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Poems On / About FREEDOM  7/24/2016 1:45:51 AM
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Best Poems About / On FREEDOM
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Whose Freedom?

Freedom, freedom, freedom!
Whose freedom?
My freedom, your freedom, our freedoms;
Like e thousand times of a cry in a land!
Yes, they rule with iron-hand but,
We have to obey always;
A rule with an iron fist but,
We have to be the subjects always;
Whose freedom?

Look around you,
It is full of colours;
My freedom, your freedom, their freedoms!
Freedom, freedom, freedom! ! !
We nedd freedom than these shackles.

Whose freedom?
Free-free-free! Freedom to my people! !
Which people?
My people, your people, our peoples;
Have mercy on them and rule them with care.

We need freedom around us,
Whose freedom?
See the type of governments around you;
The people's freedom with an iron fist!
Tell me if all is well.
Edward Kofi Louis

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Freedom On My Mind

The night before wasn’t unlike many others, with the monkey on his back it’s hard to rest. His clothes are dirty, his hair’s a mess, but the marks on his arms, they tell it best.

And he woke up with freedom on his mind. Chains come in many shapes. He wants to run and leave it all behind. Somewhere safe, freedom on his mind.

The night before was just like all the rest in the 8 by 10 that he calls home. As a foolish young man he made a mistake. The thought that he’ll die here carries a heavy weight.

He wakes up with freedom on his mind, and all the things he left behind. Chains come in many shapes, there’s freedom on his mind.

The night before wasn’t unlike many others. He did it again and she’s so ashamed, as if it’s her fault, at least that’s what he told her. She says he’s better when he’s sober.

And she woke up with freedom on her mind. Chains come in many shapes. She wants to run and leave it all behind. Somewhere safe, yeah freedom on her mind.

I woke up with freedom on my mind. Though my chains are of another shape, I want to run, leave them behind, yeah freedom on my mind, there's freedom on my mind.
Rob G. Gifford

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Freedom to laugh; uninhibitedly chortle whilst embracing the fathomless expanse of the mystical valley,

Freedom to talk; candidly voicing my innermost opinions; with absolutely no restraints from the conventional society,

Freedom to dance; vivaciously gyrate to the enchanting beams of the milky moon; well past the heart of ravishing midnight,

Freedom to socialize; blend with any organism; caste or creed; that I was inevitably drawn too,

Freedom to write; inundating the periphery of unfathomable bits of bonded paper; with the passion circumventing my soul,

Freedom to sing; coherently or incoherently humming an unsurpassable myriad of tunes; even as the world caged itself in boundaries of malice,

Freedom to wink; flirtatiously philander in the aisles of heavenly desire; through
the romantically enigmatic hills,

Freedom to dress; enveloping my impoverished persona; with the cloth rustic embellishments of my choice,

Freedom to eat; feasting upon food from all quarters of the planet; as long as it was robust; as long as it was divine,

Freedom to romanticize; unrelentingly fantasize into the wildest entrenchment's of exoticism; till times immemorial,

Freedom to meditate; being profusely encompassed in whirlwinds of profuse concentration; even as a battalion of scorpions crawled down my nape,

Freedom to sleep; embracing everlasting slumber in the flamboyantly flaming day; stare like an intransigent owl all throughout the resplendently starry night,

Freedom to desire; handsomely floating through clouds of fabulous silk; bowing down in timid obeisance upon the feet of invincibly alluring angels,

Freedom to gallop; running in rhapsodic exhilaration with the majestic winds; as the crimson fireball of Sun tantalizingly set; behind the charismatic sky,

Freedom to procreate; evolving countless of my own kind; magnanimously contributing my best to continue God's charming chapter of existence,

Freedom to swim; voraciously peddling through choppy fountains of salty froth; as the undulating waves of the enthralling ocean; catapulted me to a land above ultimate paradise,

Freedom to survive; unequivocally extracting my share of happiness from this parsimoniously lecherous society,

Freedom to love; wholeheartedly accepting all with a benign heart and tumultuous passion to serve God's humanity,

And most importantly freedom to live O! Almighty Lord; making me the richest entity alive; relishing each element of your impeccable planet till the last breath
I diffused; till the time I throbbed my last heart beat.
Nikhil Parekh

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Someone has taken my freedom of sleep,
my freedom to dream.
I sit
awake, and wonder why it's four in the morning and why I have to get up
in an hour.
You ever wonder what freedom means?

It means different things to diffrent people. It varies on the context
in which that person uses it.
Some believe that you have freedom to say whatever, no matter how
hurtful or, tasteless it is.

freedom to voice your political opinion.
freedom to ignore right from wrong.
freedom to don't give a shit!
freedom to shrug responsibility.
freedom to be selfish.
freedom to ignore other peoples freedoms and state opinions on others

Not all can use freedom responsibly, nowdays people don't earn freedom,
It's a birthright. A gift, from those who protect and provide. now not
all aspects of this are negative.
Some use their freedom in positive ways. to help or otherwise uplift
someones spirits.

financal freedom, Rich man...poor man.
freedom to call loved ones.
freedom to visit friends with no boundries.
freedom to sneek in and kiss your childs head in the middle of the
freedom to wake up and eat a peanut butter, honey and bannana sandwich.
freedom to alter your busy scheduel.
freedom to stop and smell the roses.

freedom to call in sick, so you can lay in bed all day with your lover.
freedom to gank that last piece of pizza.
freedom to choose and follow any person, or deity that brings comfort
for your soul.

No one can limit these, or take them away completely.
Choose your own...good or bad.
live or ignore them,
recognize, or defy them...
that's your freedom.
Richard Castaneda

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