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Poems On / About FIRE  12/21/2014 6:34:29 PM
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Best Poems About / On FIRE
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Twelve Fields of Ash

In the town by the Rocky Mountains, the Fire burned at midnight.
Those homes in wonder, gazing at the Knight,
Now lie as Twelve Fields of Ash.
Where there were walls, rise walls of fire;
Where there were rooms, sleep plumes of smoke;
Where there were colors, Ash is painting black.
And the Fire; the Fire rages on.

Cease, great Wind; I demand!
Already I know the Fire.
The beastly inferno-
Its limbs, the glowing ambiance scratching and skittering along the earth,
Clambering for prey;
The heat, its breath scorching the earth for miles around.
I see the flicker of its tongues now from afar,
Screeching fear, panic, doom!
And so the Fire, the Fire rises higher.

Knowledge, great Wind; I plea!
I know not the Ash.
It is a home,
Yet also as if a myth-
Its walls I have not felt;
Its rooms I have not inhabited;
Its color-what color?
I see only Ash, departing on the Wind.

But the Fire; the Fire rages on-

In the town by the Rocky Mountains,
Lay Twelve Fields of Ash,
No more,
For the Ash has all but vanished on the Wind.
Frank Lewis

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Fire! ! !

When uncontrolled - you 'blow your top'
Stamping and screaming - tantrums... 'having a strop'

In the cosy hearth, flames dancing, chasing shadows around the room
Fire is the glow when love ignites once singular hearts
Passion burning when lovers meet
Senses alive felt through music that touches the very soul
Transporting of minds and bodies through individual fantasy islands.

Flames open outdoor fires lick as if tasting food for perfection
Changing raw into cooked
Barbeques - singed edges - charcoal smells - alfresco dining with friends.
Heat from the sun baking the skin, soothing, relaxing, long term damaging?

Beautiful sunsets, sky of reds and golds
Orange and vibrant yellows - captured in pictures - bravely spilled colours on walls
Shiney auburn long hair - mesmerising movement in the breeze.

Imagine dancers their synchronised movements and holds
Heat of bodies when exercise makes hot
The burn of muscles when they beg you to stop.

Fire its merciless licking of colours once bright, flammable possessions
Its partner the smoke concoct suffocating forces
Both destructive changing items to unrecognisable char
Black and melted from heat, stuck to the floor, wood crackled effects....
Possessions no more...
Own life that lives? ....
Or is No more.....
Dark and wet were firemen have been..... pungent smells....
Once frenzied activity..... in once loved rooms....
Now dripping and Quiet....
Julia West (julesx 64)

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Inferno (An Analysis Of The Goddess Of Fire)

A big fire
Devoured our house yesterday
And it sounded loud like a bomb
Vulcan the god of fire
Must have been loud and angry at us

A big fire
Devoured our house yesterday
And it sounded like a bomb
The fire we use to cook our food
And then i spoke to the fire
And it said to me
“ I was formed when men were in caves
And i was used to cook their raw meat
In the days of long ago and the dinosaurs”
Thou goddess of fire
You bleached the earth on creation day
Producing the human race
You give light to mankind
You fly high
In the netherworlds of the Universe
Naked humanity in thine sight
Burning like an inferno in the human heart
Now is the time to stand and stare
Every bush bows and burns before your might
Your arms reaches outstretched
Thou purifier of thoughts and metals
Thine incandescent light fascinates and scares me
Thou goddess of fire
Dancing in the midst of charcoals and matchsticks
Lighting upon men anew
You are in my sitting room today
Burning men and me to carbon dust
You came from the bush centuries ago
To set upon the ideas of men
On the dawn of civilization
When we were nothing
But cavemen without learning or thinking
And the men ran helter skelter
For they were afraid of thee
Men thought you will go
But you did stay
Men thought you will go
But you fell from heaven again
Burning every bush fire
I run out of thoughts for thee
Thou goddess of fire.
larry Philosopher

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