to skid rows' what we expect

you're fired nigger! don't come back
be gone in your old Cadillac,
good riddance to yo dusty ass
you're ugly, dumb, no style, no class

you're fired nigger! hit the bricks
go join them rag heads and them spics
go back on welfare, collect them stamps
like all them other ghetto tramps

you're fired nigger! this is good bye
and you best not look me in my eye,
i'll never let yo black ass see,
the envy that's inside of me
you're still a slave,
you are not free,
never will be, ...

you're fired nigger!
Steven Taylor

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Let The Fire Burn (Vampire) Based On Twilight.

Let the fire burn
let it burn
let this new life take its turn
angel of death take my body
Please just lift me away from this heat
cover me with your cool hands
you can put out the fire,
fold your cold hands and bless my soul
Oh you can out out the fire

Swiftly changing everything
Everything already left behind
Lost in this deadly heat
Your medicines killing me
I cant wake from this sleep
Im melting in pain
Im melting in fire
Just put out my rage
Put out the fire
take your cool hands
lift me somewhere heavenly higher

And time will tell
If heaven can turn to hell
Angel near by, i cant be lost under this spell
Offset the flames

Angel of death take my body
Take me away from this heat
Fold your hands and bless my soul
How long before you put out the fire
cover me with your cool hands
take my body
Oh, you can put out the fire
Twilighter dazzzler

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Poems On / About FIRE