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Poems On / About FREEDOM  5/29/2016 10:05:04 PM
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Best Poems About / On FREEDOM
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Freedom, Don'T Give It All Away

</>The media bombards, the shelter of our homes,
the crisis deepens, the worst we've ever known,
the bankers screw us over, they really have no shame,
they've done it once, now they're doing it again.

And we all know, the politicians are on the take,
but why is religion the cause, of so much hate?
a corrupt president, again fills his boots,
more children will die, as he robs and he loots.

Freedom, don't give it all away,
freedom, freedom, come what may,
freedom, a basic human right,
freedom, we can't give up tonight.

If you don't defend democracy, it won't defend you,
if you tolerate injustice, then you could be next,
no room to be complacent, they will exploit that too,
the power hungry, and fanatical religious sects.

A war is declared, once again in my name,
another world leader, wants his moment of fame,
not for the oil he says, oh give me a break!
tell us the truth for once, for pity's sake!

freedom, don't give it all away,
freedom, it's all gonna be ok,
freedom, is still within our sights,
freedom, free from fear and strife.

who's gonna pay for, reckless irresponsibility?
the government, the fat cats, or you and me?
you have to be lied to, to know the value of truth,
keep extremism at bay, with ballot and voting booth.

freedom, don't give it all away,
freedom, express yourself today,
freedom, everyone has the right,
freedom, let's all be free tonight.
Peter Strugnell

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O! Ya, Its Freedom!

O! Ya, its freedom!
We all love, freedom
Lo! We are slave to this freedom!

'Tis our freedom,
Reckless life with boredom,
Path that leads to wrath;
O! Ya, 'Tis our freedom!

Human destruction,
A lovely construction,
Destroying the nature,
O! Ya, 'Tis our freedom!

Nature is not an enemy to us,
We are creating fuss,
Destroying to self,
Self is destroying humanity,
'Tis our own kingdom,
O! Ya, ‘Tis our freedom!

Iraq to Iran, Syria to Afghan,
Somalia to Palestine,
We are painting red,
Ah! very sad
Mutilated body and wounded soul
Humiliation, a final goal,
We all are crying,
Humanity is dying,
'Tis dry cow dung,
O! Ya, ‘Tis our freedom

Sun and moon and all orbs,
They have freedom with restriction,
Think! If, they wish, freedom like us,
What will happen to this universe?

O! Ya, its freedom!
We all love, freedom
Lo! We are slave to this freedom!
Aftab Alam

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As I am your leader and commanding officer I will not lie to you for it leads to nothing you should know your own demise then to learn later on for in battle freedoms are stretched thin but for the you freedoms we have one of those freedomsto be truthful to your fellow soldier and truthful I will be to you
Deacon Tate

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My Home Land

they say stand and for zambia proud and free are we free what is freedom if the poor have no justice and are we proud of that? Land of work and joy in unity. What is work without employment? What is unity if baroseland wants to be its own country? Victory in the struggle for the rights we freedoms fight.we may have won our colonial masters but the fight for our rights is still on.
George mwandu

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