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Poems On / About FREEDOM  7/23/2014 3:23:09 PM
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The real freedom is nowhere
Freedom is not depending on a place
The true freedom is inside
The new land is in the heart
maria sudibyo

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Freedom's Theme

What is the theme of freedom?
Is this so?
Can freedom be these,
Our best,
The good things in life?

Or is freedom more?
Is freedom the blood with which it is bought?
Is freedom the evils which our men have suffered
To bring it to us?

Freedom's theme,
Sung through the ages,
Is sacrifice,
And pain,
For happiness dearly bought.

Freedom's theme
Is a hymn of praise
To the God who smiled on us,
And gave us America.

Freedom's theme
Is life, earned by death.
It is love, in power,
Spurned by the hate of the centuries.
It is contentment, with the shouts of thanksgiving,
For all God has blessed us with.

Freedom's theme-
Praise, joy, love,
Should be the song on our tongues always:
Thanksgiving to God for this privilege,
Dearly bought.
James Grengs

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Is This Freedom

When i look in the sky
i saw reason to fly
reaching apex flyby
let me fly
like a man
who know real freedom
let me fly..

i saw many reason to fly
thus why i born nimby
i guess world get nippy
my nerves cant allow night-gritty
like man
who know real freedom
let me fly..

reaching apex flyby
i am real man with ability
shouldn't assist abnormality
slave and prisoner abundantly
government took it like accidentality
like man
who know earl freedom
let me fly..

let me fly
all servitor are daffy
i had strong feeling to earnestly
my brain is only facility
poor and sickness gainsay
like man
who know real freedom
let me fly..

i had pressure of fly over
people suffer in this gaoler
only freedom is makeover
gift of painkiller
is this freedom?
freedom of suffering and dying
is this freedom?
like a man
who know real freedom
let me fly.
Joshua Tesha

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Stepping out of the shadows..

Stepping out of the shadows to feel the warmth of the light.
To come to an understanding of leaving a lose/lose situation,
and yet feel victorious.

The heart slowing down... thoughts are getting focused. To only
understand the true love I have is called freedom.

The freedom to walk around without stumbling.
The freedom to feel the wind in my face.
The freedom to think about my short past, and my long future.
The freedom to enjoy my life with a view of clarity.
The freedom to count the milage on my long motorcycle rides.
The freedom to count on my friends and never fear.
The freedom to understand some peoples mistakes.
The freedom to walk away and never worry.

Into the light I walk..a new vision.. a new life.
Nathan Charles

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Poems On / About FREEDOM