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Poems On / About FREEDOM  1/31/2015 5:34:29 AM
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friendship freedom

Our friendship presented freedom
And Life gave us challenges to defeat
We fought with all our might
In a world that seemed so far away
We finally saw the freedom in each others eyes
We began to laugh in joy
Forgetting all our spoken pride
We began to smile like it might be our last
Finally we lost our freedom
Our words held no source of peace
Just anguish and hurt
We lost our joy in life
Forgetting the freedom that lay in our hearts
No longer is the freedom presented
Because we live emotionless
Till we find our freedom once again.
kat augustin

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Freedom of earth

When you are born
Saying by crying is freedom

When you are a kid
Askinf for toys is freedom

When you are young
Right to choose things is freedom

When u marry
Right to share is freedom

When u retire
Right to take rest is freedom


When u die

You are giving many things that
Can be used by
Another person in this earth

You gave the earth freedom
From baring you
Srinadha N Lalithya Karthikeya

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All I want is freedom
Is that too much to ask?
All I yearn for is freedom
Im stuck inside this flask
All I need is freedom
To let me live my way
All I seek is freedom
To get me through my day
What I request is freedom
And give me what you will
I urge a little freedom
To guide me up this hill.
Tess Connor

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Seasonal Birds and rejected refugees

Crossing borders
Breaking rules
Flying birds
Having a hope of life
Entered into their kingdom
Where the freedom is

From region to region
And season to season
Singing and flying
Enjoy the immigrant life

No one ask from where they come
Fruits and nectar warmly welcome
Immense sky freedom to fly
Differentiated man question why

Crossing borders secretly
Violate rules willingly
Creating stories so strongly
Refugee life hopefully

Having taken finger prints
Identity in data bank
Scanning the life so sharp
Bounded freedom granted

Here and there question is freedom
Freedom and life relatively different
Human beings of highest wisdom
Borders still are so apparent

Seasonal birds are free to fly
Failed identity compel to fly
Dream of freedom going to die
Rejected humanity of world so why
Udaya R. Tennakoon

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