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Poems On / About FREEDOM  1/25/2015 12:17:03 PM
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Freedom To Walk In The Rain

There is no better feeling,
Than the feeling of freedom,
I am not totally free yet,
But I am freer than some.

Life has its obstacles,
That can hamper our ways
But life can be managed,
To make better days.

I stand in the rainfall,
Barefoot and proud,
Feeling heavens praise,
As I scream out loud.

Freedom from all that is wrong
Freedom from the bad
Freedom to go my way,
And never again be sad.

Walk with me rainfall,
Let me feel your touch
Cleanse my torrid past
That has always be a crutch.

Friend, that I see there,
Come dance in the rain.
Feel the flow of freedom,
And wash away the shame.

And although I am not totally free yet,
I am happy for what I know,
I have freedom to walk in the rain,
And freedom to love and grow.

REB (JUNE 2012)
Rik Bertrand

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Freedom of Love

The freedom of a sparrow is the air under it's wings
The freedom of the wild horse is the plains...recede
The freedom of choice is the choice not made
The freedom in love is knowing you had no more to give

Winter is ending and I am looking ahead
Even when winter has one foot in the grave
winter is not a stave

A sparrow without love is a sparrow without feathers
...and cannot fly

A wild horse without love is a horse without a plain
...and cannot run

A choice without love is reckless
...and bound to be wrong

Love knowing you held back leaves you
...little to hang on
Midnights Voice

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All is lost
All is found
In its bounds
Where is the freedom?

All is lost
As it is in most
Walk not without socks
Where is the freedom?

All is found
In its round
Where is the freedom?
Without bare-feet?
Where is the freedom?

27/09/2013 - on Blantyre - Addis Ababa flight en route to London.
Isaac Maliya

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Butterflies of Freedom

We fly with freedom
In the world which we have weaved together
To not fear, till the very end
Even if it may mean death for us.
With freedom we fly and remain higher
In the air of freedom
Where, the world is based on our terms
We make our own rules, till we are alive
Otherwise, we prefer to die as we are the butterflies of freedom.
Rohit Sapra

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