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Poems On / About FREEDOM  5/26/2016 3:15:38 PM
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Let Us Teach

Freedom, freedom they shouted

Freedom, freedom they cried

Freedom, freedom some ignored and flouted,

Freedom, freedom; then that voice died;

But, freedom it had survived.

Equality, equality was preached

Equality, equality was demanded

Equality, equality was then breached,

Equality, equality was then stranded;

But, equality was finally reached.

Peace, peace for it they paraded

Peach, peace for it they prayed

Peace, peace then the voices all faded,

Peace, peace many forgot and forbade;

But, peace..... It stayed.

Freedom, equality and peace
They must and will go together hand in hand,
No one! Has the right to cause them to cease
No one! By a request or by any demand.
In this time of life and living, we all deserve an equal piece,
I say freedom for all! Equality forever! And, peace let us teach!

Randy L. McClave
Randy McClave

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Freedom Isn'T Free...

Who says our freedom is free? Not Me.
True, We are freer than most, but not enough,
that we should boast.
Before you say Freedom is free, stop and count the cost
of all the lives lost,
Freedom isn't free, when there's killing in our streets.
Freedom isn't free, to the Soldier that is waiting to be shipped over seas.
Freedom isn't free, with the pain, he or she is feeling inside, with
the thought of having to leave they're loved one's behind, and
it hurts so bad that it brings them to their knees.
Freedom isn't free, when your living in uncertainty.
Freedom isn't free, having to say good-bye, to a loved one that
is going off to war.Freedom isn't free, to a soldier who is on the front lines, knowing he or she, could die anytime.
Freedom isn't free when your lying in bed,
waiting and wondering, if you'll ever see your loved ones alive again.
Freedom isn't free, when a little child crys in the night,
for his or her Mommy and Daddy, and they're not there to hold them close, and comfort them, and to ease their fears, and wipe away they're tears. And all those in all the other wars, and the lives that are still being lost at this very moment.
Do you still say Freedom is free?
Freedom isn't free, when a Soldier is wounded in battle.
When news reaches, Family and friends at home,
And their told that their Soldier is wounded far beyond repair,
The loss and pain felt can not compare.
Freedom isn't free, with all those many Soldiers that wished they
had died because of all the pain in their broken up bodies.
Freedom isn't free, when your lying in bed, and you hear that dreaded
tap on your door.And you pray to God that you were only having a bad dream.
Freedom isn't free when you open the door and listen to the
bugle play, and you feel a sudden chill.
Everything goes still.
Freedom isn't free, when there is a Flag being draped
over a coffin, of a Brother, Sister, or a friend.
Freedom isn't free, when you think of all the children,
of the mothers and the wives, of Fathers, sons and husbands, whose
lives have been interrupted.
Freedom isn't free, when you think about the graveyard at the
bottom of the sea, of the unmarked graves in Arlington.
Who say's Freedom is Free? Not Me!

Written 7/23/008
BY Nora Eason
Nora Eason

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O Freedom, where thou at
Your children, on thou part
Seeking your sweet act
Carried on your soothing cart
We knock, o thou on your door
Come and make us free once more
We roll on sack clothes, weeping
Just for your minute blessing
Freedom! You are sweet and we know that
Freedom! On our lips and we speak-out
Freedom to go wherever
Freedom to empower a leader
Freedom! Could be soured in excess
A controversial ceaseless menace


Freedom, is good that I know
Freedom, judged with my soul

I wear my freedom
My vision becomes clearer
I wear my freedom
My voice is heard louder
I wear my freedom
I say you are a bad leader
I wear my freedom
I know my country is on a wrong ladder

Freedom! Come tell us the truth
Freedom! Come exert your prove
Freedom! My actions, are they good?
Because Freedom is good

We are free, Freedom is that so?
We claim to be; only Freedom knows
What does it mean to know freedom?
An obligation for the next generation
okafor ogochukwu

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Nigeria At 53

There came a time in the history of Nigeria when she dreamed for independence,
There came a moment in the history of Nigeria when she groaned to gain freedom from the British;
There came a season in the history of Nigeria when she desired to obtain independence from her rulers.

The moment when she groaned for independence,
The season when she was ready to groam freedom;
The moment when she desired to be independent as a country.

The moment when she seeked her elites to stand up and fight for independence,
The season when she awaited the voice and appearance of her freedom fighters;
The moment whe she believed that independence was ready to answer the call of nature in her country.

The moment when she believed to find freedom and independence which as that missing part of her that made her a complete country,
The season when she trusted and believed in the treasure called independence;
The moment when she hoped and desired to be called an independent and sovereign nation in the history of the world.

The moment when she was expectantant of the mother called independence,
The season when nothing meant anything to her except for the father called freedom;
The moment when she still believe to be an independent country despite foreign exploitations,
with the understanding that she could still stand up on her feet as an independent country.

She believed that someone who understands her tears and passion for freedom and independence,
will arise and fight for her freedom knowing that he will never bear to see her travail in birth for independence.
The elites she knew not but believed was out some where fortiing and preparing themselves for independence and fight for freedom.
Independence she waited for like an expectand mother of a child,
Each step she took was believed to bring her closer to freedom and independence.

She believed in freedom and independence for her country and it's occupants, and not
colonisation and exploitation from the British colony.
She believed in fighting for freedom and independence than dying a coward,
She believed in her elites efforts to obtain her independence and sovereignty.

She expected her elites to stand up and rage for independence to freedom and sovereignty,
which they did when the opportunity and strategy came for them to uphold.
She believed that destiny will bring her independence and freedom,
when the hour of liberation from exploitation comes.
She believed that her pains and heart beat was felt and understood by her elites.

The name independence she was passionate about and the fame freedom she was desperate about.
The memories of colonisation she groaned to erase and the histories of exploitation she desired to filtrate.
The name independence she struggled to uphold and the gain freedom she strived to unfold.

Before her moment of independence,
she strived to make full proof of her countrie's ambitions,
she sort self asset and not self liability.
She seeked and desired independence and freedom from exploitaion which she got.
Her dignity and hour as a country was restored on that fateful day of October 1,1960 whe she gained and famed her independence and freedom.

She believed in independence and freedom which she got.
The death of her elites and freedom fighters was never in vain.

This is Nigeria At 53 and she is still a sovereign and independent country.
Valentine Mbagu

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