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Poems On / About FREEDOM  4/27/2015 9:02:31 PM
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Best Poems About / On FREEDOM
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Freedom begins as a wish and a prayer
sought after most by those in dispare
Freedom can come with an awful cost
paid with the lives of all we have lost
Freedom is earned rarely given away
hardly far from it will we ever stray
Freedom allows us to do what we can
allowing us all to write our own plan
Freedom to become what we wish to be
a lifetime without any unjust tyranny
Freedom to all their rights to preach
learning knowledge they might teach
Freedom is more than a word you say
it's the way you may live day after day.
'closing thought'
To be free is to exist with only the limits of your mind
allowing you to explore beyond the reach of mankind
Gordon Jerome

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To Become Or Just Be

Every man does a life in freedom crave,
Be it freedom from ills of ignorance,
From pangs of poverty, from plenty’s pain—
The worries born of too much abundance,
Be it freedom from sufferings and strain,
From deprivation and dread of disease,
From disasters causing the death of his,
Oh, freedom from this and freedom from that,
Freedom from bondage, life’s every let,
From time he’s born till captive be to grave,

To be becomes then his life’s sole mission,
Running away from things the load on chest,
His heady goal and heart-felt obsession
That oft dances in vain as futile quest.

And search he can’t what’s close— his soul to find.
None ever born is to ‘become’ happy,
As journey ends man’s destined just to be,
Springs happiness, springs freedom but from mind.
- Recollections | 05.12.04 |
Aniruddha Pathak

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Oh Freedom! My temptress;
I forbid you to:
Elude me, when I try to grasp you;
Delude me, when I try to pin you,
Do you belong to me?
Being free, alas! Never can be,
What do the enlightened ones say to society?
Oh freedom of speech, some tried thee,
Landed up behind bars,
A potential threat to humanity.
And freedom of expression, some tried thee too,
Throw a shoe at the president? Audacious it is so,
Freedom to education, a little girl did try,
What did happen, no one could deny,
Oh Freedom to live with dignity!
Rape and murder is like a felicity.
Oh freedom, my temptress,
Do not tempt me more,
Could I ever possess you?
I'm not within a hallowed core.
In vain I implore and beseech thee,
My freedom, can I ever be free?
Shruti Goswami

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If This Is What Freedom Is About

If this is what freedom is about who would wish to be free
When only of war dead we read and hear about and pictures of death we see
Mothers grieving for their dead children in Iraq their heartbreak with them will stay
Until the Reaper claim them though for them 'twill be a happy day.

Is this what freedom is about when some talk of liberty
For the suffering of others they cannot show empathy
They say to rid you of your tyrant some of your children had to die
But that's the price you pay for democracy so your freedom now enjoy.

If this is what freedom is about then tyranny sounds sweet
A young woman murdered by a suicide bomber bits of her scattered around the Street
For how many years must this go on how many more must die in this way
If this is what freedom is about the price is too much too pay.

Is this what freedom is about a young man without feet
And some even say he is lucky that the Reaper he did cheat
The victim of a roadside bomb now in his mother's care
Do not talk of freedom to the one who sits in his wheelchair.
Francis Duggan

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